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  1. ilauchlan

    Broken shooting

    Does anyone happen to know when the next patch will be ? Hate being so negative but it's making the game harder to keep interested in. And I think they have done a great job. It is beta I would just like them to fix it hopefully this month
  2. ilauchlan

    Broken shooting

    I get that everyone is aware of how bad the shooting can get and I know it's early beta but PLEASE fix this broken shooting. Auto either just completely stops working if you stop firing. There's no real way to actual tell if your shots are connecting. I just landed 71 rounds into someone. Pretty close range and my gun just decides to go nuts and lags. Pretty sure the other guy was the same cause his shots never done alot. I know it's early but the fact that this game is purely for looting makes it hard to not absolutely rage when you get killed and all your loot lost. Especially due to the game lagging. Please fix cause I love this game and so wanna play more lmao
  3. ilauchlan


    No lie could you imagine one big map and could build your own base and people could raid you. Kinda like rust. Would be dope
  4. ilauchlan

    Xbox duos?

    Bro the amount of times I have died to duos lol. Hate it. Ideally looking for a few people for when duos actually comes out.
  5. ilauchlan


    Trying to use the mosin nagant more and I think it's pretty much useless there's no hit indication to know if you actually hit them plus no scope. So it's really hard to hit from a distance making it pretty much useless. It's beta I know so it's gonna take a while to work out the kinks but there's really no way to tell if someone is near death of full health.
  6. ilauchlan

    Xbox duos?

    Looking for a few people to team up with if anyone is interested ? GT ilauchlan Hit me up if you are interested !
  7. ilauchlan


    I can't figure out how the bayonets work? When you attach it you still whip out a knife how is it any different than a normal knife ?
  8. ilauchlan

    Gun fire

    Bro there is NOTHING more horrible when you get killed with just a knife ?? I hope they release body armour too so you can up your chances that would be dope
  9. ilauchlan

    Gun fire

    The shooting is really edgy RN. Shooting at people on auto and gun decides to just stop shooting. Great beta really enjoying it but sucks when you steal crate sneak up on someone got an easy kill then your gun devices to bug out. Does anyone know when the next update is?
  10. ilauchlan


    Looking to team up with a few guys keep getting destroyed by duos lmao. Anyone on Xbox fancy this message me GT- ilauchlan