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  1. I am running a Zeus multiplayer scenario on a public server. To force some semblance of organization and to prevent any mobs from forming, I would like to set the maximum size of a group (as made via the in-game group menu) to 5. Is this possible?
  2. I am trying to run vJoy and Joystick Curves with ARMA 3 to help me null out the default curves (I want a flat curve for driving land vehicles). If Joystick Curves is running before I start the game, it freezes while loading. If I start Joystick Curves after ARMA 3 is running, the game will freeze after a minute or two. Has anyone been able to get Joystick Curves to run with ARMA 3? I am open to using another application if need be. I am in the process of searching for one.
  3. ALiVE does not appear to spawn enemies when the player's are in an aircraft. I have tested this with almost all the aircraft, including rotary and fixed wing and with maxed out spawn settings. Must I do something special to get enemies to spawn when players are airborne?
  4. The "Raise Weapon" command performs the exact opposite action of what it is intended to do. Your weapon is up by default and holding "Raise Weapon" lowers it while releasing it returns your weapon to the up position. If your weapon is down, holding "Raise Weapon" will raise your weapon and it will stay up after releasing "Raise Weapon". The description for this command is "Temporarily raises weapon". It should function such that holding it will raise your weapon and releasing it will lower your weapon. Using this keybinding should set weapon down as the default position.
  5. Starker

    Mod Launcher/Manager?

    I have been modding ARMA 3 since launch day and I can tell you that BI's launcher is the best by a huge margin. At this point, it may be the only one too. I think PlayWithSix is now unsupported. The steam workshop gives you just as much control as any other mod manager. It also automatically installs, uninstalls, and updates mods. It is arguably the best mod manager ever made. You can control the location of downloads from the Worskhop by changing your Steam primary install location. Workshop content is stored there.
  6. Starker

    Drag Bodys without ACE

    Body dragging should be added to ARMA 3/ARMA 4. ACE Drag Issues: It malfunctions when you are in combat pace. You cannot cancel the action of lifting a wounded man onto your shoulders, which often leads to avoidable casualties. The position in which you drag is nonsensical. You can only move backward and cannot see where you are going. A one-handed drag can be easily executed while looking in the direction you are going.
  7. ACE adds this feature.
  8. I'm sorry, but I don't know what "mission display" is. I searched and found nothing related.
  9. I placed this block into init.sqf of my test mission and it appears not to function. No errors are returned.
  10. Thanks, I will try to implement this. If you tell me specifically what doesn't make sense in my explanation, I may be able to fix it. I currently cannot think of a way to make it more clear.
  11. You're not coming off as rude. I asked because I didn't remotely know how intensive this would be. I am not a coder and I don't want to mess with anything beyond scripting. I have done scripting related to spawning enemies, giving them waypoints, triggers, changing factions, but nothing that adds key bindings.
  12. After some research, I see what you mean. There seem to be no SQF commands that alter weapon position. This is odd because there are commands that alter other things like stance and running speed. I don't have to use scripts to do it. ACE Team made their own key bindings that cause player movements (vaulting, hand signals) so the engine code can be changed. Can new key bindings be made that emulate "Raise Weapon" and "Optics Temporary" with small changes? Side question: Why has this bug persisted for so long in the game? Did BI actually intend for "Raise Weapon" to lower the weapon when held instead of raising it? That boggles my mind.
  13. Can you use this to map the mouse to a virtual mouse or keyboard? I am not interested in using a gamepad.
  14. The "Raise Weapon" key binding does not function how I think it should. I want to attempt to fix this with scripting, but I don't know much about SQF. I want to make a script that will enable the following: Holding the right mouse button raises the weapon (combat pace stance, weapon is shouldered, but the sights are not being looked through). While the weapon is raised, releasing the right mouse button for less than 0.2 seconds then holding it again will enter optics. Releasing the mouse button for more than 0.2 seconds under any circumstances lowers the weapon all the way (weapon is down and not shouldered, relaxed carry position.) If the weapon is shouldered for any reason while the right mouse button is not held, then the weapon will lower. This final bit is necessary because opening the inventory, vaulting, exiting vehicles, and rising from prone will shoulder the weapon. I have no code yet because I am incompetent with SQF and must read up. I have written a pseudocode. Work in progress: Comment blocks start with /* and end with */ and denote portions that I have not figured out to code yet. if (weaponLowered player = 1) then ( /*right mouse button is bound to*/ tempRaiseWeapon ) if (/*right mouse button has been released for less than x seconds*/) then ( if (weaponLowered player = 0) then ( /*right mouse button is bound to*/ opticsTemp ) ) if (/*right mouse button has been released for more than x seconds*/) then ( /*lower the player's weapon*/ ) weaponStuckUp = ((weaponLowered player = 0) and /*right mouse button is up*/) if (weaponStuckUp = 1) then ( /*lower the player's weapon*/ ) /*loop everything above*/ Any help would be very appreciated.
  15. Is there any way to spawn custom compositions on the fly in Zeus? I made many custom units that I want to be able to spawn at will while I curate a mission via Zues.