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  1. Enhanced Helicopter Dust Efx Mod

    Very cool! Now if someone would come up with something the replicate the effect from Arma 2 ACE that made your character cough while in the dust cloud and blurred vision unless you had goggles on;) Great work!
  2. Thanks for the info @Dedmen I think the issue I’m having with connectivity with the vector 21 is not having it in the GPS slot. This came to me on the drive into work. I totally understand the popularity of the Microdagr, it’s the limiting input to six digits for waypoints and quite frankly I like the minimalist presentation of the unit on screen as well as the way it guides you to the waypoint (tracking the degrees needed to get there) that has me making an effort to dig deeper into the Dagr. Also, I realized I maybe thinking of a stand-alone Dagr mod that came along in Arma 2 that allowed the transfer of wp, that maybe even been the same mod that rolled the wp. Ill check out all of this when I’m next back on the PC.
  3. I wasn't sure if this should go here or in the ACE3 thread but its really an operational question and not a mod question. In the final stages of pulling together equipment etc for a possible new group and I've come to the topic of advanced GPS units. Have always been fond of the DAGR since Arma 2 days. Played with the MicroDagr but wanted the ability to punch in 8 digit grids for waypoints. I know you can click on the map for up to 10 digit grids but operationally, its great to present squad members with the actual grids to punch in. First question, am I missing something here with the microdagr? Second question, is the Dagr itself meant to still have the option of getting a grid coordinate using the Vector 21? Tried it and cant get it to work. Watched old tutorials and cant seem to find any new ones. Third question. I remember when this type of Dagr mod first came out there was the ability to share a set of waypoints among players, is that still a thing? Finally, is it my imagination or would the waypoints roll, when you reach your destination the gps would flip over to the next? Thanks for any help, pointers to tutorials that may help with the above. Watched a ton for the Microdagr but as mentioned cant find any decent ones for the Dagr.
  4. Rosche, Germany

    Very nice map. I was enjoying the quick videos on Reddit as well. Excited to see it come out so quickly. Easy to see a lot of love went into this map. Feels 'real'. Its one of those maps you need to get down on the ground and just wander. See a LOT of patrols on this map :):) Nice job!
  5. Oakley SI Halo Goggles

    Good luck on the project! Bearing in mind I’m not a modder, if you have the intention of allowing users customize the look of your helmets, the route of hidden selections used to great effect by roadrunner and @Adacas could be a consideration for you and your friend.
  6. Pook BOATS pack

    Sounds great! Thanks for the hard work!
  7. Head over to this thread It’s a great place to start. BI has a great wiki, linked in this thread.
  8. [WIP] Lebanon War Maps

    This is what I’ve read, it’s not the size of the map that’s difficult l, but filling it;) Good luck on the project!
  9. EricJ Release thread

    Looks nice!!! Looking forward to seeing your UH60’s. Your version was one of my favortite takes on the Helo. I think the only I stopped using it was a glass texture error(?) Glad to have you back ;)
  10. Happy Birthday!

    Slightly off topic. I want to order the five years of arma t shirt https://store.bistudio.com/products/a3-5th-anniversary-tshirt Does anyone know how these sizes run? On the small size or large size? I'm comparing this with the US sizes.
  11. I attended a dinner celebration tonight for Arma. Nope, not the game we all know and love, but a local trade association that represents manufacturers. It was very strange sitting through the event listening to people talking about Arma all night. Not one argument about 1st person over 3rd person, no questions about framerates and no one debated CUP over RHS. There were women there, so obviously someone got around to porting women over. Thank heaven. The strangest coincidence? The group was celebrating 5 years, cue twilight zone music.
  12. Happy Birthday!

    Wow! Five years old! It has been an incredible, addictive 5 years! I baked a cake for you Arma 3 :)
  13. Oakley SI Halo Goggles

    Thanks for the goggles. Used them in-game, nice! Great job!
  14. Quick question with the admission I’m not keeping up with the rules in this particular thread. To clarify the above from @R0adki11 Any pictures that includes retextures used by an Arma group wouldn’t be allowed in the pictures thread unless they were made publicly available? Currently retexturing the blufor uniform for a new group and would like clarification. Thanks!
  15. Jasło Terrain

    Good luck with this! Love my CUP but new European terrain with unique buildings? Nice!