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  1. Rich_R

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    Looks awesome! Where are you pushing these updates to, Steam or should we look to Armaholic? Thanks!!
  2. Rich_R

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    Bought OFP first but couldn’t really handle the complexity of the game. Next bought Arma 2 and while it was better, never was really drawn to loading up the game. For whatever reason I gave it one more shot with the Operation Arrowhead expansion. Maybe it was the world fighting in Iraq at the time, or maybe the boot camp portion of OA but I was well and truly hooked from that point. Its pretty much my go to game. Loving the stories btw.
  3. I may be wrong but fortunate son is free to use according to YouTube audio library. Any royalties go elsewhere but videos won’t be muted. I used it myself years ago with no problems and checked it again about a month ago. Other Creedance Songs aren’t as open though
  4. Rich_R

    Prowler LSV Retexture Issues

    Then you may have to do a combination of the two methods. Grab the solid green or solid tan texture which features these details, desaturate, texture accordingly and put this in the bottom layer of the supplied sample underneath the dirt layers etc. Without going in and playing around with it, that's all I personally can come up with ;)
  5. Rich_R

    Prowler LSV Retexture Issues

    I answered the original post from work and away from my computer. Now on my PC I pulled up the actual sample that BI offers in the ArmA 3 texture samples for Apex content. The simplest way to get a clean base for retexturing (IMO) is as follows (using photoshop) Left Ctrl click on the thumbnail in the layer called 'color' on the bottom, this will highlight all the filled areas of the layer If you're doing a camo you could paste it into the picture and use the 'crawling ants' to copy then paste a cut-out of your camo into a new layer OR Go to Layer>New Fill Layer> Solid color Pick the color you want for your retexture or a suitable base color to overlay with whatever your texture will be (in the example below I picked white) Edit this new layer to take out the bits you don't want! Make sure this new layer is just above the 'color' layer Hide the 'color' layer if needed This method allows you to use all the dirt layers that come with the sample, something you would have to recreate taking the DePBOing route. I'm not exactly clear what everyone is trying to achieve, but it's how I would do it. I'm sure there are far more experienced people on the forums that have a better way to skin this particular cat 😁
  6. Rich_R

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    The correct answer should be, the pattern reflects that used in the real world. If you do detailed retexturing the pattern won’t repeat. The better retextured mods don’t slap a camo down as is and use it in the game. Instead, they ‘cut’ the camo to fit seams, pockets etc. this effectively breaks the camo pattern and looks more realistic. But yeah, there’s a whole thread dedicated to modding and retextures. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/162-arma-3-addons-configs-scripting/
  7. Rich_R

    Prowler LSV Retexture Issues

    Pretty much what George said, duplicate the layer you want, desaturate, cut out what’s needed and texture accordingly. Also, there’s a dedicated part of the forums for just this topic, you might get what you’re looking for there:) https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/162-arma-3-addons-configs-scripting/
  8. Rich_R

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Who would’ve thought the ShackHud would ever see an upgrade!!! Youve basically gone where BI refused to go and with a lot of options and customizations! Great work and look forward to testing it!
  9. Rich_R

    Pook BOATS pack

    Just wanted to say, the community appreciates all your hard and continuous work @hcpookie !!!
  10. This would be incredible. One of the temptations to learn modeling would be to create a cargo ship to board and raid. Any suggestions I would have would revolve around making the raid as challenging and fun as possible. Thank you for this effort.
  11. Rich_R

    Tactical Wrist

    Great job! Like you, its been frustrating to see similar projects never come to fruition. However, you did something about it! Congrats!
  12. Rich_R

    Emitter 3Ditor

    Wow! Incredible add-on. As wonderful as the various light scripts were before this, your interface allows mission makers to up their game. At the time of posting, I cant see a download link, I'm guessing its this? Looking forward to playing with this. Thanks for the effort!
  13. Take your time to not only produce the quality mod you’re looking to produce but also enjoy life!!! Never more poignant that now, the eve of a new year:)
  14. Been working on other stuff and only just had the chance to sneak into some winter chernarus today. Darkened up the skies, threw in some snow and it was amazing! Great job! Thanks for the hard work!
  15. We’ll file the following stories under ‘Use when cynics complain Arma 3 is dead’. The game continues to sell, ranking at the Bronze level for Steam sales in 2018 https://store.steampowered.com/sale/winter2018bestof/ Verge lists Arma 3 among the 15 must have games for a new gaming PC! https://www.theverge.com/2018/12/26/18131097/best-pc-games-2018-free-multiplayer-rpg-top