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  1. Okay! Tested this again on Sunday and it worked perfect, even with a ton of other mods running. Just to make sure, I waited another day and tested it again and it worked just fine! Even tried it on two different maps! Perfectly fine. Arma being Arma I guess, Sorry for the alarm ☹️
  2. Rich_R

    Dismount Where You Look

    We’re doing a mission on Sunday and will try the mod with six people and see what happens. But sure if it’s still acting up would love to test it with you! thanks!
  3. Hey Cup creators! I tried to join the CUP Tracker over the last three days but I can't get a confirmation email to login so I'll throw the concern here if that's ok. The Wasp isn't completely spawning in the editor. When first putting it down, it looks like this; If I rotate it 90 degrees (through the object menu not with the mouse) most of its there, just the elevator is missing as seen below; This was with only CUP, ACE and CBA running. Tried the different versions (pre-stocked with aircraft as well as the empty version shown above) Interestingly enough, a Wasp already saved in the mission is unaffected. Thanks for the amazing mod and all your hard work!
  4. Rich_R

    Dismount Where You Look

    We’re using the Steam Workshop version.
  5. Rich_R

    Dismount Where You Look

    Same here.
  6. This question is answered quite firmly in the CUP Terrains thread.
  7. Thanks for this! There doesn't appear to be either a users folder let alone the cfg file. This strikes me as strange, however, I chose custom for the difficulty level before starting the mission and that seemed to solve. Quite frankly I was surprised the ACE settings didn't cover this as it seems to cover so much else...lol
  8. I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I have a server with streamline servers. We use ACE so I've managed to customize much of the appearance of Arma 3 using the mission profile settings. But I cant get rid of the weapon crosshairs! Very annoying. The server didn't appear to have a server.armaprofile.cfg file. Are they still used? I created one and put it in the root of the server but it didn't seem to work. Its been a while since running a server and any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the quick response! In regards to scripting, we included the following in weapons config, class FAA_SPAR_01_blk_F: rhs_weap_m4a1 { _generalMacro = "FAA_SPAR_01_blk_F"; displayName = "M4A1 Rifle"; class LinkedItems { class LinkedItemsOptic { slot = "CowsSlot"; item = "optic_Hamr"; }; class LinkedItemsAcc { slot = "PointerSlot"; item = "CUP_acc_ANPEQ_15_Top_Flashlight_Black_L"; }; class LinkedItemsMuzzle { slot = "MuzzleSlot"; item = "CUP_muzzle_snds_M16"; }; class LinkedItemsUnder { slot = "UnderBarrelSlot"; item = "rhsusf_acc_grip1"; }; }; }; To add all the accessories onto the rifle at the start (ignore the rifle name, this originally used the Spar but obviously changed over to the RHS M4). Would this do it?
  10. Rich_R

    TrackIr Helicopter view 3rd person

    There should be a key to toggle Track IR on and off. Not sure what it is but a quick look in Track IR should tell you;)
  11. Created a mission in which regardless who took one particular slot (the first one on the list of slots) they couldn’t see the others flashlight/laser or hear the weapon being fired. I took the slot at first, he couldn’t see the light/laser etc. My friend took the slot and I couldn’t see his. Pretty sure we were running the same mods and I know I was running the same as the server. Any ideas?
  12. Like this maybe? Does the channels at least. I would think the stereo options would be a more personal choice. Second link with a google search 😉
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. I worked out the issue, the satcom and any of the additional antennas need to be added to the backpack manually. Once I did that through virtual arsenal, it work perfectly! Thanks !