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  1. Rich_R


    I was a big fan of Murkspawn but had to find other solutions when it was no longer updated. It was pretty easy to transition over to JEBUS as they're used in nearly the same manner (JEBUS has more options TBH). Jebus - Just Editor Based Unit Spawning - ARMA 3 - MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING - Bohemia Interactive Forums
  2. Rich_R

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Agreeing with much of what’s been said here. Like the idea of CDLCs keeping the game fresh, but the way they’ve been rolled out and are managed really segments the player base and diminishes the reputation of the title. it’s simple things like being able to easily host the new content on a server, sharing assets and making sure the quality is there. Honestly, if BI are drifting away from the Arma series, they should let everyone know. Don’t harp on the celebrations or nostalgia of the series if it’s being put out to pasture. It would be a shame to leave the series in a bad light out of apathy or lack of effort.
  3. These look soooo nice!!! Great work!
  4. Rich_R

    Help modifying a mod pack

    First, this post should be over in this part of the forums - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/162-arma-3-addons-configs-scripting/ Second, you can’t directly edit bin file, but need ‘de-bin’ it. Then you can save it as a config.cpp file and edit away. if this is yours or your friends file, not only should they be able to give this in a cpp format, they should know this. If this isn’t your mod, make sure you’re not stepping over any lines in regards to the original mods creator(s) and their work. I would head over to this part of the forums to learn more about creating mods - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/162-arma-3-addons-configs-scripting/ and here for the tools you’ll need for modding - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/163-arma-3-community-made-utilities/ Good luck!
  5. Agree with @wsxcgy look great and can’t wait until they make it in game. A simple thing like the shops with the roll up doors we’ve all seen in every war documentary is a much needed asset! Nice!
  6. Rich_R

    Military Tandem Tethered Bundle

    This is brilliant. Nice!
  7. Rich_R

    Prarie Fire discussion

    How can we have the mod and liberation map run on our server in addition to our custom modset for our members who bought the DLC and want liberation outside of official ops?
  8. Rich_R

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Quick question. Bought the CDLC music pack. Are we allowed to use the music in Arma videos?
  9. Rich_R

    Arma3 Videos

    A FAQ in video form!!
  10. Rich_R

    Art of War DLC

    BI can feel free to answer my questions at any time. No rush.
  11. This looks like a really exciting mod. Just so I’m clear on how this works. I use another Arma character (such as using my wife’s Steam account and set up Arma on it) Join the mission using this second profile as well as the one I play with. Start the mod, select a player and start recording on the second profile. While this is happening, the second character (under my wife’s profile) will stay wherever I place it. Do I have that right?
  12. 1st Air Assault Campaign - Deployment Cherry on 28 MAR NOV 2021 at 0700 EST/1200 UK. Now would be the time to give us a look! Website - http://1stairassault.com/ Forum - http://1stairassault.com/forums/ Application - http://1stairassault.com/forums/form.php?formid=1
  13. Rich_R

    Art of War DLC

    Had a quick look around the new DLC. great job and thanks for everyone's work on this. A few questions. Found the gallery itself, but it doesn't appear to have a roof? I thought it was a glass ceiling at first, but saw the light tracking through the roof. Is the gallery itself added to the platform for those who don't own the dlc to see/use? Read the 'Art Gallery Objects' were added to the platform but wasn't sure if that included the gallery itself. Will the templates be released or enough info for groups to create their own customs dress uniforms? Saw the PBOs were locked. Nice DLC and great cause. Thank you for the opportunity to choose our tier and help out where we can!
  14. Rich_R

    DUI - Squad Radar

    This is one of those mods you have to just get in and play with. There are different compass styles, font sizes for names, whether or not you want the names, the options goes on and on. Just as @klima said, DUI is supported, STHud isn't any longer. Supposedly DUI has less impact on performance, so there's another plus. As Arma players, we all come across mod that we feel should be part of the vanilla game, DUI is one of those.