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  1. I’ve pretty much stayed out of the back and forth on screenshot discussion but find much of what’s been posted interesting. In a way, the discussion is being sucked into age old debate of ‘what is art’. In the Arma world, to me at least, the conversation revolves around whether yet another pic of special forces dudes with tacticool loadouts throwing cliched poses (or other such variations) is better than scenery or the very beauty that can be found in the game. There is a lot of rinse and repeat type stuff in the photo thread, to the point its one of the last threads I tend to visit. And then something comes along that most of us wouldn’t think about snapping or posting. The fact there is a debate on what’s being posted or should be posted not only leads (unintentionally for the large part) to excluding members (and their tastes) but also the opportunity to enjoy something we wouldn’t otherwise see. Aside from tastes, a person PC may come into play when considering the quality of pics. Is this another standard we set? If this is ever decided, do we move onto the saturation debate? What is acceptable coloring? I know my eyes and I have a good idea but would invite anyone to see if I’ve ever commented (emoji or otherwise) with any disapproval. Because my taste shouldn’t stop someone from making their LSD inspired pics.;) Even the taste of ‘what is’ good photography has changed over the years. The excellent tips given here and cool mods to help snap pics are based on where we are with taste right now and may not be what it was or what it is attractive to an individual. Just some thoughts and some caution about sucking the fun and free-spirit out of what makes a gaming forum a place everyone wants to visit.As much as I hate to say it, the forums are slower these days and we should be wanting more posts, not cooking up different ways to prevent or discourage gamers from sharing.
  2. This is a really nice touch. Also acts as a visual indicator you’re talking on the radio. Looking forward to playing with this.
  3. This is the problem when trying to upgrade a PC to run a demanding game.”, there is no silver bullet or one purchase that will make it immediately run smoothly :) To @lex__1 point your RAM would need to be improved as well and quite frankly start saving for a new graphic card after that.
  4. Just used this for a video I'm making...looks fantastic! Thanks for the collective effort to bring together something so simple to implement but so impressive.
  5. SSD. As to why, I would google your question or read through the forums as this has pretty much been asked and answered quite a few times. Playing games off a SSD compared to a HDD is night and day, and they’re pretty affordable now.
  6. Looks nice. Can’t wait to get home and check it out. Congrats on the release!
  7. Light Bulb Burst Effect

  8. Fair enough. Thanks for the prompt answer!
  9. I agree this is a sensitive matter and to be clear, I’m not asking about the closed thread nor want to discuss why it was closed. Like many, I integrated the above mods in my mod pack. It should be a fair question of whether I can post screenshots that include the mod or not. I honestly have no clue of the right answer because of the reasons detailed. It would be ironic to be considered as breaking one rule by trying to avoid breaking another.
  10. Here’s a question for those in the know. It appears the drama of the VSM/Zenith mods have come to a head with the threads being permanently closed and mentions of bans. Where does this leave groups who’ve adopted stuff from these modpacks? Are they allowed to post pics on the forums? I don’t want to know the rules, I want to know how they’ll be applied in this specific case. The reason I ask is there seems to be some grey areas. First and foremost, one post from the author asked players not to upload or distribute either mod, then he posted they were working on ‘cleaning up’ the modpack. Next, without getting back into the whole ripping drama and debate, some of the content was original. As an extreme example, VSM started as a fancy retexture mod. I’m sure I’m not the only one with these questions.
  11. This part of the BI wiki walks you through everything https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Characters_And_Gear_Encoding_Guide The only difference is you won’t create custom uniforms just the factions and load outs. The other advice (given in many many posts similar to this) is to break apart your favorite mod or even BIs and see how they do their config. Arma seems to be pretty flexible on a lot of stuff found in a config. I started with zero knowledge and found the best way to learn is by just doing it. Youll always be learning regardless.
  12. Did you want to use existing in-game models (ie retexture) or create new models?
  13. My Summer projects

    As mentioned above, my post was a reply to someone who was complaining about the content of your planned mod. The poster was banned and the the thread cleaned up.
  14. My Summer projects

    Everyone brings their own take, style and Level of quality to a new mod, so more of the same is a good thing. Find @Luke_z_Brna comment interesting as he just posted a UH 60 mod, not an uncommon helo in the mod packs.