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  1. You're absolutely allowed to do want you want with your creations. I guess I would throw out two words CUP and RHS. Both have given two huge mods to the community, pretty much early on. Offered with EULAs and ordinary PBOs. As I said, it’s your work and you’re allowed to protect it by not releasing it. This is a very understanding community.
  2. Interesting, this decision came about after a few questions about retexturing. Understand I'm a strong proponent of modder's rights and being allowed to take their time. Check my history and you'll see posts supporting just this. Bearing in mind parts of this mod are donated (probably very small I'm sure, I wouldn't know having never seen any release of the mod) and based on the timing, I find the decision ironic. Showing the characteristic enjoyed by many an Arma player, I'm eternally optimistic to see your hard work. The pictures have been very nice 😃
  3. Rich_R

    arma 3 full sellout

    Have everything as well. This guy is posting rants everywhere. For someone who hates the game so much, he certainly puts a lot of effort into it.
  4. Rich_R

    military simulator yet you die through walls

    Say what you like about the game, at least the developers use paragraphs and avoid run on sentences. Sounds like a bad experience on a KOTH server or the like, so yeah let’s judge the entire title on that experience or game type. Arma offers gameplay that really can’t be found anywhere else. BI have really stood on their own for putting money and effort into the Arma series. Is it perfect? Nope, but what it does and what it is far outweighs any flaws. Youre allowed to disagree but you also have to respect the opinions of all those who love the game. Ultimately you don’t HAVE to play Arma 3.
  5. You can find Grumpy script here. It is nice!
  6. Congrats on the release! Looking forward to downloading it!!!
  7. Rich_R

    Looking for help CH-46E Sea Knight

    I wonder if this is something @firewill would be willing to take on. I know a lot of ppl were looking forward to the CH46 😉
  8. Rich_R

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    This. A friend who I hadn’t seen in a while asked how my wife was and next question was, “How’s Arma?” And he’s not a gamer.
  9. The ‘suggested’ fix applies to the config.cpp. Apologies if this wasn’t mentioned on the CTab github comment linked above. Im not sure how to do a ‘fix’ addon. Always interested to learn though!
  10. Just for those also interested; added the error and apparent fix to the mods official gitub. However, it looks rather inactive and I haven't heard back from the mod's creators.
  11. A fantastic addition to the Armaverse! Great job, looks incredible!
  12. Thanks Dedmen Ive sent emails to two of the mods authorrs to ask for permission or for them to do it. We’ll see!
  13. The latest update, and I think more specifically the addition of BIS_fnc_mapGridSize, has broken the awesome cTab. When starting the game and mission the following error appears It appears to work fine in-game When I peek under the hood this is the part of the config the error is referencing class RscTitles { titles[] = {}; class cTab_mapSize_dsp { idd = 13673; onLoad = "uiNamespace setVariable ['cTab_mapSize_dsp',_this select 0]"; fadein = 0; fadeout = 0; duration = 1e+011; controlsBackground[] = {}; objects[] = {}; class controls { class mapSize: cTab_RscMapControl { idc = 1110; type = 100; x = "safeZoneXAbs + safeZoneWAbs"; y = "safeZoneY + safeZoneH"; w = 0.01; h = 10; scaleMin = 0.001; scaleDefault = 0.001; maxSatelliteAlpha = 0; ptsPerSquareSea = 10000; ptsPerSquareTxt = 10000; ptsPerSquareCLn = 10000; ptsPerSquareExp = 10000; ptsPerSquareCost = 10000; ptsPerSquareFor = 10000; ptsPerSquareForEdge = 10000; ptsPerSquareRoad = 10000; ptsPerSquareObj = 10000; }; }; }; Anyone have an idea how the above needs to be changed to meet these standards? I'm going to reach out to the authors stated in (at least my version) of cTab and see if a) they have an idea and b) if someone can suggest a fix its okay to release an updated version. Thanks everyone!
  14. Rich_R

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    Looks awesome! Where are you pushing these updates to, Steam or should we look to Armaholic? Thanks!!
  15. Rich_R

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    Bought OFP first but couldn’t really handle the complexity of the game. Next bought Arma 2 and while it was better, never was really drawn to loading up the game. For whatever reason I gave it one more shot with the Operation Arrowhead expansion. Maybe it was the world fighting in Iraq at the time, or maybe the boot camp portion of OA but I was well and truly hooked from that point. Its pretty much my go to game. Loving the stories btw.