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  1. Added this to the ACE big tracker, but has anyone else seen this? Tried downloading a fresh copy of the most current ACE and revalidating my game files. The error can be clicked through. NEVER MIND! Has a few ppl reach out to me and scoured through some files and found the following sitting in a folder used for lost and discontinued mods. Put them in a small corner in my computer away from Arma 3 and there's no error :)
  2. In the area to configure controllers BI has a list of controllers in a drop down box. Have you tried selecting your joystick there?
  3. server questions

    I will be honest, I do like it when you welcome new members to the forums. Unless I’m not seeing it, I can’t tell when a member joined or even if it’s their first post when reading the forums on my cellphone. As I’m a married dude and have limited PC time at home, I tend to spend most of my forum time on the cell. Dont want to hijack the thread and it’s far more important we help the OP find a server, but just posting as a FYI :)
  4. server questions

    Google Arma 3 dedicated servers. Once you find the right price, this video (which comes up with the above search) might help. Setting up a dedicated server with mods can be a little confusing at first, at least it was for me, but it’s worth it!
  5. Battle Royale

    Looking to the famous quote in a very unreligious fashion ‘From your lips to gods ears’ lol
  6. DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Just looked at these in-game. Quality work! Between the various stages of the uniforms (bloused, unbloused, sleeves, etc) and camo variety, this mod can be used for everything from Vietnam era missions to modern militias. Nice work!
  7. Arma 3 could have been BIS at its peak

    Where to begin. I’ll summarize the above to save others from having to wade through it. BI should make sure they build backwards compatibility into Arma 4 to allow for the immense number of scripts, (or mods as the OP cites the number found on Steam) created over the 17 years we’ve enjoyed their Arma titles. Either way, there’s a lot of them so BI better make sure they work in Arma 4 because otherwise they’ll suck. But, they may suck anyway because they’re releasing a bunch of other stuff in alpha stages in order to monetize the new titles, not that it matters because they’re not getting good reviews anyway. However, BI doesn’t really care because they know they’ve hit the wall, in creativity I’m assuming. My response; First, you’re absolutely allowed your opinion. Second, niether scripts or mods are automatically backward compatible. The CUP crew have spent years bringing stuff over from past games. Stuff needs to be ported forward. Some stuff isn’t worth the effort and some simply can’t be brought forward. Scripts break fairly easy as the engine or in-game commands are changed. Finally, BI doesn’t owe anything to anyone. Whether they produce Arma 4 or not, they’ve done what they have up until this point. They created a game, we bought it. Rinse, repeat. No owing. No questions on creativity. Between this and Reddit, there sure are a lot of players throwing Arma tantrums. Did I miss something? Did the Fortnite servers go down?
  8. Did you try to set it up as outlined in the read me? Pasted below; - Edit the topmost values in the tort_<module>.sqf script files. Change of values requires at least a mission restart. For instant changes without a mission restart, call script via debug window as described below. OR - Place arguments into the [] of @start_weather.sqf You can outcomment modules in @start_weather.sqf, they will not be started then. Usage as a SCRIPT ================= Call the desired scripts (in an Eden logics init field, via mission files, from the debug window...). Examples: 0 = [] execVM "\@tort_dynamicweather3\tort_rain.sqf"; //start with default values 0 = [0.5] execVM "\@tort_dynamicweather3\tort_overcast.sqf"; //start with 0.5 overcast 0 = [5, 0, 10, -0.5, 0] "\@tort_dynamicweather3\tort_wind.sqf"; You can start the script as often as you want - also, if it is loaded as a mod. It will kill the prior instance and start from scratch.
  9. United States Air Force( 2015)

    My understanding with the new third party DLCs is they couldn’t be ‘updated versions’ of existing mods. But maybe some of the talent in this mod could create an aviation pack?
  10. Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    Ive been depressed by the lack of news as well but have come to a theory which gives me hope. BI are facing high expectations for the next Arma. Expected engine (graphical) improvements, better AI, ensure women are in the game and add back some features (realism) lost when we went from 2 to 3. Add to this the features being brought out in DayZ (streams, etc) and fit it all into a sandbox world that can be moddable and handle the number of players the series is known for, it’s a tall order. And to be fair, we, the player base don’t make it easy. The community is so quick to hang their hat on the mention of a feature, claiming it’s the end of the world if the feature doesn’t make into the game or the developers take it in a different direction. Why should BI give us an indication of what’s going on? Lets not even talk about the arguments about what era it should be set in. Two other things they may looking at, portability of Arma 3 (and thereby Arma 2 content) as well as an easier system for terrain building. like all good things, Arma 4 will come. Or they could abandon the series for an XBox title. Who knows :)
  11. Need help modding Arma 3.

    Maybe you should post your questions over here? https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/162-arma-3-addons-configs-scripting/
  12. South Asia v1.1 No Errors!!

    Haven’t had a chance to look at this but will put this out there. You are an animal with these terrains! Thanks for all your effort!
  13. Enhanced Helicopter Dust Efx Mod

    Very cool! Now if someone would come up with something the replicate the effect from Arma 2 ACE that made your character cough while in the dust cloud and blurred vision unless you had goggles on;) Great work!
  14. Thanks for the info @Dedmen I think the issue I’m having with connectivity with the vector 21 is not having it in the GPS slot. This came to me on the drive into work. I totally understand the popularity of the Microdagr, it’s the limiting input to six digits for waypoints and quite frankly I like the minimalist presentation of the unit on screen as well as the way it guides you to the waypoint (tracking the degrees needed to get there) that has me making an effort to dig deeper into the Dagr. Also, I realized I maybe thinking of a stand-alone Dagr mod that came along in Arma 2 that allowed the transfer of wp, that maybe even been the same mod that rolled the wp. Ill check out all of this when I’m next back on the PC.