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  1. I am proud to announce that NightIntruder and I have began making the much needed CH-46 for arma 3. Right now, we are concentrating on the USMC version but have plans for other models of the aircraft which will be announced later. There will be two versions of the CH-46, one will be a more simple version and the other a more advanced version The simple version is planned to include: - Advanced Flight Model - ramp, doors, windows animations - working sling load and rescue hoist - dedicated crew chief and loadmaster seats - flight instruments animations + backlighting - NAV lights + landing lights + formation lights - custom sound - fast engine start + fuselage vibrations - ACE3, NIMITZ, RAV All Fuel - compatible - walkable deck + numbered seats (player can take whichever seat they wants) This version is meant for the casual player who just wants to get in and fly somewhere The Advanced Version - Advanced Flight Model based on real CH46s specifications - rotational beacon lights, cargo light and cockpit flood lighting - engines / APU management - switchable VIS / IR-compliant instrument backlighting in the cockpit - emergency lighting + windows & doors removed in case of crash - briefly floatable a/c for emergency regardless not being equipped with sponsons - custom damage system: announciator panel, FireGeo LOD, visible damage on a/c - custom enhanced sound + real time engines start + engines smoke effect + engines / APU management - fuselage vibrations dependant on specific flight phase - rain effects on windscreen and windows + animated wipers - custom crew animations: CrewChief position in port door and with working on rescue hoist, Loadmaster position on ramp, pilots animations, savior on hoist etc. - random malfunctions, extremely rare, but yet possible - damage/malfunction being increasing over time (script) ie. fuel leak, drive train damage, engine malfunction, ramp blocked etc. - NAV lights switchable from STEADY to FLASH - main rotor tips lighting - ACRE / TFAR compatible - custom environmental radio sounds The advanced version is for someone who wants a little more of a realistic experience -Both the advanced and simple version will have multiple weapon configurations Please keep in mind that we are trying to get these features on the aircraft, and if we cant, well we cant. This is a heavy WIP and nothing here is guaranteed. I will try to update this often when there is work to show, please feel free to ask questions and give feedback CURRENT TEAM NightIntruder flanders25 TeTeT (Scripting) Alex150201 (Scripting) handicap (Statistics and photos) William Cordoza (Statistics and photos) Special Thanks to: -Bohemia Interactive for M2 model Current Progress: 1/6/16 -Details are beginning to be added to model 1/15/16 -Exterior model is nearly complete, and the interior will be wrapped up in the next week or so if all goes as planned 1/16/16 -BIs default M2s have been added for waist gunners 1/17/16- Model is basically complete, BIS M240 added for ramp gunner, starting cockpit work 1/20/16- Started UV Mapping for texturing *MAY TAKE A FEW WEEKS OR EVEN LONGER* 1/25/16- UV Unwrap is complete. Beginning to make textures 2/15/16- Textures are completed (External and internal) 4/1/16- Chopper is in game and making the cfgs has began!
  2. The Lowlands Warrior team has decided to start releasing Alpha stage mods in order to get more feedback on the content and maybe encourage more modders to join the team History Back in the early 2000's LLW started as a mod for the original Rainbow Six series, creating a large arsenal of NL Army/Marines weapons. Shortly afterwards they started creating content for Operations:Flashpoint (aka Arma: Cold War Assault) They released a large pack with terrains, vehicles, aircraft, weapons and units which what THE only dutch armed forces mod around at the time. Current plan The LLW team is not as big as in the old days. Many have stopped modding. Although, those who still have a bit of spare time dream about doing what was done before, this time in Arma 3. (Or 4?) Whatever we are creating now will be released here in the following posts. We hope every one will enjoy the mods, even while in early development stage. Website: Going through an overhaul...
  3. 1st Marine Raider Battalion [1MRB] We are a modern, MARSOC unit, 1st Marine Raider Battalion. We do all kinds of different ops. We have a great Zeus team, we have 38 mods. We are basically a community ourselves, some of us are active duty along with veterans and we play a lot of other games together seeing as a lot of us have been together for years Language: English Age Requirements: 18+ preferable but open to all Timezone: EST Operation Times: • Sunday: - Open • Monday: - Open • Tuesday: - Open • Wednesday: - Open • Thursday: - Open • Friday: - Open • Saturday: - Main Op (7:00 EST Step Off) Operation Type: All Required Mods: ACE3, RHS, TFAR, cTab and many more! Discord: https://discord.gg/kByDpEU6Jx Teamspeak: REQUIRED
  4. Hello I am currently recruiting for my Arma 3 server called "Arma Operations" We are a newer community with 20+ members we have a lot of spots that need filled I will list them below; * MEDIC * MARKSMAN * MACHINEGUNNER * ASST MACHINEGUNNER * ANTI-TANK * ENGINEER * EOD ( We are looking for Pilots as well ) And some more, basically all roles need filled, we currently have a few people who are looking to be in these kits so hurry up if you're interested. Our current op; Operation Hell Desert* Description; A small town called Laura has had recent reports of insurgents harassing and killing innocent civilians. The town has about 30 people living in it and 2 civilians are reported missing, We will be dispatching a fireteam to investigate further. Obtain information about the disappearance of the two civilians as well as the insurgents in the area. We do not know what to expect, follow ROE and check in with command, set up a perimeter and talk with the locals to gather intel. This community does have actual members who are in the Military, I'm the Owner and I do not place myself higher than anyone who wants to take a foot in leadership, I am here to Zeus. So if you're interested in filling some slots and having a great time come on down. ( We have 50 + mods ) Discord Link; https://discord.gg/b936rY3H6n
  5. Marine Expeditionary Force by Mattastic Description: The Marine Expeditionary Force modification is a unit addon pack. It was developed to offer a professional solution for those wanting to portray the United States Marine Corps in ArmA III. Enjoy HD textures along with real "clean" looking uniforms. This modification has a long development road map and will grow to eventually include more uniform variants, proxy gear, weapons, and even vehicles. Features: Units 2nd Marine Raiders 2nd Medical Btn. 2nd Recon Btn. 3/9 Marines 3/9 Marines II Infantry billets Marine Aircraft Wing Gear 46 Uniforms 32 Vests 29 Headgear 25 Backpacks Weapons M4A1 M4A1/M203 M16A4 M16A4/M203 M27 IAR M249 SAW M240B Mk16 SCAR Mk17 SCAR Mk12 SPR MP5's Lee Enfield M110 SASS M107 Barrett M24 M40a3 M1014 M136 AT4 M9 1911 Glock 17 Taurus Revolver ACOG's Suppressor's Vehicles USMC A3 Helicopters F-37 Thunder US HMMWVs (EWK Compatible) OD Hunters MTVR's MaxxPro MRAP's Installation: Step 1. Download .pbo file(s) Step 2. Open your Arma III add on location Step 3. Create folder named "@MEF" Step 4. Open "@MEF" after creating Step 5. Create folder named "addons" Step 6. Open folder named "addons" Step 7. Place downloaded .pbo(s) inside of "addons" folder Step 8. Launch Modification with ArmA III and Enjoy! Included files: Usage: Place units in Editor or preview gear/uniforms in Virtual Arsenal. Full list of class names are included in the mod on a spreadsheet. Media: Steam Screenshots (Lots of images of the mod) Known Issues with v2.6.4 -Issue with optic and reloading SAW -No iron sights for M27 and M110 because of rotation issue when optic is mounted -Texture error on HMMWV Change log: Notes: Please message me directly on BI Forums or Armaholic with any bug reports or suggestions. Credits & Thanks: EricJ for contributing some weapons (- Ammo values for some weapons done by Spartan0536 - Additional sounds by armyinf - Various weapon sounds: Taumargin) Armapirx for contributing textures Massi for contributing models & textures Karneck for USMC Helicopters Siege-A for Bug Fixes Aplion for HMMWVs Port Olli for F-37Thunder Community Upgrade Project Team Richardsd for contributing MTVR's and MaxxPro MRAP's Bohemia Interactive and the entire ArmA Community Other Sites: - Facebook - Armaholic - Steam Workshop Requirements: (Community Base Addons A3) (Optional)(RH M4/M16 Pack) (Optional)(EWK HMMWV's) Version 2.6.4: DOWNLOAD HERE
  6. Greetings from MilitaryGamers! This is an official recruitment post for MilitaryGamers.com, the world's premier multi-platform, multi-game online community for US military service members. We're always looking for men and women to join our ranks who have either served in the past, or who are still presently serving, in any branch of the United States Armed Forces. If you would like to learn more about our community, or if you would like to register an account and become a member, please head over to our website at www.MilitaryGamers.com. All recruitment is handled via our website. Once you've registered an account and have become a member, you will find information on our forums instructing you on how to join us in game and on Discord. About MilitaryGamers.com: Our members hail from every branch of the US military, nearly every occupational specialty, all rates and ranks, from E-1 through O-6, and from duty stations and their homes the world over. We have had a game branch (cabal, clan, corporation, fleet, guild, organization, society, squadron, unit, etc.) in nearly every major game title since 2007, where we have established a solid, respected name for ourselves. With thousands of members spread across countless games, we think you'll find that we're the last gaming community you'll ever need to join! Things You Will Find in the Military Gamers Community: Camaraderie, esprit de corps, professionalism, a relaxed, casual atmosphere, and most importantly, folks who "get it". As our motto, "Tantum Nos Teneo", states, "Only We Know". Things You Won't Find in the Military Gamers Community: Within the MilitaryGamers.com community, you will not find any "realism" units or the like. If that's what you're looking for, please look elsewhere. We do not simulate a military environment or organization. We don't have to. We've all "been there, done that". You won't find any phony rank structures or titles being worn by people who haven't earned the right to be addressed as such. We do organize our community staff, and occasionally some game branches using generic military titles, such as "MG CO", "MG XO", "MG Officer", "MG NCO", etc., because it is familiar to us and identifies who's running what within the community. These titles, however, do not magically bestow anyone with the right to expect anyone else to treat them as anything but an equal. We have members from all walks of life, all branches of the service, and of all rates, ranks, statuses, and vocations, and when they cross our doorstep, everyone is treated with equal courtesy and respect. Within the MilitaryGamers.com community you will not find any puffed-up "internet commandos" or teenage "squeekers" giving you orders. Everyone is 18 or older.
  7. General Equipment and Accessories (GEAR) includes several items such as uniforms and equipments aimed at accurately depicting the US military in WW2, such as field jackets, web gear, and a wide array of helmets. everything comes in several variations enough to make each person in a squad looks different to one another, while keeping things historical accurate at the same time. Units uses IFA3 weapons, early USMC ones uses M1903s from FoW FIles: This pack has been configured to be rather modular so that you can remove certain files if you wish to not play with certain things. Core Files (do not remove): - simc_uaf_44.pbo: most of the assets are here - simc_uaf_44_preview.pbo: bunch of icons and editor preview Other files: - simc_uaf_44_divisie.pbo: file for all the numbered units and helmets - simc_uaf_44_cfg.pbo: US Army equipments - simc_mc_44.pbo: USMC/USN equipments - simc_mc_44_cfg.pbo: USMC units (requires FoW) - simc_uaf_44_floaties.pbo: US Aircraft Retextures - simc_uaf_44_panzers.pbo: US Panzers Retextures - simc_uaf_44_ifa3_replats.pbo: Replaces IFA3 US Army Assets - simc_headfuck.pbo: Heads Current full list of included items: Classnames (thanks to mc_woland for the list) Credits: - IFA3 team for everything; weapons for units, rank and unit patches; - FoW team for M1903A1 - Bohemia Interactive for the arma sample models (and the game itself), made my jeep cap out of one of those beanies - Ethridge for m1 helmet shell, liner strap, and CC2 HBT textures - Lennard: Gloves model - motta: teaching me how to measure in blender, giving me accurate sizes for E-Tools, made 87th ID patch and stencil, providing 3D scanned boots and m1 helmet models. - Justin N. for basically teaching me how to sculpt nice normal maps, all the newly sculpted uniforms wont happen if it wasnt for his instructies. he also bought tannenbaum's models which is the base for several of the gear models. - Шоиветс for references and death threats - Schwienyy: UV-mapping the haversack, photorealistic scrim, advices and ideas, testings, and additional screenshots - Bigstone for advices and ideas, helmet band model, patch textures, and testing; Actually bigstone deserves more credits for dropping me all those ideas, w/o him this mod probably wont be this big, which actually, its not even that big now but it still could be much smaller - Frenchy56: structured collar 1937 khaki and wool uniforms, advices and threats, testings, additional screenshots - Jaki for advices and ideas, testing, some textures, and additional screenshots. - Courtland: Garrison cap model - Asmoro: Wool Trousers sculpt - Unitatoe: 39IR helmet stencil - Jujurat: Polaroids and M1 eyeshields - Olmo Potums: M1974 Goggles (part of the CVC helmet model ) - did i miss someone? Download (Requires FoW and IFA3): Steam Workshop Or Armaholic Alternate Version (Requires only IFA3): Steam Workshop Or Armaholic Full Changelog: By the way, If anyone wants to somewhat help me out even more, (which will help me in a rather significant way) one can donate to me via paypal; send it to my paypal email adress arkan_ebi@hotmail.com Or alternatively, you can support me on Patreon -------------------------------more pics:
  8. The 81st Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) is made up of two different units who merged into a single one. There is the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, the large main force of the unit, and then there is Force Reconnaissance who are smaller than the 11th MEU but conduct special missions. In order to join you must be: Professional and mature approach to duties. Team-oriented yet self-reliant. Open to challenges and an endless drive for perfection and excellence. Be at least 13+ years old. (exceptions can be made if maturity is shown) Keen to learn new things. Have a working microphone. 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit The 11th MEU is the backbone of the unit. They make up the majority of the unit. Infantry operate using HMMWVs with mounted weaponry such as M2s and MK19s but also work together with the aviation section to complete their objective. There are a variety of roles for the infantry placed into several squads that are divided into three fire teams and a command team each. Force Reconnaissance The reconnaissance element conducts special operations that require a small specialized force. Their organization and equipment varies depending on operation and how many personnel they have at their disposal. Aviation The aviation section is one of the most important parts of the unit, they work together with the infantry in operations to accomplish the mission at hand. They do tasks such as reconnaissance, close air support and transport. https://discord.com/invite/vBMPWAmtMx Schedule February - 20th Operation February - 27th Operation March 6th - Operation March 13th - BCT/Training March 20th - Off Week March 27th - Operation Schedule will be updated further ahead. Additional information Discord: https://discord.com/invite/vBMPWAmtMx Teamspeak: 11thMEU.teamspeak.de Modlist: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2360299074 Modloader: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2383359126 Infantry commander: Capt A. King https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198014850816 Aviation commander: 1stLt A. Cully https://steamcommunity.com/id/117222466487613 11th MEU Platoon commander: GySgt E. Myderizi https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198376958758 11th MEU Platoon Sergeant: SSgt E. Henriksson https://steamcommunity.com/id/eHenriksson/ 11th MEU First squad leader: Sgt A. Simek https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198846003823 11th MEU Second squad leader: Sgt M. Biggs https://steamcommunity.com/id/SgtMBiggs/
  9. ArmA III strongly seems to lack expansive 2035-style expansions on vanilla content. It has been my dream to fill that gap with a mix of my own ideas and ideas brought forward by many avid fans of the BLUFOR 2035 setting. After five years, I started work on this project in November 2019, with the irreplaceable aid given to me by renowned mod authors responsible for the likes of the CSAT Modification Project, Community Upgrade Project, the unofficial Aegis expansion, and more. If you have requests for what you'd like to see in this mod, please note that if the uniform/vest/gear type isn't in the mod presently, I likely won't be able to make any texture edits until I add them into the mod. Thanks for the continued support, and I hope you enjoy the mod!
  10. Hi guys this is my project i recreating the Call of duty 4 missions on Arma 3 from the " Crew Expendable" operation to the "hunted" mission playable in multiplayer with the help of an excellent zeus i tried to recreate the settings in the greatest detail that Arma can offer But as you will know, for many things it sins I'm looking for a good guy who knows how to recreate various objects for this MP campaign (ex cargo ship) to then publish it on the workshop to make everyone participate in this fabulous campaign Because you also know that when we talk about the MW campaign, a small part of us gets excited once again For now I leave you only the screens of the environments but in the future I will provide you with a nice video dedicated to all this Please comment and have your say and why not if you want to join the project 😎 MORE SCREEN AND VIDEO INCOMING
  11. Generation Kill retextures of the RHS: USF HMMWVs. It's not a perfect replica of the real paintjob but that shouldn't stop you from seizing some airfields Screenshot Album The original textures were created by Red Hammer Studios and retextured by me. To use this mod, you must also agree to and follow the EULA(s) supplied with RHS: USF. You may not repackage this mod without my consent. Check out Team One Tactical if you want to play in our weekly, super max best Arma 3 sessions! Required RHS: United States Armed Forces Download (7 MB) Steam Workshop Armaholic
  12. 1st Battalion, 4th Marines "Whatever it takes" We are an experienced group of Milsim players that have been running Milsim games for about 4 years now. We have an amazing Zeus that will provide you with an epic experience and will provide you with a realistic environment. We are a modern U.S. Marine unit that operates in multiple different kinds of environments using modern day tactics that we introduce into Arma 3! All levels of experience welcome and we are more than willing to teach you anything you need to know to be an important asset and teammate in our Milsim! Positions Available [*]Rifleman [*]Grenadier [*]Engineer [*]Auto Rifleman [*]Machine Gunner [*]JTAC [*]Corpsman [*]Ammo Bearer [*]Sniper [*]Spotter [*]Fixed Wing Pilot [*]Rotary Wing Pilot [*]Helicopter Crew Member [/list] Rules: Must be 13+ Must have a working mic. Must have Teamspeak Installed. Must be willing to show up to weekend operations and training. Follow all rules and orders given in game. Be respectful to everyone. Operation Times and Info: Operations are always at 7:30 PM EST. Operation days are Saturday. Some Sundays are trainings. Content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe6evss9YCA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHJEnHkkXRo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh8JJyky3d4&t= Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1535084174 [DON’T LOAD DEPENDENCIES] Application Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zgHA9Xf4x5hC9JxCP9gIbnWXXHg-GW5HM4DSoHWg8hI/edit?ts=5c675f88 Teamspeak IP: (POKE US)
  13. The 7th fleet is always looking for new recruits who are interested in having some Arma 3 fun. We are a fairly laid back unit however we take ops more seriously, but we understand we're all here to enjoy the game and have a good halo/arma experience. We have operations every Sunday and basic training on Tuesday evenings ( we can be flexible with this) we also have a 24/7 OPTRE Liberation server (Exile coming soon ;) ) , we can host fun ops whenever and we have very close relationships with multiple other Arma 3 OPTRE units and love doing joint ops! we are a very open minded group of individuals and we are welcome to any ideas our members have for operations or unit changes. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING US CONTACT US AT: https://discord.gg/24AAkU Thank you, CW2 B. Lubinsky
  14. Hello everyone! Today, I bring you FIRST CONTACT. The idea came to me a few years ago when I was playing Zeus with a few buddies, and decided to surprise them by bringing in "Aliens". What I did was use existing CSAT equipment but make them look a little Alien-ish. That's where the idea came from. In this mod, I re-purposed existing CSAT, BLUFOR, and Civilian clothing/equipment to somewhat make it look like an extraterrestrial force has invaded Earth, and humanity responded by forming the United Nations Space Force. This is still very WIP, but so far I have the essential units for both sides. Each unique in their own way. Later, I plan to add more unit classes, retexture BLUFOR vehicles for the UNSF, and to add variants of existing CSAT vehicles but with Alien crews. DOWNLOADS: Steam Workshop Hope you all enjoy!
  15. Background Information Carrier Strike Group 15 (CSG-15) is a US Navy/Marine unit (28th MEU). We are currently looking for dedicated individuals who can put time and effort into our unit. We are a bit more laid back than some units, and also have many available positions, such as Pilots, Ship Crewmen, Regular Infantry, etc. Getting in is as simple as a brief interview to try to gauge out your experience with ArmA and other units, and to try to figure out where you'd fit in best. Furthermore, there is plenty of room for advancement. Generally, we run Ops every Saturday @ 5 PM EST. We frequently run ops on Sundays as well, training on Fridays, and we run events throughout the week (not necessarily ops) as member availability permits. Requirements Must have a working mic. Must speak fluent English. Must have TS3. Ability and willingness to download our Workshop collection. What makes us different? No obligations to attend every OP, however, we do appreciate people who show dedication. Plenty of room for advancement It's a naval unit, with the capability for large/grand air, land, and sea operations. Simple (for the time being) entry/eligibility for OCS/WOC. ArmA players of all nationalities, skill, etc. are accepted. Ran by competent and experienced leadership No "ArmA-drama" Our current numbers and open positions can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aOJNUvU8Qf0S1prQuzPh2RsRIOWk8JhBXS_XL00kRaM/edit?usp=sharing ***No matter what MOS you pick, you may be asked to perform Infantry duties if there are not enough Infantry, as there is no point in (for example) having 5 rotary pilots with 10 infantry guys.*** Links Teamspeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/UrW23gZ If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave a comment on this post, add me, or join the discord/teamspeak!
  16. flanders25


    Copyright 2016 flanders25. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named Mr.Red Hi everyone! First off, the model was bought from turbosquid with an all extended uses license. I'd like to announce that I am currently working on an EA18G. A person and I started work on this a few months back. Currently, the model is complete as well as some textures and its just starting to be implemented in game. This does not mean it will be released soon though, as I am working on the CH-46 Project with NightIntruder and this mod is going to be a lot of work, especially for a new modder. So, enough of that and here are my goals First Release: - Firewills AWS intergrations (done) - Loadout/texture menu (done) - More then 2 textures minimum (done, 8 so far) - ALQ-99 Jammer (Most likely will be added into AWS, already discussed with Firewill) - Electronic attack script (Mostly complete) - Cockpit complete with working MFDs and gauges - Nav lights + landing lights and formation lights (done) - Nimitz compatible (done) - Custom sounds - Folding wings (done) - Air refueling (done) Team: SuperFastBlast (Scripts, animations, tester) Jones (Textures, tester) Greg (Cockpit Modeling) Firewill YanYat Cheng (Tester) Buck (Textures) Brian/Foxone (model work) Pinaz (Textures, scripts) TeTeTe (Animations, scripts, etc) thesn4k3 (cockpit textures) People that have helped: Peral There is a lot more, but these are just the basics I wanted to share with you guys. I really need help, it doesn't matter if you only know a few things, you are needed with his project. Please message me if you could help at all. Ill update pictures when its in game. I posted this early to try and get some help with this, as I doubt I can do this all on my own Consideration: If all goes well a pack is being considered to be made. It would include the F/18F, F/18E, but that is far in the future and if this goes smooth.
  17. 21st Nova Corps Galactic Marines Unit Information: The 21st Nova Corps is a Star Wars based in the Clone Wars timeline. Our unit has two main positions, those being Infantry, and Aviation. In our unit, we have MOS's that the players can work towards earning. What Is The 21st Nova Corps?: The 21st Nova Corps are a detachment of the Grand Army of the Republic, known for their versatility in combat and their aggressive nature of assaults. They wear a specialized style of armor that utilizes a synthmesh face cover. This cover prevents hazardous substances and other particles from entering the armor and the clone. Due to the armor the 21st were often utilized in environments that would be otherwise hostile for fighting in. What Is Our Community Like?: We are a friendly community, but we do expect you to be serious when the time comes (ie: when we are in operations and during briefings and debriefings.) We often play other games and generally have fun. We have a Teamspeak and a Discord, and our own private server. We work alongside many other Opposition Units and we encourage you to get onto their servers when they are hosting operations and they join our servers during our operations. We aren't a very toxic community, but we don't censor anyone when they say most things unless they are hostile towards other people with malicious intent. During operations we do ask that you maintain a level of seriousness, but that does not mean "don't have fun", because in the end that is what we want all of our players to do. Our Unit Schedule: Most 21st Operations start at 7:30 PM and will run for 1-2 hours. The run time is subject to change depending on player enjoyment and response to the Operation. Monday - Fun Operation Tuesday - Fun Operation Wednesday - Fun Operation Thursday - Training Friday - Operation Saturday - Operation Sunday - Free Day Requirements To Join: Age Requirement: There isn’t an age limit within our unit, but we do expect maturity within our players. Own a legal copy of ArmA 3 Have Teamspeak 3, with a working microphone Able to download mods Have Discord Make it to at least one operation a month, 3 trainings a month Unit Links: Teamspeak: 21stnovacorps.teamspeak3.com Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ZJW6Zjc We hope to see you soon.
  18. ENS J.Smith

    2nd Bn, 7th Marines

    USMC 2nd Battalion 7th Marines The 2nd Battalion 7th Marines [2-7] is a realism unit based in ArmA 3, as a realism unit we aim to play ArmA 3 using teamwork, real world tactics, and weapon systems employed by the United States Marine Corps. We do this by utilizing the experience and knowledge of our many active members including prior and active military service members and available Marine Corps knowledge. Training Pipeline All our members are trained to the highest standards through our School of Infantry Course that is composed on hands on drills to prepare for infantry based marine billets. Additionally, we offer MOS Courses for specialized billets within the Marine Platoons. We offer flexible days and times to get you through our training pipeline. We strive to bring you up a to a standard that is enforced throughout the unit to ensure the best gameplay. Our Instruction staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to making you the best you can be. Our Roles Much like in the corps, our unit has a variety of roles that enable us to complete dynamic missions across all terrains and situations. These roles include: - 0311 – Rifleman - 0311 – Auto Rifleman - 0311 – Assistant Auto Rifleman - 0311 – Fire Team Leader - 0331 – Machine Gunner - 0341 – Mortarman - 0352 – Antitank Missile Gunner - 8404 – Field Medical Service Technician - 8002 – Joint Terminal Attack Controller Advanced Courses We offer advanced courses to allow our members to challenge themselves and learn new skills enabling them to become even more capable marines. These include: - Basic Parachutist Course - Air Assault Course Requirements - Be at least 17 years or older - Write and Speak English at proficient level - Own ArmA III and and have ability to download mods - Not be a member of any realism/milsim unit - Attend operations Sundays at 8PM EST (2000 EST) How to Join - http://www.2ndbn-7thmarines.us - Make a forum account - Submit application in the “Recruitment” forum - Check us out and ask questions “ts3.2ndbn-7thmarines.us” https://youtu.be/BlzxcVdgiMQ
  19. 2nd Battalion , 8th Marines Regiment / 2nd MAW What is 2nd Battalion , 8th Marines Regiment - Arma 3 Milsim Unit? 2nd Battalion , 8th Marines Regiment - Arma 3 Milsim Unit is an Arma III Military Simulation unit based off the United States Marine Corps. As a Military Simulation, we strive to use teamwork and tactics used in the real world in Arma III. We are all here for one common goal: To enjoy the Milsim aspect of Arma III, while maintaining a fun factor for everybody. Training's What training will I undergo? We currently require all new members to undergo the Interview. Then you would go to Infantry Training Battalion (Recruit Training, School Of Infantry, Or Flight School) Selection consists of learning the basics of our mods, how procedures go, and other basic information. Current Open Billets 0311 Rifleman HM-8404 Hospital Corpsman 2nd MAW Is Currently Recruiting: Pilots (Rotary) Co-Pilots (Rotary) Command Staff Positions are Open What is required to join? Must be 14 years of age Speak English Be able to download mods Attend our required operations on Saturdays at 8:00PM EST Own valid copy of Arma III Not be a member of another unit Enthusiasm! Interested? Our teamspeak:
  20. 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit | +40 members | Recruiting ===11thMarine Expeditionary Unit=== ===Training Phases=== -Infantry Training Battalion -School of Infantry -Marine Special Operations School -Marine Combat Training -Officer Candidate School -RTC Great Lakes (Navy) -Aviation Cadet Training Program (Navy) -Marine Corpsman Field Medical School ===11th MEU (INFANTRY)=== -2nd Platoon, Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines -1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines -1st Marine Reconnaissance -1st Tank Battalion -5th Battalion, 11th Marines [Artillery] ===MARSOC (MARINE SPECIAL FORCES)=== -1st Marine Raider Battalion ===26th Special Tactics Squadron=== -Pararescue Squadron [Guardian 1-1] -Red Devils Detatchment 232 -Vengeance Detatchment 469 -War Horse Detachment 465 ===Current Weekly events=== ---Operation every Saturday--- ===Requirments=== -Must be at least 16 years of age. *Or show a high level of maturity at the time of enlistment -Must Speak Fluent English -Must have a working Mic ===Contact=== Teamspeak: Website: https://www.11thmeu.org/ [/quote]
  21. Squad name: FIRST STRIKE TACTICAL Timezone/location : -8 GMT / UNITED STATES of AMERICA Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP Contact email: solidkreate@gmail.com Website address: http://1striketactical.proboards.com/ Short description: First Strike Tactical is a private military company owned an operated by Isaac Chavira in the Puget Sound of Washington state. We are a world wide deployable organization. Our company employs former military or police from all allied NATO countries. The Company motto is "Proelio Caedibus Temperatum" which means 'No Quarter'. We strike hard and we strike first anywhere in the world. We have a wide range of military gear that we employ to achieve our mission goal. This unit is a military realism unit. There is a hierarchy although we do not use standard or traditional military ranks. We use what are called 'Grades'. You will start out as a Grade 1 Operator or 'OP1G'. We do use rank insignias modeled after military enlisted chevrons for grades OP1G - OP12G. We are an ACE, ACEX and Task Force Radio squad. We also use advanced medical. There will be basic load outs however weapon choice is up to you. It is Operator preference with some exceptions. The only stipulation is if we are in the desert or woods that you dress accordingly (No enemy uniforms). Also no balaclava or schema only headgear. And the only banned weapons are AK or Chinese styled weapons i.e AK-47, AKSU-74, QBZ-95 ect. IR strobes are required during night operations and so are black uniforms and gear. We will have the basic roles for combat such as: Rifleman, Grenadier, Heavy Gunner, Engineer,Ant Air Specialist, Anti Tank Specialist, Sniper and Medic. JTAC Forward Observer/Striker Operators will also be used in our scenarios. Official designations are as follows: Field Operator-RF Field Operator-GR Field Operator-HG Field Operator-EN Field Operator-AA Field Operator-AT Field Operator-SS Field Operator-MD Field Operator-FS (JTAC Forward Observer / Striker) We hope you give us a try and enjoy your stay with us. Check out the link above and contact me for more information.
  22. The Second NATO Colationary Force is a full English speaking Arma 3 Miltary simulation group, designed to have a realistic experience mixed with fun. The unit is based on a semi-fake story, nothing that is said is true and does not reflect the real life, the stories are based on what is happening but are dynamic and what the players do matters, creating a timeline of sorts. There is a flow chart on the forums showing you the current progression of a particular operation or the entire campaign. The unit is designed to be a low-medium amount of members to keep professionalism manageable and create a more tight community. The unit is primarily ground forces, but with the options of mechanized and air forces. The age of the unit is 18+ we make exceptions if you are mature, there will be banter in the group if you don't like the type of banter going on just ignore it. With two ground-based teams missions will have multiple objectives some public knowledge some secretive. Applications: S.A.S: Jack Buxton: "Hello, even though we are a specialised unit, any member is allowed to apply for us no matter experience or rank, all I ask, is you take the training and selection process seriously, some of it secretive. It is designed to test your skills and teach you new ways of looking at situations. If you are planning to join with no experience, have an idea of what open role you want to go into, i.e. Medic should practice healing very injured people with the advanced ace medical system. As a member of S.A.S or me what that position entails and what you could do to prepare for it." Applicants: U.S.M.C: 1stLt P. Harpy: Hello, We are the head ground assault force tasked with ground assault and air tactics. We are ready to go anywhere in the world Within 72 hrs for instance, On Oct 3rd American planes flew over Afghanistan and bombed key targets. while the S.A.S and US special forces where on the ground American marines were arriving in on planes to assault and successfully take out the Taliban ran the government. Anyone is able to apply for us. The jobs you have tasked can be anything from rifleman to EOD to Tank commander. I hope you choose us in the fight against enemies the enemies of the United States and her allies. In the year of 2000, the Planet had it the darkest year, more deaths, more violence than ever before. The 2nd NATO Coalition forces were created between multiple countries, the 2nd was a joint force between a highly deadly S.A.S unit and an American Marine Expeditionary Unit trained to deal with high amounts of assault and recon. We are a new unit looking for dedicated members, please use the website below to post any specific question or application http://2ndncf.shivtr.com/pages/About
  23. WELCOME TO THE OUR UNIT POST Link to the 14th Marine Regement Unit : https://units.arma3.com/unit/mrg14th Link to the 14th Marine Regement Unit Website : https://14thmarineregement.jimdo.com/ We in the 14th Marine Regement are looking for players who love Milsim, Multiplayer Mission and more. We have our own teamspeak witch is very well made with custom icons/tags that you get when you have been accepted after an easy interview of why you want to join. Currently our Unit is very unpopulated but it has been popular before. It's not populated anymore since it shut down last year but we are now opening it! By joining the 14th Marine Regement Unit you will have an ingame patch on you're Right Arm with our logo. You will have access to our teamspeak3 and channels that belong to the members. (Training room, Mission Room etc..) WE WANT YOU TO JOIN! We want as many people to join from all around the world that can attend our events and others. We want to grow and have a nice community that people like! Everyone can join but you need to follow the listed rules. RULES 1. 16+ years old. 2. Own Teamspeak3. 3. Download Task Force Radio for Arma 3/Teamspeak. 4. Be polite and have manners & respect to others. 5. Not spread hate or racist/nazist things. 6. Willing to play on upcoming events. (Not all we understand if your busy) 7. Have a decent mic that works and understandable. 8. Having fun and feeling comfortable with other players. Jump on our teamspeak/comment on this post or send me a email over at : melkerornberg233@gmail.com if you are interested in joining! Kind regards MSgt.Melker (Owner and Founder of The 14th Marine Regement Unit.
  24. Hi folks, I would like to start a topic about the future of the Royal Marines & what sort of vehicles & weapons they would have in the year 2035 (Arma world). How would they get from Ship to shore? Would they still use landing craft or Airlifted in 2035? What sort of Ship would they operate from (a newer version of HMS Bulwark or one of the new carriers)? Would they still be using the 5.56 cal or will they use a heavier Rnd? What sort of UGV/UAV would they use, if any? Ive seen around the internet they will soon be having or even do have a newer "Viking" vehicle but is it likely they would still use it in 2035 or maybe follow the U.S Marines route & opt for an amphibious 8 wheeled APC that can launch from the mother ship, thus binning the Mk10 landing craft (or maybe the Mk12 by 2035)? As the world is more focused on fighting terrorism at the moment, do you think they will spend more time in Assault boats searching other boats for arms or would that role be given to someone else? Is building a newer LPD a good way to go or is it better to have a multi-role carrier fill the role of the LPD as well? What about if they built a carrier in the future with a well deck (I think its called) to launch land vehicles from or if the Royal Marines of 2035 will launch from the new carriers then is it really practical to airlift their vehicles also? What if the Sky's are not in our control? I would be happy for anyone interested in this sort of debate to offer their thoughts on the subject & where possible to offer reason why this or why that sort of thing. I look forward to reading the posts folks
  25. Who Are We? The SOF Tactical Realism Unit is a relaxed milsim unit that strives for the best we can do during every operation while having a great time and building friendships with other members. The SOF is based off of the structure of a USMC MEU but allows the members of the unit to become MARSOC qualified as they progress through the ranks and complete various amounts of training. What Do We Do? During modded operations held by the SOF, we do various types of missions that our S-3 staff creates. These range from town capture, intelligence gathering, combined arms, and even stealth operations. With an active and imaginative command staff and S-3 staff, each and every mission is unique. Unit Schedule Monday, Tuesday, and Friday: Public Operation at 1900 EST Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: Modded Operation at 1900 EST Requirements You must be at least 16 years old. Must speak fluent English Must have a working microphone or VOIP device Must have Teamspeak 3 installed A willingness to learn A level of honesty and integrity about yourself How to Join Join the Teamspeak and join us in a Public Operation. Website: SOF Homepage TeamSpeak3: sofrealism.com Public Server IP: Email: sofrealism.a3@gmail.com See you on the battlefield! PFC.Bear.B S-1 Adjutant