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  1. jas4921

    Any old farts playing Arma 3?

    I am nowhere near as old as MustangDelta and grab but I have to admit that between them they have over a century of knowledge and wisdom. In a lot of these Arma3 servers and groups, it would take about 100 members to reach the level of experience that just 2 of our members possess. Response Force Alpha is a fantastic group for all the seasoned veterans....
  2. Thanks for the update diesel, just to clarify, I wasn't asking for a release date just any news on what might be included in the next update... Keep up the good work and loving your work :)
  3. Shame about the fast roping. In Arma 2, ACE had the option of burying Anti Tank mines into the ground. This would be a real useful addition as currently AI vehicles see the AT mines in the road and drive around them.
  4. Found the mod that hung the game.. It is Ryan Zombies http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28958
  5. *Update* It works when I don't start up with our groups main modpack. Guess I will need to go through the mods one by one until I find the culprit.
  6. Tried changing @ace as instructed above in the startup line, the server and my local machine just hang on the Arma 3 splash screen and will not proceed any further.
  7. I think this is the correct RPT file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Gnai6pJDI_WVUwQVlyOWZzVzA/view?usp=sharing Our Mod List ACE 3 All in Arma Terrain Pack CBA_A3 Robert Hammer weapons pack Massi's Weapon pack CSAT Alternative CTab JBad LMount MV22B Shack Hud TF47 launchers UKC3B vehicles Zodiac Boat Additional Maps Isla Duala Al Rayak NZwasogo Bad guys Massi African Rebels Sub Insurgents
  8. Newest ACE update is preventing my server from starting. Reverted back to old ACE build and all is good.
  9. jas4921

    RH M4/M16 pack

    With ACE3 releasing HuntIR in the latest update, will you be adding this option to your rifles with the GL?
  10. Mods to be removed. @Helo_HMDs_Kimi PBO's to removed from AGM agm_fastroping agm_firecontrolsystem agm_gforces agm_realisticnames agm_aircraft This should fix that error and get the Huron and Armed Wildcats working again.
  11. jas4921

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Is there any chance you put these into an ammo box?
  12. jas4921

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Looks very promising :)
  13. jas4921

    Arma Air Assault

    Arma Air Assault are recruiting once again. We are looking for mature members who want to play Co-op missions with people from all over the World. Our main mission day is on a Sunday at 1400 CST/2000 BST and last a minimum of three hours. If you want to join a group that values respect, honor and participation then check us out at http://armaairassault.invisionzone.com/
  14. jas4921

    ChinookPack - Mod Release

    Awesome news :)