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  1. Has there been any considerations give to static versions of the C-17 and C-130 like in CUP? The static version of CUP's C-130 allows you to place it at a jump location and it will basically hang in the sky like a brick doesn't. You can then walk around in the interior and jump out the back. Makes a great prop for HALO jumps. Great first release though, really liking both the aircraft selection and the implementation. Great job!!
  2. If you don't want to use the heal hitpoint system, I can recommend Belbo's awesome ACE Splints mod We've been using that and his CPR mod for a while now and they work great.
  3. I've often found I have to manually take off. Make sure your flaps are down fully and use as much runway as you can. The other option of course is to use the Sentinel from the carrier as that can use the catapult system I believe.
  4. @Dostojetski It's really simple now, just make sure you have the 1.0 "beta" version (which is only a beta in name and is in fact more stable than the old 0.96) and use the CBA setting to set all your radio channels.
  5. JD Wang

    Get unit insignia

    Try https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/squadParams
  6. Back again, and before I ask I have to say again thank you for this script. Hands down the best traffic script for ARMA. Just curious if it could be expanded to include parked cars on the side of the road and/or outside houses etc? That's the one thing I miss at the moment when creating long term persistent missions is cars parked up. I guess the biggest issue would be if you spawned vehicles and the despawned them when the player left the area, when they come back how do you ensure the same vehicle spawns again? Maybe even just spawn them all over the map and enable dynamic sim?
  7. Well just in case anyone comes back to this thread looking for ideas.... As a mission maker there's a couple of things I look for in a really good map. I prefer airfields to be close to the edges of the map, and if there are 2 then having them either end like Takistan or Lythium is really helpful. This means you can run a campaign based out of the (for instance) northern airfield, and then a couple of months later based out of the southern airfield and get a totally different feel to the map. Airfields in the middle are terrible in my opinion. Eg Diyala is a great map, but I feel like the airfield in the middle of the map means if you use that as a base there's not much between your base and the edge of the map so the enemy are right on you. Secondly I want 90%+ enterable buildings. Tanoa is an amazingly beautiful map, which is ruined by the lack of enterable buildings. Take the Blue Pearl Harbour, great place for making all sorts of missions. Except none of the warehouses are enterable, none of the building in the area are enterable except for about 3 or 4 on the breakwater. It's a real shame and ruins so much potential. Prebuilt FOB's personally I prefer to build my own. Lythium has probably surpassed Takistan as my favourite map, but I would like it even more if it didn't have so many prebuilt FOB's. Sure put in a couple, but I think it's better to leave the majority to the mission maker. Towns - a decent sized central town is always welcome. It doesn't have to be massive, but just somewhere you can see being the hub of the area where trade/businesses would want to be. Again going back to Lythium the towns are cool and being close to the airfields would be realistic, but in terms of gameplay I would have rather seen them more central to the map. Sometimes gameplay trumps realism. Finally keep in mind when creating a map that a lot (if not most I assume) of communities play COOP vs AI, so the AI need to be able to navigate around your map. Sure bridges look awesome and can make for some great mission objectives, but if you can't get the AI to cross them then they're more hindrance than anything. Same with rivers, they can be great, but you don't want AI constantly trying to swim across or destroying their vehicles at crossings because it's too deep.
  8. JD Wang

    3CB Factions

    I don't think so (other than redoing the groups using the ALiVE ORBAT tool) although I don't really know all that much about configs. I'll see if I can dig up someone smarter than I am to weigh in (shouldn't be hard to find)
  9. JD Wang

    3CB Factions

    To quote Friznit from the ALiVE Forums There's also a bit about reinforcements etc here http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Military_Logistics I know after a ticket I raised for the Community Factions Project, they moved their static weapon groups to either "support" or "special forces" and that made a big difference. When I made custom groups for our sangin mission I set the static weapon teams as Special Forces, and that made the spawn rates much more realistic. We went from running into a heavy weapon almost every compound to very rarely seeing them, which given the danger they can be worked great. @kilo-bravo all I did was open the faction in the ALiVE ORBAT tool, move the groups into the SF section then exported it. As long as you only change the groups you can export and paste into your description.ext and not have to create a new pbo.
  10. JD Wang

    3CB Factions

    Faction groups work fine for ALiVE already, they don't have to be configured any special way they just have to follow the BI standards. However one thing I like to do is make the static weapon groups "special forces" as then they will spawn less than standard infantry. So far the only issue I've had with 3CB factions and ALiVE is when the units transferred to the HC they would go back to their default vanilla gear. That was fixed by switching to the ACEX HC manager, but that causes issues with ALiVE supports not working 🤣 I believe there's a fix in the works for the ALiVE HC to avoid this issue.
  11. Here's an earlier comment that should help
  12. JD Wang

    3den Enhanced

    Just started using this again and I forgot how awesome it is. Often times I find myself having to fill in classnames for scripts like EOS and when I places units in the editor right click and log classnames to clipboard I can then paste them into a script or whatever but I always have to go in and put quotes around them and separate them with commas. Is there any magic you could produce where you can right click copy to clipboard and have it add the classnames already formatted for an array? Or is there already an easy way to do this that I've missed all this time?
  13. Something exactly like that 🙂 Thank you
  14. With CBA settings I believe 1 force overwrites the mission settings, while force force overwrites server settings
  15. Wow awesome to see someone still making tweaks to this great script. I've just started getting back to using EOS and one thing I think is missing is the ability to scale dependant on the number of players. So if you have 10 players on the server you'll see more enemies than if you only had 2 on the server. I suppose you could use the same principal but instead of adjusting via marker size, adjust via count of allplayers?