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  1. Not that I'm aware of, I just put the markers down and units garrison on them when I use LAMB's or CBA garrison commands. not sure why it wouldn't work with EOS
  2. Yeah I use these all the time, they still work great.
  3. Yeah it will be looking for defined building positions so if you build a shoothouse or something out separate objects it won't have any build position defined. HOWEVER, something I learned about the other day, if you're running CBA, you can go into the props tab, filter by CBA and you'll see a cba building position marker thing. If you place these around your constructed building then scripts that look for building positions will recognize these and place units on them.
  4. Awesome stuff as always! Count me as one who watched the video haha BTW you might want to remove the armaholic link in your posts now armaholic no longer exists
  5. JD Wang

    ToH Characters

    If we get a vote on this I'm voting please no, 105mb is basically nothing these days and it's just one more mod people will forget to load 😂
  6. BrightCandle did say it was due to an issue they had with BI. But other than that I don't know. Such a shame it's an amazing mod.
  7. JD Wang

    [UMB] Colombia

    Excited for release! Been following this and playing on the beta as you updated it and it's a great map. Looking forward to many hours fighting through Colombia
  8. JD Wang

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I do think there needs to be something done about the AI ammo, perhaps while they're suppressing they have an EH that adds a magazine every time they reload? Or maybe a quick check of ammo and if they have less than say 3 magazines then they don't use suppression unless they're an MG or something like that? I have noticed after a long range engagement with the AI, when they finally get to our location some of them have their pistols out because their rifle is dry. As people have said the AI don't have the context, so they know to suppress, but they don't know it's a bad idea and they'll run out of ammo if they do it with only 2 mags left. So the 2 options are, an elaborate set of rules, or "smoke and mirrors" in the form of say adding ammo on reload while they have the suppression command
  9. JD Wang

    Tier 1 Weapons

    @fingolfin Thanks heaps, really appreciate that
  10. JD Wang

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Do you have a list of classnames? In the process of adding items to a Liberation Arsenal whitelist and there's so many different rail attachments I don't want to miss any.
  11. This is either a really good troll or just plain stupidity, and unfortunately I'm not smart enough to know which... If you are actually serious, stop and think about what you're saying for a minute. You're complaining because a campaign that was made by the game devs, doesn't work properly with a mod that didn't even exist when the campaign was made?!? None of the official campaigns are designed and set up to play with mods, because they're... mods. They modify the way the game is played. If a mod works in the official campaign then that's just good luck rather than good management. Anyone who understands anything about mission making and mods would tell you that. Is it to much to ask that a campaign works with a mod that was made after the campaign was released? Yes.... yes it is. It's possibly also the dumbest question I've heard all week, and that's saying something because I've been on /r/reddit
  12. JD Wang

    Questions: SOG Prairie Fire

    So what? If $23 is a big deal to you then I suggest saving your money for something more important than video games. GlobMob has excellent quality assets, the CDLC has to pass BI standards, so there's no reason to doubt they won't be great. All promo images I've seen so far and word from beta testers say it's excellent, but as usual with the ARMA community there will be sad individuals complaining. They've already said there will be a demo/compatibility mod like GlobMob where you can download stuff and try it out for yourself. I suggest you try that when it's released.
  13. Here's my answer to a similar question on reddit. It will change the arsenal contents based the units roleDescription It takes a bit of setting up as you're defining an arsenal for each role but it works brilliantly. I have cleaned it up a little since I posted that, but everything in that response works and should get you up and running.
  14. JD Wang

    Tier 1 Weapons

    I've seen a weapon canting mod on the workshop before, and that got me wondering if it's possible to have the weapons roll when using the 45 degree mounted optics? I assume there are some limitations with animations etc?
  15. JD Wang

    Sling Load Rigging

    That's awesome! Do you think the same system you've got here could somehow be used to "winch" wrecks onto the back of the ViV HEMTT's? We're running an ALiVE mission at the moment using the 3CB ViV MAN trucks and it made me think, I can load a perfectly good landrover onto the back of these trucks but what's the point when I could just drive the landrover where it needs to go. What we need is a system to get these wrecks back to base for "repair" so slingloading is a great first step, being able to winch that onto the back of a recovery HEMTT would make the logistics nerd in me happy in all the wrong places.