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  1. JD Wang

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    From a mission makers perspective, some way you force the AI to hold an area or only advance a little would be great. I haven't used the latest version yet but I do know that in earlier versions the "intelligence" of the AI was great, but they did seem a little too aggressive assaulting the players positions at times rather than hunkering down and waiting for the player to come to them if they had cover. Also is there some way we could have an option to differentiate between factions? Eg you can have a more "professional" force that reacts differently to a more "ragtag" militia for instance?
  2. I stand before you... appeased ❤️ Great stuff as always
  3. JD Wang

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    I used to add ALiVE to this mission just for that. Now though I'd suggest using Simplex Support Services, it works great and is pretty lightweight.
  4. That's incorrect, for an insurgency you can (and should) sync the CQB module to the insurgent commander. Even in the wiki it says http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Insurgency
  5. @PSYKO_nz First off double check you don't have a cba_settings.sqf file on your server over riding things, I've fallen into that trap before. If the problem persists then I'd suggest gathering your server logs and posting the issue on the ACE github. I'm not sure why you're having those issues, we've been running an ALiVE mission for a couple of weeks now testing the update and have been managing to wake people up more often than they die. Granted we play a more immersive version then a simple epi pen waking them up, but our medics haven't had any issues stabilising the wounded then doing CPR a number of times to wake them up.
  6. JD Wang

    JBAD Release Thread

    If you're playing an insurgency then you should sync it to the commander module otherwise you don't have to (and don't really need it at all in most cases) I also haven't noticed door animation sync issues. Not saying they don't happen but I've never really noticed it. Also don't forget Lythium isn't purely JBAD buildings I don't think. Pretty sure there are some custom buildings made just for the map (although again I could be wrong)
  7. There's a lot of options that will help you with that. Unconscious wake up chance - The probability a unit with stable vitals will wake up from unconsciousness Epinephrine Increases Wake Up Chance - Increases how often wake up checks happen CPR success chance - Probability that CPR will be successful in restoring heart rhythm I mean you could increase the unconscious wake up chance to 1.00 (100%) and they would wake up within 15 seconds of having stable vitals. Half the "problems" in this thread could be solved if people went into the rewrite forgetting how the old version worked. That's how I approached it, I didn't try and match our old settings I went through all the options from scratch as if this was the first time I was setting up ACE medical, reading what each option does and asking myself if that's what I wanted. Then we did a night of testing, and I think I tweaked 1 or 2 values and now we're good. In fact the guys like it even more than what we used to have.
  8. JD Wang

    JBAD Release Thread

    No it doesn't, the index was fixed months ago. It works great now.
  9. @rekkless try the settings ace_medical_playerDamageThreshold = 2; ace_medical_fatalDamageSource = 2; ace_medical_statemachine_fatalInjuriesPlayer = 1; That's what we've been rolling with during testing and it seems to give us a good balance to where you can take a bunch of injuries, but you still run the risk of dying and having to respawn if you're on the end of some serious enemy fire. I think a lot of the issues people are having trying to get the settings they want can be solved by tweaking these, especially the ace_medical_playerDamageThreshold
  10. Yeah fair enough, guess I spend too much time on /r/reddit listening to the kneejerk "OMG EVERYTHING IS BROKEN!!!" type posts. Even so I'm sure once people spend a decent amount of time with the new system they'll come around to the "correct" way of thinking 😜
  11. To fully heal a player you use [player] call ace_medical_treatment_fnc_fullHealLocal Now if you wanted a trigger to fully heal anyone that enters you would use a foreach loop in the trigger, so you set the trigger to repeatable, triggered by any player and then in the activation you'd use {_x call ace_medical_treatment_fnc_fullHealLocal} foreach thislist
  12. But that's the best thing about the new system, you can adjust it to suit much easier than the old version. If you want you medics to have an easier job or just speed up the medical side of things just increase the critical damage threshold, along with the wake up chance and CPR chances.That should see your medics getting through the wounded much quicker. I honestly think that once people comes to grips with the new settings 99% of people will say it's a better system. Having said all that, I enjoy playing medic
  13. Why? Wouldn't it be better to just adapt and learn the new supported system rather than handicapping yourself to an old system that I dare say will no longer be supported. The new system takes a little relearning but it's much better.
  14. I just use a composition which consists of a remove object module, a bargate and a trigger to open that bargate. I just find it much easier to just remove the bargate on the map and place a new one that I can name, disable damage, and trigger easily.