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  1. JD Wang

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    There's a couple of different rounds for the SMAW (illum and smoke I think) which you can add to your backpack in the arsenal, yet you can't add them to the weapon or load them from your backpack. Are they not supposed to be available or is something broken?
  2. JD Wang

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Mostly the lack of customization, no way to easily toggle it on and off during a mission, etc etc This is just a very lightweight mod that does what it needs to do, with no extra bells and whistles (yet still remains much more customizable) Plus diwako is much more active in this thread helping people out and updating the addon than the ShackTac team seem to be.
  3. I've been getting reports from my guys that since the last release the AI seem much more accurate/deadly than they used to be. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. I was under the impression that aircraft didn't get touched with VCOM?
  5. I know locking vehicles never used to make a difference, has that been fixed? Is it time for me to start adding ACE keys and lockpicks?
  6. JD Wang

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Thank you so much for this, I was just ranting in our units Discord the other day about issues I had with ShackTac and you come along and fix pretty much all of them <3
  7. This is cool, would make it easier to make (for instance) viper units scary good while regular CSAT remain at the same level.
  8. I was seeing that pre 3.2 I haven't had the chance to test the RC yet though. It seems really random too because I could see in zeus 2 units get within 10-15m of each other in plain sight and still take a second or 2 to open fire, but then other times I'd be 600m away laying in a bush, take one shot at a squad and the squad would instantly turn and light up my position.
  9. Oh wow so we don't need anything in the init.sqf now?
  10. Ok thanks, think I'll just stick to the script version
  11. Awesome thanks @Freddo3000 I just use the script version anyway but I should look at running the mod on our server. Speaking of which it only needs to be run server side doesn't it? It'll still pick up units place in zeus etc won't it?
  12. We're bringing back our weekly Zeus mission this week, does the 3.2 RC have the Zeus code in it and would you say it's ready "enough" to be taken for a test run?
  13. JD Wang

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Once again, some next level content. These look amazing, and I have to say thank you so much for all the extra quality of life scripting you add to your mods, from slinging helmets to loading containers. It's really very much appreciated.
  14. JD Wang

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Pretty sure one of the 3CB marksman rifles which uses a similar (if not the same) "front grip in bipod slot" mechanic has a grip+bipod item. Might be worth checking out?
  15. Ok I have a little bit of a niche case that I'm hoping someone much smarter than I can help me with. I make a lot of ALiVE missions, and I'm not a huge fan of the way ALiVE will leave groups garrisoned in buildings etc. You'll often find some members of a group in a building while the team leader stands out in the open refusing to move from the spot he's in, even when under fire. While testing I found that using the ace ungarrison module in zeus actually free's the units and lets them maneuver in battle rather than just staying in the one spot the whole time. So I had a thought, is there a way to tap into the VCOM hearing function or something like that and ungarrison these groups once they detect enemy nearby? I'd rather leave it to VCOM to decide if these troops should garrison the building or not.