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    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    @Robert Tyburne Thanks for that, I should probably revisit Leskovets at some stage, but then it's hard to use it when Roshe exists 😂
  2. Hey @Persian MO I really do enjoy this script, I have notice a wee issue though while testing the ALiVE mission I'm working on. I've seen OPFOR guys dragging BLUFOR guys to cover, healing them up and shooting the crap out of them again 😂 That lead me to think, what if you leave that in, and make it if the guy being dragged is enemy of the dragger, then they get striped of their gear and forced to surrender (actually is there a surrender in vanilla, we use ACE all the time so I can't quite remember) Having the AI dynamically taking prisoners would be kind of cool.
  3. When using VCOM do you disable CF_BAI suppression? I know VCOM has a suppression function and I've noticed AI not being able to hit each other from 10m away, I assume this is the 2 mods suppression just killing the AI accuracy?
  4. Only if he promises to make videos doing the coding/testing as well 😂
  5. If I spawn a group and script a hold waypoint onto a nearby building location, VCOM will make that group garrison the building correct? If so then when I want to group to move to say another building, would I delete that waypoint and create another hold waypoint on another building? I'm working on a little side mission where the players have to kill and HVT and would like him to move with his bodyguards randomly around the place setting up in buildings and spreading decent before moving on. Would something like that work?
  6. JD Wang

    Injured Ai Mod

    From my limited (very limited) scripting knowledge it's just because the variable _dragger isn't defined in the loop. It's not actually going to cause any issues, and the script will run as it should, it'll just pop up with this error in your server logs. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's all it is. nothing to worry about
  7. JD Wang

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Cool thanks for that hopefully I can make that work
  8. JD Wang

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    @Vdauphin I really like the vehicle system you have where the vehicles don't despawn and must be repaired. Is that something that could be easily added to other missions or is it quite deeply coded into your framework?
  9. JD Wang

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    @senqa20 we've been having the same issue, but with an ALiVE mission so I doubt it has anything to do with H&M You watch the rpt and the mission loads, then you get the line EPE manager release (0|17|0) and it loops starting the mission again. (Although I think we had a different number in that line) I tried googling that error and haven't found anything really helpful, just talk of a corrupt mission file. The mission runs fine locally hosted, just not on the server. If you find out how to fix that can you flick me a PM? I'll make sure to let you know if I find an answer.
  10. The function that causes AI to pick up ammo from bodies, will they pick up weapons if unarmed? The 3CB factions pack has OPFOR/BLUFOR flavoured civilians (so basically plain clothes and unarmed units) it would be cool if you could shoot a bad guy and have one of these OPFOR "civilians" run over and dynamically pick up the fallen units weapon/ammo
  11. JD Wang

    3CB Factions

    That's awesome, I hadn't even thought about that. There was a script/mod floating around a while back that could be used to make civilians throw rocks/molotovs at the players. Something like that would be outstanding. Then again I'm one of those weirdos that actually enjoys civilian interaction, so anything that can make them seem more interactable is great. Now you got me thinking, VCOM AI makes units look for magazines to rearm with, if that can be tweaked to include guns, you could dynamically have hostile civs picking up weapons from fallen fighters. I like where this is going 🙂
  12. JD Wang

    3CB Factions

    Had a chance to have a play with this last night, the group sizes are great, the variety is awesome and the fact you have static weapon groups that VCOM can use is just outstanding. Just curious how you guys use the OPFOR civilians? Like what is their purpose as opposed to other civilians? One way I'll be using them is for Zeus when I want a "bad civ" that the players can shoot without penalty (we run KP Ranks mod which penalises the players for killing civs) Just curious how you guys use them?
  13. VCOM driving really needs to though, them civs are the worst drivers 😂
  14. Just to clarify, with default setting VCOM_AI doesn't run on civilians correct? Does VCOM_AI Driving?
  15. @phronk that's awesome thanks dude, already using your IED script in my mission to supplement the way ALIVE does it's IED's, now this will help with the civilian traffic. Thanks again
  16. Hey @engima how would I go about adding passengers? I'd like there to be a random number of civilians in each car. Would this be easy to do?
  17. JD Wang

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    There's a couple of different rounds for the SMAW (illum and smoke I think) which you can add to your backpack in the arsenal, yet you can't add them to the weapon or load them from your backpack. Are they not supposed to be available or is something broken?
  18. JD Wang

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Mostly the lack of customization, no way to easily toggle it on and off during a mission, etc etc This is just a very lightweight mod that does what it needs to do, with no extra bells and whistles (yet still remains much more customizable) Plus diwako is much more active in this thread helping people out and updating the addon than the ShackTac team seem to be.
  19. I've been getting reports from my guys that since the last release the AI seem much more accurate/deadly than they used to be. Has anyone else experienced this?
  20. I was under the impression that aircraft didn't get touched with VCOM?
  21. I know locking vehicles never used to make a difference, has that been fixed? Is it time for me to start adding ACE keys and lockpicks?
  22. JD Wang

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Thank you so much for this, I was just ranting in our units Discord the other day about issues I had with ShackTac and you come along and fix pretty much all of them <3
  23. This is cool, would make it easier to make (for instance) viper units scary good while regular CSAT remain at the same level.
  24. I was seeing that pre 3.2 I haven't had the chance to test the RC yet though. It seems really random too because I could see in zeus 2 units get within 10-15m of each other in plain sight and still take a second or 2 to open fire, but then other times I'd be 600m away laying in a bush, take one shot at a squad and the squad would instantly turn and light up my position.
  25. Oh wow so we don't need anything in the init.sqf now?