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  1. Yes and no, currently in Arma there exists no way for me to implement the mechanics I would require in which I would want to release it. In the interests of clarity this might see the light of day in a future engine or if features are added to RV that enable the implementation I desire, until then I will have this thread locked.
  2. Project Zenith/VSM

    Clearly from the reported removal of content from VSM nobody had jumped to any conclusions and I gather their concerns were deemed legitimate by the moderation team - otherwise there would not have been a raft of post deletions to clean this thread up along with a half-hearted apology from VSM. I sincerely hope going forward this is the last we hear of intellectual property infringement by VSM. This entire situation makes not just those involved with this mod, this thread, but the entire Arma modding community look really bad and its reputation has been somewhat tarnished yet again.
  3. @Tom_48_97 is there any progress update on the Object Viewer viewports issue mentioned previously? This issue has been with us since November-ish last year and is pretty frustrating to work with, any progress updates on it even if seemingly minimal would be great thanks Reposting FB tracker link for ease: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127168
  4. Uploading content to the Steam Workshop that you do not have explicit rights to (I.E you are not the author/owner/IP rights holder) would be in violation of the Steam subscriber agreement which is presented every time you attempt to publish content on the workshop, if you don't read this prior to publishing content that is due to your own negligence. Saying that it is okay to upload a pack of mods and set it private is simply a non-starter, would be in violation of the Steam subscriber agreement and is one of the reasons why the community created tools to scan the workshop to facilitate removing such infringing content. As Gunter correctly said you should setup a collection of mods that already exist on the Workshop, rather than start uploading other peoples content. You can then just link your friends to your collection and they can one-click Workshop install all of the listed Workshop items within the collection. If a mod does not exist on the Workshop and is available elsewhere contact the author and inquire about Workshop availability, if they come back and say no, then that means no. Remember, just because something is available on the internet it does not automatically give you rights to do with that content what you please.
  5. @Tom_48_97 is it possible to have the test_house_01_F model in the samples updated with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Geometric_Occluders so we have a working example to go along with the wiki article? Edit: also opening up any internal diag.exe tool functions for GO's would be useful to us too, thanks :)
  6. Need Help Bridge Issue

    Do you have a screenshot of the bridge? A visual aid can help us help you debug your situation. Further to the above comment, there can be some AI driving issues when they is geometry or other roadway lod planes above the road section. I would also recommend using Lappihuans Buldozer tools road vertice tool to verify your road vertices 'connect' to the roadway lod of your bridge.
  7. I reported this issue 2 weeks ago, it is yet to be assigned a developer on the feedback/bug tracker. Issue is here - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127168
  8. @Tom_48_97 I just posted up in the Feedback tracker regarding Windows 10 'Fall Creators Update' issues with Object Builder's viewports. FB link - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127168 Video of issue: Are you aware of this issue and if so is there an incoming fix for it?
  9. 16 Months since I asked for Official documentation on the lighting, they also haven't even replied to @PuFu 's request for diffuse/AO baseline bake settings for buildings under the new lighting yet so I wouldn't get your hopes up :)
  10. Hey guys, I keep seeing the same topic of 'How do I get x-cam working with 64bit Arma?' coming up on the Arma 3 discord #terrain_makers channel, so I thought I'd post up this quick guide so it is documented somewhere other than discord and to save me having to repeat myself over and over, anyway here goes... This quick guide assumes you already have X-Cam installed and working with the 32bit version of Arma 3, if you do not then please run through X-Cam's install instructions prior following this guide and validate it is working with the 32bit version of the game first. I will not be offering any support for this since it is simply updated dll's and nothing to do with the inner workings of inidbi nor X-Cam which are both discussed at some length within their own forum threads. Grab the new dll's (iniDB.dll & iniDB_x64.dll) from my github page https://github.com/Uro1/-inidbi (You only need the dll files, the rest of the repository is exactly the same inidbi addon that you should already have installed). Grab make_file_x64.dll from @killzone_kid 's website here - http://killzonekid.com/arma-64-bit-extensions/ Drop the iniDB.dll & iniDB_x64.dll into the Arma3\@inidbi folder. Drop make_file_x64.dll into the \Arma3\ root folder. You may have to 'unblock' the dll files in Windows depending on your systems security setup, to do this right click on each DLL and select 'Properties', go to the 'Security' tab and hit 'Unblock', Click 'Apply', and then 'OK'. Do this for each of the DLL files you have just installed and you shouldn't have any issues with those files in relation to Windows security. In the Arma 3 launcher DISABLE BattleEye. (FYI - You do not need BE running for offline work and there is a chance it will block DLL's used by addons causing you more grief down the road, remember to re-enable BE for online play). Congratulations, You can now launch X-Cam with the 64bit Arma executable as you would with the 32bit version. NB: You may need to grab the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable's (both x86 & x64 versions) from Microsoft's website for the dll files to be compatible with your system, modern versions of Windows should have these installed already but just in-case you run into issues I have linked the download page here - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 For those interested I forked the original inidbi repository on GitHub, updated the code-base to VS2015 and compiled both x86 and x64 dll's from the updated code all of which you can find on the GitHub page linked above. I have not updated anything else within the inidbi addon other than creating new DLL files so you can stick with using the default X-Cam install instructions and inidbi setup, then just drop the DLL's into place as described above. As for BattleEye compatibility, I did contact BE via email and requested they white-list the DLL's used by IniDBI & X-Cam and provided the source code to the iniDB DLL's, but they weren't interested and the reply I got wasn't exactly what you would expect from an outfit touting themselves as a professional anti-cheat vendor, so just disable BE to keep your sanity. Hope this helps some of you out on your quest for x64 glory!
  11. Win10 Pro x64 My PC does not randomly lock up like reported above, however TB and Buldozer frequently disconnect from each other resulting in one or the other of the programs crashing and a resulting loss of work. Running TB in compatibility mode does nothing to improve the situation for me and really should be used as a last resort for legacy software that is no longer being updated, afaik the A3 Tools as a whole are still being updated so aren't quite legacy yet. Part of the problem I think Terrain-Builder is having with Windows 10 and specifically the Creators Update that has recently rolled out is that it comes with an updated TCP stack supporting some new features and while TB does not utilize these it will not know how to interpret them either which could be part of the issue I am running into regarding the two applications disconnecting from each other. Prior to this Windows 10 update I could run TB+Buldozer without too much fear of it crashing, although it did, just not nearly as often as it does now. I'm all for TB getting some love from BI since it really hasn't been touched since it's addition to the Arma 3 Tools suite. The GDAL libraries it uses for example are version 1.6x which stem from 2009, that's an 8 year old library now and the current version is 2.2.1 which brings with it a raft of bug fixes and feature improvements. Anyways just adding my 2 cents to this thread, doubt much will happen but you never know.
  12. Please please please redo your low poly on the van and re-bake it from the high poly. There is zero curvature on the wheels, the arches, the doors or the ladders/roof-racks Quite frankly I have seen ripped content with better quality models. All the following screenshots were taken with all video options set to Ultra. The textures on all of the vans are also super low quality/resolution, even if you have to split it across more sections to improve their overall fidelity please do it. For example you can make out individual pixels of a texture easily in-game on these models in all variants, also the rear light clusters and LED strobes on these vans look like they have been copy/pasted into the textures to get around the over-all low quality of the rest of the textures. I don't often crit on BI for their vehicles, while I am no expert modeler either, these vans are seriously sub-par for what is going to be paid content and while considering this has been in development for a year I would have expected far better quality of content and attention to detail, for what is a showpiece of this DLC.
  13. Yeah either your using a different profile OR you had a hard game crash that corrupted your profile data,. this has happened to me before when testing addons and I was sub-25, ever since I have used a different profile for my dev stuff. Luckily the KOTH admins do profile restores for anyone rank 25 or higher so as @R0adki11 says your best bet is to make contact with the KOTH peoples and seek their advice on what to do next.
  14. Disable BattleEye in the launcher, it will be blocking the dll.
  15. Bumping to due to no official response and licenced data packs still being unavailable.