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  1. WW2 Bomb Run

    Or you script the bomb creation and release an insane number of bombs ! :)
  2. @LEXA_vole I just add some timer before doing a setdamage 1 on few planes. That's enought to create what you see in my video.
  3. @bigshot Never saw any AI settings applying to AI in vehicle. Somebody (GOM ?) released some test mission to tweak AI and check the effect. Even if infantry were properly managed (to the point where an AI was not able to kill an opponnent at 50m with their default ammo), it had absolutly no effect the second this same AI entered the gunner seat of a vehicule, instantly mutating to Terminator AI.
  4. Yes, correct. IIRC (it's 2 years old), I managed to do a script version but the new map "texture" was above the player added markers so it was useless for my planned use.
  5. I worked on a similar project to replace the map itself. I went the "marker way" with good result:
  6. Lesh's Towing Mod 1.0 (2018-06-16)

    Sorry for the misunderstanding on my side. I'll check it again. Thx for the answer ! EDIT: @leshrack Working like a charm !!
  7. Custom Combat Patrol

    @basstard Do you have time to modify your addon a little bit ? In fc_cpinit.sqf, line 454 to 475, the locations are grabbed from the map addon (ie configFile). That means we can't, by script, create locations that will then be used as possible objective place. Would you be able to modify it to include dynamically created locations (detected by nearestLocations - example: nearestLocations [position player, ["NameVillage", "NameCity", "NameCityCapital"], 1000]; ) Thx !
  8. Custom Combat Patrol

    @dr@gon I did a quick test with the NV4 68 faction. It was ok so far. I spent most of the afternoon testing stuff like adding an arsenal on spawn, saving loadouts...Etc. I should have a version for you to test by tomorrow. After your feedback, I'll make it available for everybody to play with.
  9. Custom Combat Patrol

    I've created a modified version using CUP factions and I should have published it weeks ago... :( If you give me the arrays to customize the opposition, I can easily create an Unsung version. Be aware that Combat Patrol rely on wheeled reinforcement, something that is not terrific in jungle maps :)
  10. Lesh's Towing Mod 1.0 (2018-06-16)

    Excellent mod !! I tried this: this setVariable ["LESH_towFromFront", 0]; but it seems it's not taken into account. I defined the parameter for a CUP M119 and the yellow point is a bit ahead of the gun, whether I put 0 or 1 on this value. Any clue on what I'm doing wrong ? Thx !
  11. [Release] MIL_CAS

    Nice !!
  12. I recently discovered this marvelous mission !! Thx for sharing with the community. One suggestion for small group: add a parameter for all to speak Takistanese (ie "UAVHacker" for everybody). Sometime it's really hard to pinpoint the "gather intel" action on old mobile but I guess it's a engine issue.
  13. Extended Grass Distance Mod

    All maps inheriting from CAWorld would enjoy the extended grass distance.
  14. Extract strategic map image

    You mean like pressing F12 to take a screenshot ? I'm not sure I'm properly understanding your request.
  15. You can try HETMAN: It's less agressive than GAIA.