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  1. Sorry, I haven't really played arma in a long time, so this is a bit abandoned. :/ If I remember correctly you neer to add a empty array prior to your "mkr_spawn_away". like this: [[ _QRF_ARRAY, "mkr_patrol_zone", WEST, false ], ["PATROL_URBAN"] [false, false, false], [], "mkr_spawn_away"]
  2. Sorry, no idea, have never tried MCC
  3. in ../@SMEGen/snc_srv/fn_createRecoverUGV.sqf at line ~55 add: _return lock false; I think that should unlock the UGV for the next time you try this.
  4. sth like this maybe? // [ _unitsArray, _marker, _distance, _condition, _actSide, _actType, _actRepeat, _onAct, _onDeAct ] call T8U_fnc_TriggerSpawn; [ "SpawnThisUnits", "Marker", 1000, "({ getPosATL _x select 2 < 100.0 } count thisList ) > 0", "WEST", "PRESENT", false, "", "" ] call T8U_fnc_TriggerSpawn;
  5. Hi, open the file ".../T8/fnc/fn_spawn.sqf" and search in line 380 to 400 for: // Add a HIT event to all Units _tmpUnit addEventHandler [ "Hit", { _this call T8U_fnc_HitEvent; } ]; you should be able to add your "killed" event there.
  6. // correct [ "SpawnMuaceba", "markerMuaceba", "EAST", "ANY", 300 ] spawn T8U_fnc_Zone; [ "SpawnMuaceba", "markerMuaceba", "EAST", "WEST", 300 ] spawn T8U_fnc_Zone; // wrong: doesn't work because its a additional argument ("GUER") passed to the function [ "SpawnMuaceba", "markerMuaceba", "EAST", "WEST", "GUER", 300 ] spawn T8U_fnc_Zone; You could try "ANYPLAYER" instead of "ANY" !? Also check https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setTriggerActivation Because the arguments passed are those required by triggers.
  7. You should be able to use anything that works with BIS_fnc_ambientFlyby. But you would need to edit that directly in the fn_HALO.sqf. (around line 75-80) switch ( _side ) do { case WEST: { _jetType = "B_Plane_CAS_01_F"; }; case EAST: { _jetType = "O_Plane_CAS_02_F"; }; case RESISTANCE: { _jetType = "I_Plane_Fighter_03_AA_F"; }; };
  8. The script is not added to the mission, it's just some basic variables defined in the init which I personally use. Dunno about the Alt Key, never had any issues with that, but then i dont drive with the mouse.
  9. open the onPlayerRespawn.sqf, then in line 42 to 52, thats the delete bullets in base stuff
  10. Another Community member is workin on bringin SME to Taunus, so maybe. :D
  11. You can create favourite lists: http://arma-sim.de/xcam/contents/pages/part.html#Part13
  12. Hi, I hope I havent missverstanden you (bad pun sorry). 1) wearing underwear is a copy paste error I made. you should be wearing your uniform ... but not much else. That is intended. In the starting params you can select your player factions with and without full arsenal access. If you choose to use the full arsenal then you hava access to everything. If not it only shows restricted things. For the A3 vanilla Bluefor selection you will unlock more gear if you rank up, and you rank up by completing missions. I may make a optional Param entry to "force" full arcenal, and clear up the entries a bit. 2) honestly I am not a server guru myself, but at least the altis version should show up without any mods laoded, because it does for me on a local dedicated server and a hosted gameserver. Cant give much help there :/
  13. not directly, it will respawn if players are more then 2km away or if it is out of fuel / unable to drive and players are 1km away. (or destroyed) Are you playing alone? maybe i should add a small additional delay for the respawning ... while testing everything worked fine.
  14. Version V.050 available, updated first post. Steam Workshop updates asap. ## Version V.050 - 09.02.2017 # added IFA3 variant: _SMEGen_IFA3.Staszow - IFA3 specific Tasks - IFA3 specific Factions # main changes - moved cfgRandomMissions.hpp to mission root (easier to sync after changes) - moved initParams.sqf to fn_params.sqf (easier to sync after changes) - missionFactions.hpp and missionPlayerFactions.hpp overhaul - player side affected by selected player faction - spawned vehicles can now be defined in playerFaction (new class missionVehicles) - vehicles in player faction can also be defined to be mobile arsenal - spawn positions based on markers defined in the config (make sure NO! objects are near those positons (10m radius)) - added RHS configs by Bek & Mashroom - added CUP US Army Faction - added / changed Params accroding # minor changes - vehicle patrols are spawned in a central location - JIP task publish (hopefully) - fixed BIS revive params include error (WTFBISOMG) - small positioning impro. in fn_createConvoy.sqf - added simpe addon check - removed 'scrippted' mainbases in missions (all in 3DEN now) - basic respawn system for the defined vehicles
  15. I updated the git a bit and vehicles used in the mission can now be defined in playerFaction (new class missionVehicles) -> basic respawn system for the defined vehicles (dead, can not move, fuel empty, left behind) -> spawn positions based on markers defined in the config -> make sure NO! objects are near those positons (10m radius) If someone wants to test ;) Example of the new class in the player faction: I may change the reward vehicle to sth similar. maybe even make them more variable ... not fixed to three vehicles