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  1. dscha

    Ride Where You Look

    Yeah, the detection became much better. Yet, the reason was, also back then, primarily to cleanup the scroll-menu. Which could easily be implemented in here too.
  2. dscha

    Ride Where You Look

    Well done. It just needs Support for Building Doors, like my OBE had (discontinued). https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=929435958
  3. Yeah, it's like _Unit setDamage 0.75; was used, instead of just healing the broken HitPoint(s) to 0.75;
  4. Does it mean, that this is fixed? https://i.gyazo.com/b1ba068b9bca3aafcff47b679d6d050e.mp4 *FeedbackTracker Link i found (incl. better Video-Example): https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120060
  5. dscha

    Jets DLC Terrains

    blub: Torrent-Server is up, running and seeding. Providing a proper Download-rate for everyone. HTTP Mirror updated to V0.1.1-Files HTTP-Mirror Link: Mirror Link (ClickMe) Greetz
  6. It's toooo wwaaarrrrmmmmmmmm (excuse)
  7. RC of OBE V0.3 pushed to the Dev-Repository (ClickMe) Changes: - Added: Settings Menu (No Stringtable-Support for now - Follows later) - Added: Korean to Stringtable Link: Download - RC Version of V0.3 For Bug-Reports please use Distrikt41-Discord ( Distrikt41-Discord ) or directly through the Gitlab Interface ( ClickMe )
  8. @dedmen Adding this to every Vehicle, would be far more useful.
  9. Must be an external Addon/Script, since i just removed it, when you call it explicitly.
  10. That Mission probably removes all missionEventhandler (no clue why, prolly pretty crappy MissionDesign).
  11. Was everything gone or just the Huron-Entrypoints? (P.S. Yes, the ActionMenu Entrys are disabled for Vehicles added in OBE) Maybe they lock the Chopper (wich will disable Buttons, since.. yeah, when it's locked it's locked)
  12. I haven't even thought about that :D
  13. DEV Version Repository (incl. Stringtables and Vehicle Configs): https://gitlab.com/Dscha/OBE_DevBuild Feel free to go mad and add your Vehicles on your own.