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  1. Cosmo_D41

    Terrain - D41_Ruegen

    Update from 17.06.2019, Version 1.03: Get it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=835257174 The first playtests are over and i got the first feedback and bugreports from players. Thanks for your reports! So its time for another update to add some missing stuff and do some more finetuning. These are the relevant changes: Some barren villages have been extended and edited (Binz, Kluis, Patzig, Breege etc.) Many whide and empty, flat field where improved with bushes and trenches to give more options for infantry Reworked the streets that are displayed on the satmap (no more greenish tint, better to be seen from air, still needs more improvement) Finetuning on the lighting-configs (night should not be as dark anymore at full moon, stronger shadows on some days) many many bugfixes like flying or coliding objects Removed the offline-map from the mod (as it was additional 400Mb), it can still be found here for better planing and tactics: Downloadable ingame map including relevant city names Here are the comparissions between Version 1.02 and 1.03 for the villages:
  2. Cosmo_D41

    Terrain - D41_Ruegen

    Update from 21.05.2019: Get it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=835257174 - Mapversion "D41_Ruegen_Scorched" readded to the mod. - Now both versions should work again - Removed DS_Houses mod as requirement, as this is optional but suggested (to make those A2 houses enterable) -> Have a look here if you want to use it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=835257174 And dont forget to take a look at the offline-map for better planing and tactics: Downloadable ingame map including relevant city names _______________________________________________________________________ The "Scorched" version of the map includes additional about 6000 objects. Mainly wrecks, debris, campsides etc. to make the world look a little bit more barren and well... scorched. This our own prefered version for mods like Exile and other Survival-styles.
  3. Cosmo_D41

    Terrain - D41_Ruegen

    Update from 05.05.2019: - Random Gamecrash in Editor and ingame should be fixed by now - completely repacked the map and the textures - new normalmap for the map (mixed up the colours before...) - config was completely reworked and newly created (something in there was the cause for the crashes) - d41_ruegen_scorched removed at the moment, it will come back later when i am sure that the mainmap is working) - put the mappicture from ruegen into this mod. It can be found in the "/map"-folder within the modfiles (PDF and PNG) -> If any crashes or errors are still appearing please report them to me in my discord!
  4. Cosmo_D41

    Terrain - D41_Ruegen

    I hope so, as i like infantry combat myself and you need detailed landscape for that. All of those objects (including forests) where handplaced with brushes etc. Hope this offers some new missions options, survivial settings etc. for you guys.
  5. Version 1.03 Last Update and Release: 19.06.2019 Link to the SteamWorkshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=835257174 After nearly 2 years of creation, frustration internatl tests and changes i would like to present my little map to the public. ______________________ Update from 17.06.2019, Version 1.03: Update from 05.05.2019: Update from 21.05.2019: ______________________ The orginal location and inspiration for this mod: Rügen is Germany's largest island by area. It is located off the Pomeranian coast in the Baltic Sea and belongs to the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It is a very popular tourist destination because of its resort architecture, the diverse landscape, its long sandy beaches and the famous chalk cliffs. The island has a long diverse history and was a point of interest during World War II and after for different military projects and camps like Prora or a planned seaport for submarines. The mod-version: As this mod-island is only about 1/15 of its orginal size it sees many differences and adaptions. The original map is only taken as inspiration regarding locations and shape. D41_Ruegen is placed in the near future and set up as a location for prissoners to resocialize them (thats the reason for the huge walls on the borders). The intention was to create a diverser european map that offers lots of choke points for conflicts, many cities and locations that might be interessted for mission making, life-projects or survival situations. And i tried to make this map also usable for boats by offering many passways and shortcuts. Many other maps where either too big, too empty or too easy to cross offroads. This is why i tried to create a new mixture with a focus on infantry combat and the intention to make a relatively small map, that still feels big as you cant cross it in a straight direction. The areas vary from more civilised and rural locations on the south western part, to tourist locations on the eastern side to destroyed and barren locations in the northern regions. Some fights have been going on there (its up to you if this was because of zombies, rebelling prissoners or whatever). For even more rubble and wrecks check out the "Scorched" Version, also included in this mod. Facts about the map: Mapsize: 16.384m x 16.384m Gridsize: 4096 cells Cellsize: 4m SatMask: 16.384x16.384 Object-Counter: 542.018 Original size: about 65km x 65km Creation time: nearly 2 years (first creations began in january 2017) Relevant classnames: Vanilla Map: d41_ruegen Scorched Version: d41_ruegen_scorched Special features of this map: 3 airports/fields many passways for boats between the islands (might be even faster then going by car) tide-system with changes of the waterlevel up to 3m (lowest water at noon, highest at midnight), offering and closing some passages for cars and boats depending on the time some hidden locations and caves some military and rebell outposts (Polizeikaserne Parow, military airport in the north) throughout the map 2 castle ruins 1 prisson island with underground levels (might be good for roleplay, but AI has problems with that part) 1 highway crossing nearly the whole island for a fast travel but with reduced possiblity to get offroad crowded forests filled with bushes etc. to improve life and hiding of infantry Second Version of the island "Scorched" included in these files containing lots of additional wrecks etc. mainly for survival missions like exile etc. Screenshots from the map (and all the progress from the beginning on...): till 27.04.18: https://imgur.com/a/nWqjt from 27.04.2018 on: https://imgur.com/a/B0Myw3i These preview videos were created by MultiSasch. Thanks for those nice videos! This is the link to his youtube-channel (german): MultiSasch - Arma 3 Gameplays & more Known Issues: REPORT ALL BUGS HERE: Dead Men Walking / D41-Discord Pond objects may have LOD issue at distance AI will have problems entering and crossing some bridges Some very small areas (like "Reinberg" in the south) are still WIP and will be finished or adjusted later Usefull stuff: Downloadable ingame map including relevant city names ______________________ LEGAL NOTICE! READ THIS! THIS ADDON IS RELEASED UNDER THE ARMA-LICENSE: APL-SA You should not upload and mirror this anywhere without permission (This is also relevant for you @armaholic and @moddb!). Additional Info: This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except for the original IP-Owner Cosmo. This means: You are NOT allowed to upload, reupload or whatever it to the Steam-Workshop! (Just read the steam licenses 6D) Do yourself a favor and create a Steam Workshop Collection, it makes yours (and all other lives) much easier. Special Thanks: Silola - The X-CAM object placement tool. Without this tool, it would have taken more than "just" two years. Zgmrvn - Surface Painter A3-Terrain Builder Discord - Answering questions, providing knowledge and advice, without them this terrain would not have been completed. PMC Editing Wiki for all those great guides around terrain creation CUP-Team for its great core mod, that helped to bring back maps in european areas HAG Objects from WA Lancer for his open sourcefiles for plants and citysigns
  6. Once you did this and export your heightmap from TB as an .asc-file to update your satmap in L3DT or something, you wont have to do it again. It saves thoses coordinates. It only has to be done once on the first time, when that heightmap comes from L3DT.
  7. Try opening the exported .asc-file from L3DT with a texteditor and adjust line 3-4 like this: xllcorner 200000.000000 yllcorner 0.000000 This should help importing that file to TB and beeing in the right zone.
  8. Cosmo_D41

    missing inheritence class(es)

    Well, as the error-message states: In File myfirstmap\cfgClutter.hpp: Line 3 rap: missing inheritence class(es) In your Line 3 you are calling the class "DefaultClutter" but didnt define it anywhere before. What you need is a definition of the class first, i.e. something like: class CfgWorlds { class Stratis; class DefaultClutter; Otherwhise it wouldnt know from where to take this class you are referring to in your clutter configs.
  9. Unlike other configs, the duststuff is not adding up. Whenever you make your own dustconfig for your terrain, all the other configs will be excluded. So if you want to make it compatible with all vanilla A3 maps and CUP you have to include all the dustconfigs from them and then add yours too. (I think CUP did the same, just ask them about it and maybe you could take their config and add your dust to it).
  10. XCam can still be found on armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28507 The files you are looking for should be there to in the folder "Optional"
  11. Maybe you have to recreate your template libraries in TB. They are propably pointing to the old (wrong) locations of the cup objects. By that time, perhaps try those: https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:terrain-builder-templatelibs As they are pretty well sorted and include A3 and CUP objects. And yes, Discord #terrain_makers will get you help faster then here.
  12. Cosmo_D41

    Texture mask resolution

    The resoulution of your masktyles is only defined by the paas you are using. Its just streching those images to fill your cellsize. So you could just update/increase the resolution of your different surface images. For directly painting your mask on the ground ingame you could try this pretty tool:
  13. Cosmo_D41

    White ground textures

    Well you obviously cant do the one without doing the other. We are not reparing a shitty map for you (where the sourcefiles with at least working satmap etc have been around for years). Little hint: You have a white satmap in terrain builder. Maybe that is the reason why your satmap ingame is also white? Just maybe? Solution: Import/create a colorized satmap and import it to TB, create your layers and thats it. Other solution: Ask the guy who created this mess for you to fix it and deliver a working map including mask and satmap, if you dont have the intention to learn it yourself.
  14. What i am talking about is: Map Creation is not just done by exporting some satmaps and heightfields to Terrainbuilder. Those data still has to be adjusted as not everything will be ready to place objects or fit your needs. I.e. the exported heightmap of a village will not be ready and even to easily place buildings etc. it has to be manually adjusted, terrain flattened, roads evened etc. Thats what i meant as it seemed to me that you believe you could get some ready to place terrain where you just can toss in some objects and your map is done. Thats unfortunatelly not the reality
  15. I dont really understand your intention: You want to create a huge map of your dream location but are not willing to create the location yourself? Doesnt make sense to me (and to RoF too as it seems). It is not that you can easily separate the first parts of the terrain creation from the rest. You will always have to adjust your heightmaps when new objects are placed, you will always have to adjust the satmap (especially when the area is scaled down. You will always have to go back to terrainbuilder for placing/adjusting roads. Why not do that too and learn from the beginning (as you will definitley need that knowledge for the later parts). Mission creation is the very, very last part and has nothing to do with terrain creation at all, so if you just want to learn that better take a finished map. And as RoF said, for 50€ you wont get anything you cant easily do on your own with a little reading. No one is going to adjust your config, your clutter, your mask etc. for that money (at least no one that knows how to do stuff). Finally its your dream of a map location, why not do that on your own?