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  1. Thank you very much, mate! It works just perfectly fine! I always appreciate, how fast you guys can help one here!
  2. Hey guys, I've been searching google and this forum quiet a lot so far, but simply couldn't find a decent solution. I am trying to use an independent officer uniform with my self-made texture as a fireman skin. This is what it is meant to look like: But, since this is ArmA III and I can't figure it out, it doesn't want to laod the pants right. I made this work by copying the entire characters_f_beta.pbo, changing the skins and repacking it as a "mod". BUT I cant make it work as a scripted uniform without replacing the entire uniform skin. I hope you get, what I am actualyl trying to say right now. Problem is: It laods the Jacket-Texture with setObjectTextureGlobal, but it won't load the pants, since they are in a different .paa. The pants, which actually are inside the .paa belong to the CSAT-Uniform and all those damn CSAT-Icons on the shoulders and arms etc., which is why I want to use the Independen uniform. Otherwise it looks like this: YES, this is the CSAT-Uniform, which I dont want to use, because of the CSAT-Symbols on Arms and shoulders. I want the Independ-Uniform with different pants, see above. Look at red shoulder to the right for CSAT-Symbols) soooooo..... if anybody of you guys acutally managed to understand my problem and even got an answer for that, please respond! Thank you very much! With Regards, Umbarion
  3. john chaser

    Terrain Builder replaces textures

    Well thank you very much! You can't imagine (well maybe you can), how much time I've spent trying to solve this problem. I love this communty, have a nice day! ;)
  4. john chaser

    Terrain Builder replaces textures

    Thanks for the quick answer, that could be it! What do you recommend, if my heightmap is 2048*2048 with a 10m cluster so far and about 12 textures all in all? 256*256px tiles? Or even 128*128px?
  5. Hey guys, I'm fairly new to this forum, so please be kind ;) I'm currently working on a new map and am stuck with a problem I can't solve by myself. The map contains a wide range of "bioms" (desert, great plains etc.), which is why I need a various amount of textures to keep everything close to reality. - Everything is set up properly - .rvmat's look all the same - layers.cfg got all textures (so far) configured and RGB's defined Everything worked at that point, but some of my custom textures weren't seamless, which is why I had to replace 4 textures. When I replaced the [...]_co.paa's and the [...]_nopx.paa's, I changed neither the names (still the same) nor colors or .rvmat's. Now the strange thing I can't solve: Since I replaced 4 textures and created a new project in terrain builder, terrain builder keeps reducing my amount of textures to 4 or 5, which is really annoying. Seabed is all over the desert i.e.. - I deleted all "terrain builder created" files - all parameters are the same as before - my RGB-codes worked before - rebuild everything plenty of times from scratch, still the same problem I can't move forward at that point and would appreciate any help. If you need layers.cfg or sth alike, just write it and I will try my best to support you with all the information you need. Regards Umbarion