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  1. Why have RKSL-Rock voted against ? :confused:
  2. Hmmm ... it haven't anything to do with bad coding, but don't you think you confuse the things a bit ?VBS2 have a 64Bit executeable and can address more than 4GB (at maximum), not ArmA3 !
  3. A dirty thing for users who want to transfer huge data from/to the game with a single action. A serverside parameter would be fine, but not every user can realize data transfer via the dll interface, that's a bad thing.
  4. I couldn't release our well*² working testversion via myself because the weapons incl. their configs are Marco's work and i have no longer contact to Marco since Nov'11 to ask him for release permission ... *2 - The only error seems to be the change one specific scope an one or two weapons cause a error on all clients, which can unique confirmed per Game ! ... i don't think that the update would be released. Thats annoying for me to, because the ASC_Core have become a lot of changes for the Weapons prevent me to release other (newer) things which also need the ASC_Core. :(
  5. Don't forget the commands: (get)FuelCargo (get)AmmoCargo (get)RepairCargo Without them their since OFP integrated set variants not very useful because noone knows the residual values after anyone use it.
  6. thx a lot for the answers ... @StalkerGB Nice tutorial ... but i wonder why i've haven't seen it or found via search ... maybe a temporal blindness :rolleyes: But the example files are down, this would be helpful for others. My problem was a damn simple spelling error in the model : After i correct the named selection from Spline2 to Spine2 everything worked as desired. ;)
  7. Hi together, did anyone manage to build a own Backback model for OA ? I've tried and test it over and over, but my backpack will be added at the back of the unit for sure, but in every case on ground. :confused: Can anyone give me a hint, how to terminate this problem ?
  8. Nobody have an idea whats wrong ? have anyone build own backpack models without this problem ?
  9. I've a little question and hope that someone can help me with a userdefined backpack. The model & Config are ready, model.cfg & cfgSkeletons should be fine, but after binarizing the added backpack would showed on ground of the players back. :confused: Please can anyone help with a needful hint ?
  10. The problem is that CIV is not the CAR and as cargo he can't be placed everywhere, you have to move the car ! a la: CAR setpos PLACE; or CAR setpos getmarkerpos "PLACE"; (when PLACE is a marker and not a object) also you can also use (vehicle CIV) instead of CAR
  11. Lester

    Mass Effect 3

    I loved the Series, but Origin is a absolutly no-go for me ... this would be the first Game i would miss a lot, but i don't support things like Origin ! Additional things like 1-Day DLC are also a slap in the face for customers, it's pinpoint the marketing course.
  12. Yes, it's the instrumental version of p machina from Laibach :music:
  13. This problem is known and fixed in the overhauled version, but this version was leaved unready with some small and a few large construction sites by Marco at the time he stopped his modding work for 'real live reasons' without any time limit. :butbut:
  14. It's very hard to differ between both of them, there is no fixed border in OFP/ArmA/ArmA2/ToHA weapons/units/vehicles and islands are in 99% clear addons, but things like new animations/functionalities to climb over walls etc. could change the gameplay like a 'large' Mod. Otherwise a huge Pack of additional objects without any gameplay changes in any kind should be called a Mod.
  15. However, don't forget to register your Tag at OFPEC and to Tag our Addons when you want a public use. ;)