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  1. Today the ASC Addon Team present you a long and hard worked Addon called ASC_WP (Weaponpack). It allows the players to customize a big case of weapons with silencers for different calibers, a bunch of optics and some equipments like M203, Flashlight, IR-Laser via a WYSIWYG Weapon Modify Menu. Also a functionality is in there that there is a customizeable chance that careless running players can damage their weapon optics near objects. All these full SP/MP/JIP compatible ! At weapons who supports both types of enlightment ( Flashlight and IR-Laser) you can also switch between them via the 'u' key. (it's customizeable via userconfig) and you can see the active Mode for a short time. (See on the left on the picture the active Laser Mode) For this Release we tuned the following weapons in over 400 different mostly real variants: - Bizon - G36 - M107 - M14A1 - M16A4 - M240 - M249 - M4A1 - M9 Beretta - Makarov - Mk12 - Uzi More will come, but it depends on the community echo, if other Addonmakers will also use our mechanism and of cause time. The ASC_WP needs Armed Assault II : Operation Arrowhead or Combined Operations Required Addons: CBA (Community Base Addons) (not in this Pack included) ASC_Core (1.0 in this pack included) <ASC_WP Misc Freehoster Download links> < Armaholic Mirror >
  2. Why have RKSL-Rock voted against ? :confused:
  3. Hmmm ... it haven't anything to do with bad coding, but don't you think you confuse the things a bit ?VBS2 have a 64Bit executeable and can address more than 4GB (at maximum), not ArmA3 !
  4. Today the ASC Addon Team presents 3 small and helpful addons called: ASC_Core ASC_Markers ASC_EU_Lights The ASC_Core stands for our base routines and functionalities and will be extended from time to time. Beside our internal stuff it contains the following helping hands: (Please have a look in the example missions how to use them) C130 'Module' gives a easy but flexible HALO handling for MP Coop Games Task Targets allows you to define zones in there the players can see what targets are done/undone Jukebox is a small routine would play music from a playlist Sound Media Player is a helping dialog to test all the actual integrated sounds or music by any active addon The ASC_Core needs Armed Assault II : Operation Arrowhead or Combined Operations and also CBA (Community Base Addons) <ASC_Core Download> <ASC_Core Mirror - Armaholic> The ASC_Markers brings you the following things - all vehicle icons as marker symbols - additional marker colors - some special 'markers' (ingame invisible objects would can detected by commands) - invisible targets - a Playermarkers script to show Markers of all playable units in MP or the player group in SP (nice for Coop games), when in vehicle only the driver is shown. - a Vehiclemarkers script to show selected objects with/without names whichcan be unshown via varameters or Trigger zones. (Please have a look in the example missions how to use the scripts) The ASC_Markers needs Armed Assault II : Combined Operations ! <ASC_Markers V1.01 Download> <ASC_Markers V1.01 Mirror - Armaholic> <ASC_Markers V1.01 Mirror - Combined Arms> The ASC_EU_Lights is our solution for editor placeable lamps, you can drive or fire at them to turn them off. All Lampholders are in there in two orientations, allways vertical or slope to the ground to give a vintage outfit. Additional we've build a blue variant of the runwaylights like they are used on military NATO airfields. <Large Picture> The ASC_EU_Lights needs Armed Assault II : Combined Operations ! <ASC_EU_Lights V1.01 Download> <ASC_EU_Lights V1.01 Mirror - Armaholic> <ASC_EU_Lights V1.01 Mirror - Combined Arms>
  5. A dirty thing for users who want to transfer huge data from/to the game with a single action. A serverside parameter would be fine, but not every user can realize data transfer via the dll interface, that's a bad thing.
  6. I couldn't release our well*² working testversion via myself because the weapons incl. their configs are Marco's work and i have no longer contact to Marco since Nov'11 to ask him for release permission ... *2 - The only error seems to be the change one specific scope an one or two weapons cause a error on all clients, which can unique confirmed per Game ! ... i don't think that the update would be released. Thats annoying for me to, because the ASC_Core have become a lot of changes for the Weapons prevent me to release other (newer) things which also need the ASC_Core. :(
  7. Don't forget the commands: (get)FuelCargo (get)AmmoCargo (get)RepairCargo Without them their since OFP integrated set variants not very useful because noone knows the residual values after anyone use it.
  8. thx a lot for the answers ... @StalkerGB Nice tutorial ... but i wonder why i've haven't seen it or found via search ... maybe a temporal blindness :rolleyes: But the example files are down, this would be helpful for others. My problem was a damn simple spelling error in the model : After i correct the named selection from Spline2 to Spine2 everything worked as desired. ;)
  9. Hi together, did anyone manage to build a own Backback model for OA ? I've tried and test it over and over, but my backpack will be added at the back of the unit for sure, but in every case on ground. :confused: Can anyone give me a hint, how to terminate this problem ?
  10. Nobody have an idea whats wrong ? have anyone build own backpack models without this problem ?
  11. I've a little question and hope that someone can help me with a userdefined backpack. The model & Config are ready, model.cfg & cfgSkeletons should be fine, but after binarizing the added backpack would showed on ground of the players back. :confused: Please can anyone help with a needful hint ?
  12. The problem is that CIV is not the CAR and as cargo he can't be placed everywhere, you have to move the car ! a la: CAR setpos PLACE; or CAR setpos getmarkerpos "PLACE"; (when PLACE is a marker and not a object) also you can also use (vehicle CIV) instead of CAR
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    Mass Effect 3

    I loved the Series, but Origin is a absolutly no-go for me ... this would be the first Game i would miss a lot, but i don't support things like Origin ! Additional things like 1-Day DLC are also a slap in the face for customers, it's pinpoint the marketing course.
  14. Yes, it's the instrumental version of p machina from Laibach :music:
  15. This problem is known and fixed in the overhauled version, but this version was leaved unready with some small and a few large construction sites by Marco at the time he stopped his modding work for 'real live reasons' without any time limit. :butbut:
  16. It's very hard to differ between both of them, there is no fixed border in OFP/ArmA/ArmA2/ToHA weapons/units/vehicles and islands are in 99% clear addons, but things like new animations/functionalities to climb over walls etc. could change the gameplay like a 'large' Mod. Otherwise a huge Pack of additional objects without any gameplay changes in any kind should be called a Mod.
  17. However, don't forget to register your Tag at OFPEC and to Tag our Addons when you want a public use. ;)
  18. Please note, the ASC_ Tag is allready in use ! http://www.ofpec.com/tags/index.php?action=details&tag_id=1821 It's very important to guard against addon and variable problems ! ;)
  19. Afaik the type set only the slot position, the get weapon animation is linked to another parameter in the cfgweapons. But however, the animation can only set once per "value". I have to look which name this parameter have (value, numberor so ? :rolleyes:) because the internet from work is a little restrictive to the keyword "weapon" to have the chance to peek for it.
  20. I think he mean that the rpt have to be for Errors only and not (or not in a normal non-debug-mode) it have to use for regular outputs. :rolleyes:I think the rpt gets very very huge if every addon do the same way. ;)
  21. He have changes to much and at to many places/pbo's so i've couldn't measure it, sorry !
  22. SP is nice ... but not all.The 'old' warping like .82604 was not the best, without question, but 100x better than the warp-sliding since .82901 :( In MP the AI should act as soldiers (maybe with a little lag) but not as 'ice princesses'
  23. Sorry, i have to say that it seems Marco finally lost his motivation for this project and ArmA ! I've hoped that it would be only a small pause phase depends on real life etc. , but he left the work of the overhauled version since a lot of weeks now. :( I'm allready playing with ArmA2 and modding too, but as i've said, the customizeable weapons are Marco's project, my part was only on scripting and the dialog for them.
  24. Sorry MacScottie, but your links aren't reachable, but the links in your older post above work fine and also in HD I've linked them in the first post ! :cool: About the use of ACE ammo It's a little complicated because this would force us to require the ACE mod or build an extra PBO that bring this in. A lag of time does the rest, Marco need a lot of weeks to do most important real live things and his time is actually also very limited. Most of the work have been done, but it have to be finished ! About the Forgrips I'm not so extreme weapon enthuastic like Marco and/or you ;) And i don't understand what is your exact thinking about the Foregrips, do you only want to see them only in the models or to customize them ? Customize them produce a large amount of new models and of cause more work which can be done by Marco. Customize additional things would multiply the model count to much, here BIS have to build some things in the engine before we can talk about more. (e.g. like proxys for the different weapon parts can be set via config class)
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