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  1. there is a rather simple solution take it or leave it ... because everyday new fast performance islands popup ;-)
  2. This island looks real ! will test it a soon as i start A3 again :-)
  3. can not say how much more we need more buildings and enviroment stuff instead of weapons and reskins ;-) or in better words -> more same amount of building stuff like skinns weapons vehilces etc
  4. Just to say it like our CEO Take it or leave it Make your decissions like all other decissions in RL Most people should not endless discuss pro/cons they just decide stay or leave it What i have learned all the years, you can discuss here, but it will not have a big impact on BI´s decission --> As seen everyday in Bug Tracker So again: Take it or leave it
  5. mcpxxl

    X-Cam prototype map

    @ frostb1te198 This tool is not intentioned to explain you basics of creating a map for arma. You should read a lot lot lot more before, also this threath full from the beginning ;-) @all please don´t read only the last pages here maybe you lost another release looooool --> ItsDonJon
  6. Same quality like everytime !
  7. Hi nice to hear Will it be more modular this time ? ---> ok it seems
  8. @ Major_Desync Hi it seems that you better should write WTFV "watch the fxxxxx Video" :-)
  9. your whishes will be fullfilled soon i think
  10. @Esfumato Just try the Map Builder from Neo Armageddon it should be much better then the given BI Tools what i hear so far
  11. mcpxxl

    PLP BeachObjects

    Best quality like everytime ! Also Bushlurker repeated what i tried to explain again and again : We/I hope that there will additional people like you and the dog who build assets for terrainmakers ! Please keep up this fuxxing good work ! And just also realized the x-cam icon on the screens :-))))
  12. @VengefulSpiritx Listen and repeat Listen and repeat Listen and repeat Listen and repeat Listen and repeat This was a DEMO for X-CAM Editor If someone can play on this map --> that´s fine ! If someone ask´s to change this DEMO the answer will be NO and will be NO in the future because it´s just a DEMO