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  1. Tools section nearly completed! As usual in different colors/brands. Lawn Trimmer, Shredder and Robomower made by me. The little electronic fella is going to get a garage next. Lawn Spreader and Push Reel Mower made by rescue3dcom.
  2. Finally modelled and UVed the last pieces of outdoor/garage furniture (Promised!) - All in all it is 153 models in more than 400 variations. Now up to finishing the last few garage props.
  3. Ok, just let me know which ones you need. I don't think i'll make them (the Vector graphics) available to the public at this point. Here's some further ones you can choose from. If anybody else is interested please PM me.
  4. Some great stuff made by Microcrunch, that i acquired. I'm a happy man - these came with numerous LODs already. Only a minimum of additional work to be done. A lot more polys than most of the other stuff, but i couldn't resist.
  5. Variations of Rattan Furniture, Cheap Thonet Chair replicas and some sleek studies all made by me (Loving the Rabbits in the background - as if the shot location wasn't surreal enough).
  6. Low-poly tools with shared textures and Paste table made by me. Chainsaw is Third-Party (Custom textures by me).
  7. Hey Captin - i'm not sure about what you mean. Provide Logos and similar as source material?
  8. Thought i was finished with Furniture. Turned out i was not. It was rather hard to make the material look ok on different maps and day times. One could still make it look better, for sure, but it's ok for me. Still a lot more props to do, right?
  9. This is my favorite "addon" of all times. Period. 🙂 Thanks jts 🤸‍♂️
  10. Think i sank too much time in this 😉 I actually rebuilt the Vanilla Drill (Proxy) to be able to retexture it and detach the battery - Quite happy with the result. Caulk Gun and Window Sealer made by me too. Many more tools to follow.
  11. "Excuse the mess .. but i actually craft here .." 🙂
  12. Hi Wansec, I'll happily take this opportunity to elaborate on my plans, what i rarely did in the past years. Mostly because it does take soooo long for each release. There is a rough plan for a massive indoor decoration pack ("PLP Interiors") for now, but not more than that. I thought about splitting it in smaller chunks, but because many objects rely on proxies and i am trying to avoid dependencies wherever possible, this is the biggest of all packs and it will be at least a year from now before i even start working on it. Soon to be released "PLP Urban Packs: Private Property" will also contain a lot of indoor Garage/Workshop-themed props (Tools, Materials&Substances, Containers) as well as Garden decoration (Think of Paddling pools, Lawn mowers, Barbecue grills ..) though. In no particular order the following packs are at least in planning stage: PLP Urban Packs: Public Space (Props are ~60% completed), PLP Airport Pack (Props are ~50% completed), PLP Lighting Set (Lights and Lamps, Planning ~90% completed), PLP Medical Pack (Planning 100% completed), PLP Trash and Debris (Planning ~90% completed), PLP Sound Effects (~30% completed). Then there are ideas which might make it to a release some day, but i think it will be ArmA 4-Times then 😄: PLP Commercial (Props based on commercial sectors), PLP Corporate (Corporate Identity Props), PLP Military Pack (Fortifications, Ordnance, Tools), PLP Static Vehicles, PLP Outdoor Activities (Camping/Hiking/Mountaineering), PLP Gore Pack (Blood, Limbs and Corpses .. yay!), PLP Dystopia (Makeshift Housings, Barriers and Tools)
  13. Outdoor furniture completed! 👨‍🔧 About half of the objects made by me, rest are third party.
  14. Did i mention already that ArmA's vegetation looks absolutely great? Also some third party objects in here. Hidden Gazebo, Bowls, Bucket, Watering can and Chamomile flowers made from scratch by me.