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  1. Are your new objects still in progress?
    Is there a way to get a WIP version ?

  2. Finished this nice set of Flight Cases - a bit more Polys (around 2000 each) than i usually do, but i couldnt make them look acceptable with less. Im happy with the result though. Some of the open variations i created of existing objects Candy! I dont know why i wanted to make these - I might make a fitting diner some time. 🙂 And at last the object that inspired me to make the ULDs from some posts ago - A cool cubic one made by Gooseman including open versions created by me.
  3. Finished a collection of Unit Load Devices (LD3, LD6) fitting in a variety of Aircraft from Airbus and Boeing. I really, really like these 🙂 (By the way, what does АЭРОШРОТ exactly mean ?) Tomorrow i will hopefully finish a collection of Low-Poly Hardcases that can be stacked on Pallets (Similar to the new Cardboard Boxes). Stay tuned!
  4. Mmmh .. i could make a Cardboard-Helmet .. i will just need to ....... dont do that! It will put me off my holy path! 😁 .... Or create it as an Vehicle? *mumble* *mumble* Thanks for the flowers! I always thought you were the one to bring the hot building stuff to ArmA. 🧚‍♀️ I experimented with Building Blocks and these will see a release, too. Im drawing near with caution.
  5. This is just a an excerpt of the Brands that exist in 'my' Universe - Each one belongs to a company with its own Portfolio and Corporate Design.
  6. Work on PLP Containers Reboot! continues .. Most of the Cardboard Boxes will be available as Compositions for a new Category named "Payload": Standardized Loads that fit exactly on ISO Pallets. Futhermore most of the objects will have "opened" variations in the next version.
  7. @Private - Yessss .. i plan to make a All-Props-in-One version available, when Urban Packages are completed @khaosmatical - ... and there will be many, many more ... including several unexpected surprises, i think.
  8. Further fleshed out the Suitcase-Collection ... as usual, useable Cargo variants differ from static/moveable versions. Here i applied Luggage Labels of different kinds: It has become good practice for me to include selected third party objects from different authors - Here you can see some really great objects by alexsychov, Dekogon and Adrian Ciurea I only slightly altered the texture to fit ArmA scenery, my corporate brands and color palettes - As you might imagine the Containers reboot will include loads and loads of new stuff!!
  9. poolpunk

    PLP Containers

    Although this is not the promised Reboot!-Edition yet, this release features the config overhaul and some of the new objects already. See a list of available assets in the Excel-Sheet, that should be included in the Zip-File. A sample mission with all assets placed in VR is also part of the download. Updated to v08b Credits Download URLs ( Version 0.8 BETA ) Download from Armaholic Download from Steam
  10. After Beach Objects and Markers, it's time to work on the Reboot!-Edition of the Containers - There will be much more variety in there and i started with Suitcases.
  11. Still got this issue - Does anyone know of a workaround? There seem not too many people affected by this ...
  12. poolpunk

    PLP Markers

    Its never too late to start heading in the right direction. Reboot! Edition is a complete overhaul of this Addon. A sample mission with all assets placed on Stratis is part of the download. This Marker-Addon adds more than 700 selected Icons in various looks to your repository. An Excel table with all classnames is included. WIP Thread Imgur Tumblr Blog Updated to v2 Download URLs ( Version 2 - Reboot! Edition ) Download from Armaholic Download from Steam Download from zippyshare.com (Backup)
  13. poolpunk

    PLP Containers

    All, Sorry for being so late with answering - im still active, but only sporadical. A Reboot!-Edition for the Containers-Pack is already in the making, like i did for Beach Objects. I might throw out a Hotfix for the crashing issues (which i did not encounter on any map using my objects) however. @cosmic10r - Nah! Im only two years too late for an answer. Hope youre still into ArmA :D Nope, none of the HighSec-Containers has an open variant at the moment. I only left a little bit of blank space between both containers. @Buchanan - One and a half years too late - Were getting closer :) Helper objects have been in this package since before Eden Editor - Theyre only still in the pack for compatibility reasons @dezkit - Didnt take your comment too seriously as i could not reproduce the crashes .. Maybe you can further elaborate on these (after a year since you reported it)? @anfo - Sorry to hear. Any hint which objects could cause this? There is way to many objects in there .. @Rich_R - Didnt find any problematic objects either.