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    Loving the MilSim-Series since 2001.
  1. If you still have one of these or similar stuff from the 80s lying around, dont throw it away! Surprisingly there seems to be a lot of people paying decent prices for these 'beauties'
  2. Ok, my Armabreak seems to be officially over .. Feels good creating stuff again Back to the roots i decided to give the beach objects a complete overhaul (and adding props for sure) These are some of the new objects nearly ready for release:
  3. Thanks a lot! This workaround works fine for me. Yay! Missed xCam.
  4. Having the same issue as Sanchez_ESUS: No other addons loaded, reset objects library etc.
  5. PLP Markers

    Updated to v0.9b - Added: PLP ASSET Airport 3 - Added: PLP ASSET Airport Tower - Added: PLP ASSET Artillery (Mobile) - Added: PLP ASSET Artillery (Missile) - Added: PLP ASSET Crate - Added: PLP ASSET Grenade Launcher - Added: PLP ASSET Kodiac - Added: PLP ASSET Launcher (AA) - Added: PLP ASSET Melee - Added: PLP ASSET Shed - Added: PLP ASSET Viewpoint - Added: PLP CIVIL Bar - Added: PLP CIVIL Building - Added: PLP CIVIL House - Added: PLP CIVIL Light Tower - Added: PLP CIVIL Shed - Added: PLP CIVIL Stadium - Added: PLP OBJ Chest - Added: PLP OBJ Dollar - Added: PLP OBJ Hexagon - Added: PLP OBJ Hexagon - Added: PLP OBJ Flag A - Added: PLP OBJ Flag B - Added: PLP OBJ Medical - Fixed: PLP CIVIL Commercial zone Download URL (v0.9b) http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/pTiqEQSb/file.html
  6. Bushlurker's Carraigdubh Terrain

    Great! Was waiting for this map since a long time now. Thanks a lot!
  7. @Rich_R - Great! @Max - Umh. The results of my work in the last weeks have been published in the Taunus-Thread here - Currently im taking a break from ArmA.
  8. Welcome to Rhein Main Airport, Taunus
  9. @khaosmatical - Great. Will make it far easier. I saw me me taking screenshots and editing them for hours. @Rich_R - Woah! What did you do to it. Mine looks fine. Are you on DevBranch? Looks like it shows a distant ResLOD .. What is your Object Complexity in the Video settings sayin? Is it low?
  10. New categories for Eden Editor are planned for the next updates, but PLP Medical Pack is far from Release yet, unfortnately. Will have a look at the props images though.
  11. But btw. - As you may have noticed, this thread is calm for some time now - There is a good chance that there might be a 'little' surprise published before Christmas that could sweeten the waiting time ;)
  12. @tobinator - Yes, there will be working versions of the lights included. Thanks! @khaosmatical - There is not a single Urban Pack ( like planned before ), but several Urban Packs. The only one published until now, is "PLP Urban Packs: Barriers and Fences". "PLP Urban Packs: Private Property" and "PLP Urban Packs: Public Space" will follow by the end of this year/january 2017. The Garage stuff is part of "Private Property"..
  13. Rustle

    Love this subtle thingy! More of this stuff. :)
  14. Heros Survive

    Great work, Heros! Really like how this develops. If you need sth. graphically-wise, let me know.
  15. Great Work! Really like the Tone and Style of your structures. Fits ArmA perfectly and adds an own vibe to it.