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  1. poolpunk

    Community Campaign

    Some thoughts about your story and on designing missions and campaigns. Your basic story idea is nice, but moreof a backdrop for the action or a "frame". Keep in mind that most of the time the player is actually playing a mission and therefore you should spend the most work on fleshing out the 'story' that is actually happening in the missions. It's really nice to have a connecting story arc you can return to in-between them though and yours should work good enough for that, i think. Just keep it really simple and short, so the player can still remember the last cutscene/dialogue/whatever. Below you'll find a very basic structure with a very standard character setup to perhaps have you excited for storytelling (as i interprete it - there is way better advice out there, for sure) and perhaps wanting to know more. 🙂 INTRODUCTION THE CHARACTERS & THEIR ENEMIES THE STORY I think i'll do an example script with comments during the next days 🙂 In the meantime you may want to take a little read here
  2. Sorry guys! Will hopefully fix this error this weekend. Also, thanks! 🙂
  3. What I like about Cities is that everything is king size, the Beauty and the Ugliness. - Joseph Brodsky PLP Urban Packages provide hundreds of objects to furnish your urban environments, with a focus on western surroundings, as well as private and public properties. Create individual gardens, parks and public squares, build construction sites and light up your scenery! This second pack, to be released in the Urban Pack Series, contains a lot of props you might find in Gardens and Garages. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A NON-POLISHED ALPHA RELEASE WHICH STILL LACKS SEVERAL FEATURES (LIKE PHYSX VARIANTS OR SIMPLE OBJECT CONFIGS). ALSO, BUGS. Download from Steam [ALPHA]
  4. And the correct answer has been provided by Mondkalb!🥇What a great, detailed response - Thanks a lot!! Tell me if you you need anything 🙋‍♂️
  5. Thanks both! @Jack4607I re-packed both of them several times already and checked (unpacked) it afterwards - It looks all like it should look like 😕 @x3kj Yay! I could keep my pc safe from this virus until now - But i think it is just a matter of time until it gets me too
  6. Hi Folks, If someone could hint me in the right direction regarding my Multimaterial issue .. id be thankful forever! I have been struggling with that for several hours now and can't get it working .. As the topic implies - My Multimaterials/Textures (Multimaterial 1, Multimaterial 2 , Glass Texture, Glass Material) are displayed in Buldozer, but only the Stage0-Texture is shown in Game .. RVMAT (MULTI 1) RVMAT (MULTI 2)
  7. Pack is still not finished - Summer has slowed down progress. But it's raining now most of the time so .. 🙂
  8. Only slow progress these days .. Enjoying summer most of the time 🔥
  9. Tools section nearly completed! As usual in different colors/brands. Lawn Trimmer, Shredder and Robomower made by me. The little electronic fella is going to get a garage next. Lawn Spreader and Push Reel Mower made by rescue3dcom.
  10. Finally modelled and UVed the last pieces of outdoor/garage furniture (Promised!) - All in all it is 153 models in more than 400 variations. Now up to finishing the last few garage props.
  11. Ok, just let me know which ones you need. I don't think i'll make them (the Vector graphics) available to the public at this point. Here's some further ones you can choose from. If anybody else is interested please PM me.
  12. Some great stuff made by Microcrunch, that i acquired. I'm a happy man - these came with numerous LODs already. Only a minimum of additional work to be done. A lot more polys than most of the other stuff, but i couldn't resist.