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  1. PLP Containers

    All, Sorry for being so late with answering - im still active, but only sporadical. A Reboot!-Edition for the Containers-Pack is already in the making, like i did for Beach Objects. I might throw out a Hotfix for the crashing issues (which i did not encounter on any map using my objects) however. @cosmic10r - Nah! Im only two years too late for an answer. Hope youre still into ArmA :D Nope, none of the HighSec-Containers has an open variant at the moment. I only left a little bit of blank space between both containers. @Buchanan - One and a half years too late - Were getting closer :) Helper objects have been in this package since before Eden Editor - Theyre only still in the pack for compatibility reasons @dezkit - Didnt take your comment too seriously as i could not reproduce the crashes .. Maybe you can further elaborate on these (after a year since you reported it)? @anfo - Sorry to hear. Any hint which objects could cause this? There is way to many objects in there .. @Rich_R - Didnt find any problematic objects either.
  2. PLP BeachObjects

    Updated to v2.1 - Fixed: Legacy classes for compatiblity Download URL (v2.1) https://www11.zippyshare.com/v/Y2dcM0kp/file.html
  3. PLP Materials

    @Rich_R - Sorry for the inconvenience caused - I know that zippyshare's ads can be annoying sometimes :/ I tend to remove the zippyshare link once my addons are on armaholic and Steam. Foxhound should be back online soon, i guess. @Crielaard - Just wanted to know if this concept looks feasible/reasonable to you guys and if there is more block types you can imagine. ------------ Added Armaholic-mirror to first post!
  4. PLP Materials

    Thanks for the kind words! This might actually be a good idea - I have tinkered around with several possibilities and really like the follwing solution - Let me know what you think about it: Core element is a 'building block'-system of Building Parts that can be combined in Eden/xCam, as well as in Oxygen (Id release the source files in that case, for sure.) All components that i add to this new package (Let us call it "PLP Building Blocks") should be based on a 2.75m x 2.75m x 2.75m - Grid and require PLP Materials to work. PLP Materials will house all further textures in a GPU-Friendly 1024px x 1024px - Size. The Building Blocks can then be simply retextured by using Object Builders 'Texture and Material renaming' without the need to fiddle around with UV-Maps again. So based on your skill you can either simply put it down in Eden for a quick round, simply string them together in Oxygen ("Move x 2,75m") and inherit the config from the PLP Building Blocks or even make a new optimized version of it that only uses the textures from PLP Materials. I have collected the following categories - Maybe someone knows further ones or sees restrictions i dont see? Balconies (Plain, French, Loggia, Pillar-supported ..) Bases (Concrete and Stones, Hills of Soil or Grass, Pillars with Platforms to build on the water for example, Floating, Supported) Doors (Standardized sizes for one door, double door and garage door, Door Grills) Floors (Floating) Ladders Roofs (Flat and simple Gable roofs .. other ones seem to be too complex to be assembled in a 'block system') Stairs (Inner ones and ones you can put in front of the main entrance for example) Walls (Straight, Curved, Angled, Holes for standardized Door and Window-Sizes) Windows and WIndow Grills (Let us say .. in five different sizes) I appreciate constructive feedback! :)
  5. PLP Materials

    In fact i sometimes try different building layouts with these as or use it for screenshots where none of the vanilla buildings is suitable.
  6. Don't rely on anyone - Do it yourself! This compilated set of simple construction materials was originally created as an addon to be used exclusively with xCam. Now you can use it with Eden, too! Although i recommend to use it sparingly in Eden Missions, due to the heavy performance hit in multiplayer when using a lot of objects. All textures have been carefully crafted and handpainted by myself. Please note: If you already use xcam_metal.pbo, xcam_woodworks.pbo and xcam_glass.pbo you wont need this addon. WIP Thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?182997-Poolpunks-Object-Packs-Work-in-Progress-Thread Imgur https://poolpunk.imgur.com/ Tumblr Blog http://poolpunksworkshop.tumblr.com/ Download URLs ( Version 1 ) Download from Armaholic
  7. PLP BeachObjects

    War can wait - Its time for a Corazol Punch or a Mojito at the Wiki Wiki Bar, Pal. Reboot! Edition is a complete overhaul of this Addon; A sample mission with all assets placed in VR is part of the download. This pack features a lot of Beach-themed Objects for added immersion in your Mission or just to hang out. Most of them have been made from scratch by myself - Some of them are quite some years old, so i tried to "dust them off" a little, but they differ in quality nevertheless. See a list of the available assets in the Excel-Sheet, that should be included in the Zip-File. WIP Thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?182997-Poolpunks-Object-Packs-Work-in-Progress-Thread Imgur https://poolpunk.imgur.com/ Tumblr Blog http://poolpunksworkshop.tumblr.com/ Updated to v2 Credits Download URLs ( Version 2 - Reboot! Edition ) Download from zippyshare.com
  8. If you still have one of these or similar stuff from the 80s lying around, dont throw it away! Surprisingly there seems to be a lot of people paying decent prices for these 'beauties'
  9. Ok, my Armabreak seems to be officially over .. Feels good creating stuff again Back to the roots i decided to give the beach objects a complete overhaul (and adding props for sure) These are some of the new objects nearly ready for release:
  10. Thanks a lot! This workaround works fine for me. Yay! Missed xCam.
  11. Having the same issue as Sanchez_ESUS: No other addons loaded, reset objects library etc.
  12. PLP Markers

    Updated to v0.9b - Added: PLP ASSET Airport 3 - Added: PLP ASSET Airport Tower - Added: PLP ASSET Artillery (Mobile) - Added: PLP ASSET Artillery (Missile) - Added: PLP ASSET Crate - Added: PLP ASSET Grenade Launcher - Added: PLP ASSET Kodiac - Added: PLP ASSET Launcher (AA) - Added: PLP ASSET Melee - Added: PLP ASSET Shed - Added: PLP ASSET Viewpoint - Added: PLP CIVIL Bar - Added: PLP CIVIL Building - Added: PLP CIVIL House - Added: PLP CIVIL Light Tower - Added: PLP CIVIL Shed - Added: PLP CIVIL Stadium - Added: PLP OBJ Chest - Added: PLP OBJ Dollar - Added: PLP OBJ Hexagon - Added: PLP OBJ Hexagon - Added: PLP OBJ Flag A - Added: PLP OBJ Flag B - Added: PLP OBJ Medical - Fixed: PLP CIVIL Commercial zone Download URL (v0.9b) http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/pTiqEQSb/file.html
  13. Bushlurker's Carraigdubh Terrain

    Great! Was waiting for this map since a long time now. Thanks a lot!
  14. @Rich_R - Great! @Max - Umh. The results of my work in the last weeks have been published in the Taunus-Thread here - Currently im taking a break from ArmA.
  15. Welcome to Rhein Main Airport, Taunus