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  1. Mikelima33

    Marinos Corp Datacenter Map (WIP)

    I think not, but good question, i will test asap.
  2. Hi there, Just want to share with the community my new wip composition for Arma. This is a tech company with datacenter, offices, conference room ... A lot of security area with cctv system, good for infiltration scenario or cinematic i think. Datacenter : Unfortunately, the glass doors can't be openable. I used the following mods for this ; the giant and awesome "PLP all in one" for the most part of the building and decorative objects. "Modular Buildings - Laboratory" for walls, floors ceillings etc. "GREN EVO"' & "ARP" for electronics things. "O&T Expansion Eden" for the plants. Thank for reading 🙂
  3. Awesome work ! Ii is possible to add some electronic stuff, like CCTV camera, server rack ? Anyway, love your work ! Keep it up ! 😊