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  1. kerkkoh

    Stuart Island [Source]

    Rip Armaholic. You can get a version from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12fVnHIWB2rEmQH35MAol3rHwJ6TCXWv2/view?usp=sharing It's been such a long time that I have no idea if that's the most up-to-date version but it seems like it is. Within the zip, I suggest going to the stuartisland folder, which seems to contain mostly correct files.
  2. Hey! Just a heads-up, I just reverted a few things in the code and it's definitely not worth the release but here it goes anyways. Should help with some of you having problems with your old shop configs. My bad! Should have done this before 7.0.0, Sorry! Downloads (7.0.2) GitHub Dropbox Armaholic Changelog 7.0.2 Commented testing code out. I don't know how I forgot to do this. Changelog 7.0.1 Reverted ShopSystem's positions back to positionATL
  3. Hi! I've been working on this update on and off for the past few weeks and hence, it's a big one. Even though there aren't many amazing new features, this update is a major release due to the very big changes that were done to how a lot of things work in the framework. The most significant change is that the interaction system now gets initialized on the server's side instead of the client's. We hope that these changes really improve the security of the framework and you will have fewer people going around executing their crazy scripts. With this release, it's important to stress that you need to again update your database to suit the changes with the new SQL file included as well as the rpframework.ini for ExtDB3. All our major changes that require you to change how your current modules work have been documented in our wiki. You should at least check out: https://github.com/RPFramework/RPFramework/wiki/Trunk https://github.com/RPFramework/RPFramework/wiki/Module-Documentation#interaction-menu https://github.com/RPFramework/RPFramework/wiki/Module-Documentation#adding-usable-items https://github.com/RPFramework/RPFramework/wiki/Hotkeys In short, you need to move your interaction menu initialization to the server's side of your module files and make it the first thing ran in your module's init file. You also need to move back to the old fashioned way of adding hotkeys in your modules since we had to remove the Hotkeys system that we introduced previously. The trunk system has also been updated to have a whitelist for all functions that it can run with the 'action' variable so you should introduce a new 'trunkWhitelist.hpp' in your module. The usable items system has also been updated to have a whitelist for all functions it can run so you should add a new 'usableWhitelist.hpp' in your module. With these new changes, we also have fixed a lot of the previously broken things and tried to optimize things even more. Most of the shops, ATMs, garages, mining system's objects and plants have all been switched over to be super simple objects, which should give the server a huge performance boost. I hope the changes aren't too much, but if they are, you can always contact us on our discord server and we'll help you adapt. With <3, RPFramework Team Downloads (7.0.0) GitHub Dropbox Armaholic Changelog 7.0.0 Major security overhaul: Removed "call compile" from where it didn't belong Interaction initialization is now on the server side and then transferred to the clients upon init Removed hotkey system Modified the ShopSystem module to be more secure Added whitelists for functions called by using items and vehicle trunk Hopefully, your server won't get blown up by a hacker as likely now Even more optimization & cleanup than before Even more fixes and tweaks of broken things Fixed licenses Fixed and improved Taser module Fixed BasicMedical module's "zombies" at spawn and disconnecting issues Fixed first aid kits spawning in all vehicles Switched all inanimate objects from vehicles to simpleObjects improving performance significantly Added more plants to the Farming module Added new items Added uses for a lot of previously unused items Added a forced respawn for impatient unconscious players Implemented vehicle license plates with the new Arma 3 commands Implemented checks for possibly full player inventory Complete overhaul of the methLab module: you can now cook a lot of things in the lab
  4. Hey, people who follow our stuff on these forums! I've been super busy with my finals again and I actually have my physics finals tomorrow soo... I'm gonna try to keep it brief. We have a bunch of small fixes and a few new features in the newest version 6.1.0. Also, the project is still very much active and we constantly update the development branch on our GitHub. I will personally inform everyone over here if we for a reason or another cease the development so don't worry! Oh and also we have some new cool modules out on our website. Check them out! With <3, RPFramework Team Downloads (6.1.0) GitHub Dropbox Armaholic Changelog 6.1.0 A lot of optimization & cleanup of the code A lot of small fixes / tweaks Portuguese translation Houses module storage: You can now store stuff in houses Added credit to new contributors Modified the install tutorial to include using a different database name Support for shift, ctrl and alt keys in Hotkeys Visibility check for PlayerNames module so you can't see through walls New items An optional vehicle stats save loop for Garage module Garage module now correctly saves damage
  5. After another break due to my finals, I'm back again. We've worked hard on the new release to get some crucial fixes and updates out. With <3, RPFramework Team Downloads (6.0.0) Armaholic GitHub Dropbox Changelog 6.0.0 Fixed interaction key not working Added French translation by chick69 (http://www.armaholic.com/users.php?m=details&id=52837&u=chick69) (It's a bit partial at the moment but most of the translations are done) New rpf_weapons addon adding dummy weapons that cause essentially no damage but still make a sound and the custom bullets can be registered with event handlers (paintball or training maybe?) Revamped ShopSystem module New core system for registering simple hotkeys. Interaction menu now has sub-categories that have interaction items inside of them. New utility function for animating dialog controls Small fixes Psst! Join our Discord for support.
  6. I was on a break and hence there were no released updates in a while, but now we have worked on something new that we're ready to release. Hope you enjoy! With <3, RPFramework Team Downloads (5.1.0) Armaholic GitHub Dropbox Changelog 5.1.0 Key system for vehicles, keys get saved to the database and each vehicle has a unique randomized key Garage module now saves all vehicles regardless of if you put them in the garage or not (this can be disabled in the config) Fixed Arma 3 Language update's font issue by changing the font for RscTexts Changed the shop system module to spawn shops to positions ATL (setPosATL) and not ASL. Fixes some of the default shops not spawning. Psst! Join our Discord for support. The link is in the readme on GitHub!
  7. I've been working on this huge update for a while and now I have to release it before my exams start again. Well, it's huge in files, but not that much in features. Stringtables are finally a thing so you can get translating RPFramework to your favorite language! You can also manage RPFramework a tiny bit easier with configs that have some variables in them. ~ With <3, Kerkkoh Downloads (5.0.2) GitHub Dropbox Armaholic Changelog 5.0.2 - Fixed the server PBOs to be lower case to make Linux user's lives easier - Fixed a small ATM bug Changelog 5.0.1 - Fixed the crashing issues that many were experiencing Changelog 5.0.0 - Licenses module - Default values for inserting players into DB - Fixed ATM and money system - Stringtables - Configs for everything - Fixed fishing system - Fixed many bugs - Included extDB3 and FLOSS exception
  8. The link still takes you to the installation page where it instructs you to download the C++ redist and so on from what I can see. Seems like some people still can't install ExtDB3 properly though... Working on releasing the hotfix for that folder thing. It's been there for a while even though I removed that folder way back... Also sorry for not checking these posts enough, I need an email alert or something. If anyone has problems hop onto our Discord server <3
  9. So yeah an update, I guess you haven't seen that in a while since I've been really busy. Thanks for the continuous support! Drop by our discord server if you need any help. Downloads (4.4.2) GitHub Dropbox Armaholic Changelog 4.4.2 - Added mining module- Addon changes- Added an array for custom object names
  10. As far as I know, as of yet, there are no servers entirely using the latest version of RPFramework, but I'm always looking for one. NoPixel servers are using RPFramework to a certain extent, but they have chosen to live wisely and build upon it with their own features... So I guess that would be one.. technically?
  11. I'm back with an update. Bug fixes were a major part of 4.1.0 and it added a couple of new modules that might make gameplay a bit nicer. I've also changed away from WTFPL due to it not having a "no warranty" statement. The new license is the MIT License, but in terms of what you can do with the framework, nothing should have changed. You can read the full legal text in LICENSE.txt. Downloads (4.4.1) GitHub Dropbox Changelog 4.4.1 - Fixed stuck in loading screen - Fixed player interactions can only happen with players and not AI anymore - Fixed eating and drinking going to negative values Changelog 4.4.0 - Added saving variables for physical items while they are in trunks ( https://github.com/RPFramework/RPFramework/wiki/Trunk ) - Garage to a module - Client_fnc_vehicleHitGet and vehicleHitLoad now only return and take in damage values not the hitpoint names anymore - Garage checks for vehicles blocking garage spawn - methLab smoke now ran on all clients - Hunger and thirst are now saved and are now global variables assigned to players - Fixed being able to buy your own house - Fixed multiple things with Jail module - Fixed Police+ DB saving " and ' marks correctly - Vehicle shop now works better and more precisely - Added distance checks for a lot of interactions in modules RE-IMPORT YOUR RPFRAMEWORK.SQL AND RPFRAMEWORK.INI Changelog 4.3.0 - Police+ module (Dispatch and police database) - Housing module (Buy and sell houses, could add inventory functionality at some point) - Added exceptions for vehicle trunks, check miscVariables! - Code optimization Changelog 4.2.4 - Redone medical module (Even simpler now, could be improved on in the future) - Fixed handcuffing (also doesn't let cuffed players drive cars for obvious reasons) - Fixed going on and off duty Changelog 4.2.3 - Fixed garage (Garage row's id wasn't auto incrementing) Remember to re-import the rpframework.sql into your database. Changelog 4.2.2 - Added phone number for each player to the database and a new custom sql query for checking if a phone number exists - Loading players in now keeps players in the loading screen like intended - Fixed an issue with statSaveLoop not saving weapons correctly - Added an ability for modules to run a function on the server when a player enters the server for the first time (Check the Example module and RPF_Server/Functions/modules/CONFIG/fn_firstLogin.sqf) - Added an example of how to use "first time functions" on the server side to the example module - Added a phone module that allows players to text each other, add contacts, and text the emergency services (This is one of the new modules that will include SQL statements since it will save information in the database. In this case, the module saves player's contacts in the database.) - Added VERSION.txt for easily checking which version you're using Changelog 4.2.1 - The RscTitles are now in a separate file to make description.ext a bit nicer - Removed an unnecessary global variable that was only used by fishing module (didn't notice this any earlier) - playerNames module allows players to set names for other players and then see it above them. When a player is wearing a mask they can not be identified via this system - The primary medical module now hooks into the interaction init and adds a condition so that if a player is unconscious, they can not use any items Changelog 4.2.0 - Added a working taser module Changelog 4.1.1 - The license has been changed from WTFPL to MIT License. Regarding your permissions to use the framework, nothing should have changed. MIT License directly just includes a statement of "no warranty," which was required. - Added delivery system module - Added arrest and jail system (Arrest players, jailbreak, free prisoners from jail) - Fixed player respawning and not dropping their money - Fixed unlimited trunk size bug - Fixed garage loading damage to saved vehicles - Fixed holstering secondary weapons - Fixed loading assigned items like map and GPS - Fixed saving of weapon attachments and magazines and saves secondary weapons now - Fixed vehicle shop vehicles taking damage in the shop - Fixed medical module to not delay the execution so long - New Discord server for support and discussion (IMPORTANT! External Files/sql_custom/ rpframework.ini and External Files/rpframework.sql have been updated! Please import the new database and move the .ini file to the ExtDB3 folder it belongs in
  12. Fixed some reported bugs with the handcuffing of people that crashed games. Taser was disabled due to poor functionality and will be redone in the future. Thanks for all the support and kind words so far! Get it while it's hot: Github Dropbox Changelog: 4.0.2 - External -- Fixed log spam caused by uiSleep 4.0.1 - Core -- Fixed handcuffing -- Deleted some shortcut that ended up in the folders - Modules -- Taser disabled (Will be worked on in the future) -- Shop System module's creating shops is now more efficient
  13. This is probably the biggest release so far right after the first releases. In this version, I'm introducing some features that were supposed to be there from the start and weren't. This project is still very much active, and I will keep working on it when I have spare time. Please report any and all bugs to GitHub issues. Changelog 4.0.0 Stable Release (MAJOR) - Core -- Way too many bug fixes to list -- Fixed HUD to correctly show everything -- New HUD icons by J. Schmidt -- ATM removed from the core -- Physical item trunks for vehicles that you can store physical items like fishing nets and meth labs in. The trunk size corresponds to the vehicle's inventory size in the vehicle's config. -- Garage now saves vehicle damage and keeps cars better in the database -- Going on duty for police and EMS (Police and EMS need to visit a station to go on duty and then be able to do their unusual actions) -- Hitting a physical object while it's being carried will not kill you anymore -- Money system has been updated to keep client and database in sync about money - Modules -- ATM Module --- All changes to money are now synchronized to server and database correctly --- Bank accounts allow you to send money to people who aren't online on the server --- Basic ATM functionality still present -- Meth Lab Module --- Ability to buy a chemistry table and create meth by inserting the right ingredients into the table. --- Smoke effects for failing the chemical reaction --- Two recipes with one failing with 10% chance and the other failing with only 1% chance -- Taser and medical module --- Taser killing people should be fixed -- Spawning Module --- Player will be now given starting items like clothes and a map The update isn't backwards compatible! If you are wondering how the updates are hopping over numbers check out http://semver.org/ Download Latest version 4.0.0 Armaholic Github Please try Armaholic or GitHub before Dropbox Dropbox
  14. Sorry for super late response. It is possible that the taser module is broken, but make sure that you are using the correct weapon and ammunition defined in the script. I will take a look at the scripts and see if there is anything wrong.
  15. kerkkoh

    Stuart Island [Source]

    Updated the license to use the same license as my other projects. License This work is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2 http://www.wtfpl.net/