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  1. Here are some new updates sorry for the inactivity on the forums we moved over to discord and twitter to release updates My Twitter https://twitter.com/MrBohannon_
  2. Of course, however this not being our full time job and a side project, it will take some time, but with that being said the mod is done, we are all waiting on one person to setup the server and framework.
  3. The one on the website works!
  4. Dusty Roads Animals Planned Bison Moose Deer Wolf Wild Boar Cow Bison Moose
  5. All information can we found on the website
  6. Mod will be made public for anyone to use when its complete our community is hosting a rp server that people can play on tell then :)
  7. Howdy Partners Some long awaited information about our horse Features Fully Ride able Shoot from the horse while its moving Features Planned Call your horse to your position Carriage Stage Coach Video - https://imgur.com/a/5VMU6WI
  8. Yes rideable, next step for the horse is a carriage then stagecoach
  9. Over Coat is complete
  10. Make sure to catch the 3:10 to Yuma new fully custom train . Teaser video soon
  11. We have started development on props to create our towns more life like