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  1. Updated the main thread images enjoy
  2. Hello :) At the moment the horse is just a model with animations in game. We're currently working on getting it to be a fully functional vehicle and believe we'll have it ready to go by the end of the month. We'll definitely keep this thread updated on the progress of the horse in the future.
  3. Primarily for money. Money enables you to get your hands on better gear. Further off the trail you're going to have better mining, hunting, etc. It's the same reason that people would've done it in the actual old west as well. We'll be adding in deterioration of skills over time so in order to be better than mediocre you'll probably have to focus more time in the areas that you like and using your money to acquire items in areas that other players are better at. The primary end game is to be the best. To be the best you have to have the best gear which will require work and skill. Hope that answers your question, if you need me to elaborate let me know. Corbinnator has been in contact with the Advanced Train Simulator guys and I believe we have an agreement where they'll let us use it if we provide some models for their project (I'll let him elaborate on that). So yes, we intend to add to their project with a caboose and coal cars and potentially some passenger cars as well that fit the era. This is still in our bucket of "to-do" items.
  4. Correct, it will be MP only and PVPVE. Initially it will be on our servers but we have the intention that once the project reaches a level of maturity we'll release it publicly. Also, the assets that we're putting together will at some point be released publicly for people to create any different MP/SP scenarios. So while we are developing this primarily for our own community we aren't planning on locking down all of the assets for just ourselves. I'm actually excited to see what other people will do with it when we're done too. Our target gameplay will be really going in the direction of MMO gameplay, but we're not abandoning the life roleplay world either. I honestly have always considered life roleplay to be a somewhat immature MMO so I don't think they're that far off. If you think of MMO's, you may think of things like guilds, quests, gear scores, etc. Those are elements that we plan to include in this. I really wanted to do a mod that had the fun dynamic nature that roleplay can bring but also includes all of the other elements that you see built up for single player enjoyment as well which is something that I think MMO's often times do well.
  5. Obviously it's fair to have the apprehension over the donation part. To get it out of the way first, everything will abide by BIS monetization rules. No pay to win, or special access to any gear/weapons or anything of the similar that gives any advantage, etc. The included items on the packs are actually just skins, whereas the item itself is accessible to everyone. Like I mentioned in the post, Corbinnator and I have our skills in certain areas, but we primarily lack in the modeling/animating arena. We didn't want to half ass some barely passable terrain full of BI assets made for other environments, skip out on the value of a horse, or miss the better "immersion" you can get from custom era specific animations that we can do. In order for us to work toward our "grand vision" for the project we've had to hire some people to fill in the gaps. Typically, people who work for free in the Arma community tend to create poor quality and/or take forever to get the work done. With the money we spend we have the ability to expect a higher quality and get it done in a timely manner so the project doesn't take 5 years to develop. Just give BI forums a cursory browse and you can see how some people want to charge outrageous amounts for the simple things and you can quickly understand what we're up against. Profiteering an Arma mod isn't what we're going for. I've privately financed this project and it's been significantly more than we've raised to date. The donations really just help us get the project going on a faster timeline as we can get more going at one time. In full disclosure, we had considered building this into an actual game but at the time we didn't have the team assembled to take on such a massive effort. By all means if you don't believe in donating for an arma mod or you'd rather wait and see, please do. We have that mechanism there for people who want to help. The perks are a way for us to show appreciation for it. I hope this answers any questions or concerns. If not, let me know.
  6. It simply means that if there are a few people waiting for help on something and one of them is a priority support member then they'll be handled first before the others. Thanks! The terrain has been our primary focus so far in the project.
  7. Hello and welcome to the Dusty Roads Announcement! Howdy Partners, Dusty Roads is a modification made for Arma 3. It's set in the mid-1870's west expansion territories of the United States. While it is roleplay mod, we're going for something different then the normal life roleplay we're all used to seeing in Arma. Dusty Roads as a mod will be more inspired by some popular MMO's (such as Black Desert Online and The Division). However, we still want to include the dynamic and interactive world that life roleplay has offered the community to date. We also want to incorporate many Survival game elements as a subset to make the world a little bit more interesting and difficult for players. So it's really the mixture of these that we believe will offer up something more unique to Arma even more so than the Wild West setting. So what are some features that we're aiming for? Life Skills This is a popular thing in both life roleplay and MMO style games. This mod will reward players who work hard in certain aspects of the game by giving them better buffs and a higher RNG chance of successfully finding rare items. One twist, however. Over time your life skills will degenerate which will naturally send players focusing more towards certain skills/trades. In theory, this will buff the player marketplace. Weapons and Gear Weapons will continue to feel like they do currently in Arma but with on caveat. Weapons will have tiers which will impact their base level accuracy and damage per hit. Defensive gear will also have impact in these areas. All weapons and gear will be upgrade-able by players with an RNG chance of success. MMO inspired gear scores will matter. Survival and Camping Life on the frontier is hard. The further players venture off the pathways the harder survival gets. AI bandits may attack you. Basic necessities such as food and water will be vital. Make sure you clean your water because the last thing you want is to contract disease. Sleep deprivation can you make anyone lose their mind. Pitching tents, starting fires, and more will be an absolute necessity for life on the frontier. Of course, there are greater rewards to those who can survive the harsh elements. Travel and Terrain Maps in Arma can already be quite expansive as they are. When you remove vehicles and replace them with walking, horseback, and covered wagons? The world can seem never ending. We're custom making a terrain that will fit our mod exactly the way that we need it. The environment will change overtime reflecting the desires of the players. Summary These are just some of the many features we're working on implementing in Dusty Roads. We will expand detail on them further as well as detail more in future updates. For now, we've included some screenshots of the current progress thus far. If you have any questions or want to help out with the project Please reach out to us: http://www.dustyroadsrpg.com/community/index.php?members/sync0s.95/ http://www.dustyroadsrpg.com/community/index.php?members/corbinnator.6/ Stay tuned for more! Weapons Clothing Mod Pictures Train Pictures Animals This project has been a team effort and our team is growing by the day. We want to take a moment to give a special thank you to all of those who have helped us thus far in the project Adam, Bryce, Arkfall, @Facel @rebelvg @KokaKolaA3 @m1lkm8n @duda123 @Jimmy Bulmer Micheal Swiss, Optix, Anton, Nick Means There are multiple ways that you can help the project. Money We project leaders have our talents in specific areas of development and we're not afraid to acknowlege our weaknesses. Rather than forcing ourselves to produce everything in those areas, we've chosen to find people that can produce high quality content. In a perfect world full of sunshine and butterflies we could produce and release this mod without spending a dime. However, you get what you pay for. Money allows us to buy more/better quality assets, produce top notch animations, provide more in game content, and more. Development If you have a skill in scripting, graphic design, modeling, animating, web design, or anything else related to the project we're always looking to expand our team. A larger team will enable us to provide a better end product in a shorter timeline. If you're interested in helping out, please reach out to either of the project leaders. http://www.dustyroadsrpg.com/community/index.php?members/sync0s.95/ http://www.dustyroadsrpg.com/community/index.php?members/corbinnator.6/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/8ftj8aR Website: http://www.dustyroadsrpg.com/ Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/DustyRoadsRPG sync0s Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/sync0s12345/ Corbinnators Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198058455724/
  8. sync0s

    Class Selection

    Look up addWeapon, addVest, addHeadgear, addGoggles, addItemToVest etc. To make things easier you can load into the virtual arsenal and set your character up with the loadouts and click the export button. This will put the scripting you need right into your clipboard so you can paste it into a script.
  9. sync0s

    Dead on mission start

    Make sure their not loading in floating off the ground. They will fall and die before the player even knows it. Happened to me before.
  10. sync0s

    Professional voice actors

    You may already know this but there are loads of websites where professional voice actors are available for hire. They're usually not that expensive really.
  11. Hey, Are you looking for someone to set it all up for you or are you looking for guidance?
  12. What exactly do you mean by access the macros? You're going to have to be more specific on exactly what you're doing. Have you tried making addon1 a required add on in addon2? This insures addon1 is loaded first.
  13. sync0s

    Transparent Glass Black

    I can binarize fine with addon builder. I'm using the Binarize tool on the p3d and the model.cfg and that's where I'm having the issue. No clue why it's happening.
  14. sync0s

    Transparent Glass Black

    So I've found that the problem is occurring while I'm using binarize on the p3d. It can't find the rvmat file because I'm not using the p:\ in front of the path. However, if I use the p:\ prefix then it won't be able to load on any other pc than mine. If I don't binarize the p3d everything works fine. Is there a trick to using binarize that will help it find the rvmat?
  15. sync0s

    Transparent Glass Black

    I tried moving the faces to the top but it's not working.