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    How can i make multiple Zeus Curators

    As far as I can tell (I might be wrong!) synchronizing the Curator logics or units doesn't do anything. Grouping them puts them in the same group/side for the role selection screen, though. For the eventHandler, it has to be added to either the Curator units or more likely the curator logic on the client-side (I just kinda shotgunned it and did both, which didn't break anything), and execute 'curatorLogicName addCuratorEditableObjects [[(_this select 1)],true]' for each Curator's logic on the server-side. Obviously this is for multiplayer, so if you're only doing single-player, disregard locality nonsense.
  2. TinfoilHate

    How can i make multiple Zeus Curators

    You can add a CuratorObjectPlaced eventHandler to register each placed unit on the other Curators.
  3. I'd love a fresh link for this as well, if it's not a lot of trouble. :)
  4. TinfoilHate

    AT soldiers firing before target aquired..

    I've noted a lot of first-round missing, though I hadn't looked into it past that. I just assumed that was something weird and ACE-related, or I'd gotten really lucky as of late.