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  1. @pierremgi Well im going to have a script save the objects, so that the playerbuilt fortifications stay around after restarts and what not. However, the script that saves uses those kinds of variables to pick what whether to save something or not. Whenever the save function kicks in, it will save stuff by checking stuff for this : Examples [“canBeMoved”, true] call [“isLocked”, false] call [“isMedic”, false] Hence why i want to be able to save fortifications by having "issandbag" or something like that applied to them.
  2. Hot damn, Thank you so much @sarogahtyp You are a real life saver, i will test it asap, as for the VALUE in example "mywantedcoolvalue" its not something i would wanna think too much over right? I've read up on it, but it really seems pointless, other than having to exist, well atleast in this scenario, i can imagine some scripts and systems where its good to be able to call values using the variable, but here its just there as a technicality? right? Also, the reason for not setting their variable using a spawn script, is because many of the objects will be made in the mission by players ect and multiple other factors where its easier to just have a script keep track of it.
  3. Sorry that my explanation or well, lack thereof is so retarded. I feel like a catholic priest trying to explain quantum mechanics.
  4. @Sgt. Dennenboom a variable i want applied to all objects of a class, including those spawned AFTER mission start. Example The variable would be "IsSandbag" would be applied to all of the sandbags. Afterwhich i will be able to run a secondary script that recognizes them by ["issandbag", true] call Cool_Api_addobjectVariable; So i need something that will do checks for whenever new sandbags gets spawned or made and then applies "issandbag". Just like vehicles can have "IsLocked" or players in ace "IsMedic". But since sandbag is an example and it is regarding more than 1 object type, it would need to check for example - If ["land_sandbag_F", "Concretewall_long", "other_classname"] setvariable Issandbag
  5. @pierremgi Thanks for the reply, sadly that would not work as i only want certain objects, ect all Sandbags and all tank traps.. but not tents, this is again just an example. But due to the specificness, i wanna be able to just use a script to classify all the object names into one array and call using a variable.
  6. How would one go about making a script that defines a bunch of objects as object namespace.. Example if i then later call a ["coolstuff", true] call SomeFunction. How do i make it so that the script knows that "coolstuff" is EVERY ect sandbag and concretewall placed in the mission.. just two objects used as examples. Thanks in advance, any help appriciated 🙂
  7. Need someone really good at SQF and UI. Also need to know you way around mods/addons. I 2 different scripts. A UI added to a addon, or a full remake of it (really up to your discretion what you'd rather do.) A persistence script. (either a new one or a modified version of something of existing one, don't matter as long as it works and gets the job done). HMU 🙂
  8. Hi, i suck at making persistence scripts and anything to do with saving.. Does anyone know of any script that can save predefined objects and vehicles aswell as their inventories to the dedicated servers "profilenamespace" ?? Essentially i want certain player placed objects (basebuilding stuff) and all missions vehicles to save ECT lets say a 5 second saving interval and when the server is restarted all the objects and vehicles remain where they last were? Any ideas? (also the reason i only need some objects, is because theres no reason for script to save objects that is not included in the basebuilding script.. Reason for profile name space.. I suck even harder at anything with inidb2 and the other ext whatever its called. I know gamemodes like antistasi and vindicta saves objects to servers profilenamespace, but i havent been able to figure out exactly how. Any help greatly appriciated.
  9. Had to go away for a while, however @jshock offered a great solution which was easy to buildupon (adding more mods to blackslist and display messages ect). The reason for being against verify signatures, is because we have a few mods which does NOT HAVE SIGNATURES.. i previously made a topic about being unable to sign them, to no avail. essentially a few, perfectly working mods without any bugs or errors, but when trying to sign them, the bisign tool just crashes or fails.. cant remember which one. Hence, being unable to sign mods and unable to reupload other authors mods with a signed version, this was the only other way i could come up with. It can be hard to detect if a malicious community member is using those mods to cheat in secret, so this is the best way to rat them out and ban them from the community on the private servers that are unable to veryfy sigs.
  10. @Dedmen Found out, the reason it uses swap, is because it ran out of ram. However, i cannot grasp how it ran out of ram, missionfile had no crazy scripts or anything and the mods are used on multiple other servers and has never caused issues O_o
  11. @Dedmen All the mod loading issues (double loading ect) is due to the server being set to "autoLoad" subbed mods, which can be buggy at times. As for the swap file.. ?? what could cause that? All i need to know at the end of the day, is if the missionfile is responsible or not :S And if not, the actual cause would be cool to know. As for the hundreds of ram, that was long ago when doing bulwarks. THIS TIME, it only used 24GB of ram as stated in the original message, all be it a little messy 😛
  12. I put the same mission file on another server with same modpack, and it worked fine, i did not leave it on for hours though, but i am having a hard time grasping wtf is happening. Also the server that went down running bulwarks a long time ago, i realized it might have been on the exact same server as the one that went down yesterday. If this is correct, that would mean the issue is exclusive to this machine somehow :S
  13. @Gunter Severloh https://justpaste.it/3hsdc Also thanks for the quick reply, you are truly among Bohemia community's legends.
  14. Hi, i have been accused twice of crashing entire dedicated servers at a hosting company. First time i went with it, i was running https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1402462003 and since they said the arma 3 server had attempted to use hundreds of GB of ram, it had crashed the entire node (the memory usage i can confirm), i assumed the mission might just have spawned in endless loops of AI after we all left??? 2nd time was tonight running a mission made by a member of my arma 3 unit, this mission seemed rather simple and certainly had no scripts, a few hours after putting it on (with no players on, pre event time) i noticed server used 20gb of ram and when i restarted it, the entire machine went offline. QUESTION Is it true? could these missions be causing huge memory leaks, or is it more likely that other gameservers or the company has a system flaw or something?? (Mods are out of the question since each instance happened with fully different modpacks and modpack that is on today has been used for 2 years with no incidents. If anyone wants to check the mission files http://www.mediafire.com/file/vmcemuwl6o8vbno/Trainingmap.Panovo.pbo/file This is the one used today Bulwarks can be found in the previous link provided. Help, i cannot truly believe that the missions would crash an entire server? plus in both instances, it happened hours after being away, meaning it could be coincidental that i just happend to log in at the time it happened. RPT https://justpaste.it/3hsdc
  15. https://mega.nz/file/alxkCAhA#nyzY_4JoZGKpzDmhSEGPQDCJi9VYvDFFP6OBb8V5f0E