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Found 14 results

  1. making my own server and looking for someone to create a mission cycle/ building a home base for a vietnam server i already have a map that i want to use for the server if anyone can do this please contact me on here or steam WalmartFleshlight need to see your steam account to see what you have created already and we can go from there or if you know someone who can do this please send them a message to contact me as well all other stuff will be discussed when in a call
  2. Hello, I am a norwegian man hoping to find someone that could "help" me with creating a Arma 3 map of the city of tromsø (tromso) and the surrounding areas. I am willing to pay a decent sum of money for a good quality map, though you would need to come with a price tag as i don't really know how much it would cost to have one made. Would love to hear from those who are interested.
  3. As the title says I'm looking to hire/commission someone to make custom textures for my unit. If interested add me or comment below. This would be for several vehicles, flat black camo with an emblem nothing too complex. Discord: Cheeki Breeki#0001
  4. Hi all, this is going to be fairly long-winded with no tldr and is an extremely large project, at least for me. There's a lot of "I would like" in this post, I'm not a supercilious person I'm just unsure how else to word things. I'm making a scenario to run with my mates whenever we feel like it, usually 8 hours or so every second night, I have a dedicated machine I run the server from but I don't like leaving it on 24/7. I have maybe 200 hours basic scenario creation experience and the scenario itself is a big passion project for me, the basic issues I run into are a nice thing to sort out, the scripting issues or more so lack of scripts are stopping my ideas. I have a few problems which naturally snowballed into more what-ifs and issues. I haven't delved into scripts at all, just basic commands in triggers and game logic, improving along the way. I have very minor coding experience, 2 University courses worth and a lot of this is way above my head so I'm reaching out for help, I'm hoping people will help out of the kindness of their heart but I know time is money and there are a lot of issues, so if it is allowed I'm willing to pay privately with details also discussed privately. I'd hire a private programmer but much of the arma3 context would be lost which is important. Persistent saving/loading: The scenario is essentially a campaign completing tasks as we see fit to retake land and reach an ultimate goal, which I'm undecided on. I'd like essentially all vehicles, player loadouts, player positions, gear in 'crates' and a virtual arsenal we can load with gear from missions, to save upon server shutdown and load upon server start-up. I've looked at a few mods that promise some of these things but they all require player intervention or won't work with custom scenarios, I want an automated system from the moment we first join the server to the moment the campaign finishes. The virtual arsenal is a problem on it's own as I have no clue how to create something that saves gear, much like the antistasi community have made. The other things I know exist because there are multiplayer servers with these features but I'd have no clue how to go about setting it up properly. Problems with the start of the mission: The mission starts with no respawn and 6 playable characters in a boat, spectator enabled, with respawnOnStart -1 and respawn as BASE. Once the first objective is complete the respawn enables (lore critical). Disabling spectator mode isn't an option as people just respawn on their dead bodies, plus I'd rather people have something to do after they die in the first section of the scenario. The mission plays out how I want it to with AI disabled and all players connected when I launch the mission (not using autoinit) however there are other issues. With AI Disabled, players that hotjoin once the mission has started spawn where the playable characters are placed, rather than as a spectator until the respawn is enabled, which I want to fix. Furthermore if players die and rejoin they spawn in the initial playable character spot, out in the ocean, 2km from land, even if they have already died as that character. In my experience not using respawnOnStart -1 results in everyone being a spectator when the mission starts, so I assume 'running the respawn script' once the mission has started would fix this since players that join would be spectators due to being forced to respawn on joining, but I'm not sure how to do that. I also suspect this would cause more issues with further questions about persistent saving and loading. With AI Enabled, players that hotjoin once the mission has started replace the AI, which is fine for something temporary, but the issue is I don't want to run the mission with AI Enabled on the playable characters. Again much like with AI Disabled with an added bonus, upon leaving the server an AI spawns on the playable characters initial position and then once the player joins they take control of it, even if they have already died. I haven't tested with autoinit but I presume they would spawn in the boat if taking control of an AI with AI enabled, otherwise in the water underneath the boat with AI disabled. The same issues with leaving and rejoining would likely occur in either case. I realise this is a complex issue once taking into account persistent saving and loading and will involve a custom respawn script, but I'm not even sure where i'd begin myself. What I would like to work up to: I would like to have the initial 5 minutes of server start to be the editor placed player positions from the roles selected, even if the boat has moved (which i'm not sure is possible and open to alternatives) as people may take longer to load. Further respawns and hotjoins should be spectator up until the point the respawn is enabled, spectator should then disable, then a custom loadout be the default respawn loadout and the respawn point be a selectable spawn after death, it must be selectable since we'll have more respawns enabled as the campaign continues. After the initial respawn is enabled any players positions and gear are saved and loaded on player disconnect and reconnect respectively, along with their gear. When the server is shutdown I would like the mission file to save and overwrite (completing missions triggers deletion of clutter not needed anymore), vehicles to save where they are, in their current health/fuel state with current 'gear', containers with 'gear' to do the same. I would also like to have a virtual arsenal as mentioned before that takes in gear and saves it much like antistasi does only with no 'unlock' feature, just what is put in. On server startup I would like all of this to load in and continue from where it was saved. If you're interested in helping me out please send me a message, any comments that can help are welcome.
  5. Hi, as the title i offering you help/assist to setup a3 Exile server or any other server mod. I can start up my own servers so you can join and check if you like it. Or you want your own customize? PM if u are interested! ☺️
  6. Hey there! Looking to get an easy UI made for gear selection for my players. I want them to interact with an object, which will bring up a screen; based on their selection(s), certain things will be available, and when they click "Go!" it will give them their loadout. Please reach out to me if you feel you can complete this in a timely manner! Also please include any cost(s) associated!
  7. Looking to get skins for the Blackhawk, Chinook, Little Bird, and MI-8 done. Will gladly arrange payment for work provided as our community has pooled a good amount of funds for our unit to have their own vehicle skins. Would also like to get ground vics done but air assets are the priority here.
  8. We are looking for individuals who are very experienced in the following Scripting for server side Add-ons Scripting for client side GUI creation and integration We are willing to pay $30 USD an hour for development time and Q&A sessions. We only pay using PayPal or services that accept PayPal payments. Our project is almost 2 years old and is in need of experienced individuals to do the things we have planned for the future. We do not care if you have other projects or are part of other communities, no loyalty required, this is strictly pay for time on our tasks. contact me on discord LifeSnatcher#6222
  9. Project Spec: 20x20km in size Land-only, no sea access America-inspired Custom models for buildings will be provided Project will be private until a playable release is available, and yes we will be getting Final product will be hosted exclusively on our workshop during development period, then it will be committed to the public domain and all rights will be released once complete, all source code will be released unbinarised on our GitHub Pay-per-milestone payment plan, all milestones are agreed before development We require you to have Portfolio of previously-published and public Arma 3 terrain(s) Discord & GitLab If interested please join our discord at https://uagpmc.com/discord and ask for Cody to discuss further details.
  10. Attention Arma modelling community! A strong proposed Arma 3 Creator DLC project with a mil-sim focus is seeking capable artists from within the Arma modding community: 1 character artist 1 building artist 1 vehicle artist 1 fx artist 1 terrain artist to join a large, friendly, professional team who have already delivered paid game content for the Arma series. Time commitment is 10-20hrs per week, for 10-15 months. Typical income $30k+++ and a fair risk/royalty share. Blender or Max / Substance Painter workflow demo required. Some coaching can be provided, if you're 90% there with skills. We're hoping to hire from within the Arma community, so if you're a capable artist and wondering if you can go professional, now is the time to make contact. 10 hours per week would be the minimum commitment. It may mean giving up your modding hobby, to spend time on this work (paid at the end of the project). If you already have a job, but feel your life isn't too busy, and you have spare time in the evenings /weekends to make the transition to professional developer, this would be the ideal project. Please pass this on to any talented people you know, who might be interested in this opportunity. Please send pm for details. cheers Rob Graham Savage Game Design Ltd. Discord: Rob (Eggbeast)#3291 Linked-in https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-graham-3a807a10/
  11. Hey Folks, for the project I'm currently working on, I'm looking for someone who is able to create a high quality 3d model (and textures) for ArmA3, and is able to get it into a working condition into the game (just basic config work, nothing super fancy). What I need is a small vehicle design loosely based on existing (real life) concepts, fit for ArmA3's setting. I don't want to get into more details here, but this is not about tanks, air assets or highly complicated cars, etc. Of course this job is *paid*! If interested, please drop me a private message on the forum and I'll get back to you. Thanks.
  12. Looking for an animator for weapon reload animations for ~4 British small arms. Paid opportunity. Completion will enable swift release of modification. PM if interested.
  13. I'm currently making a campaign and I require some professional voice actors for future missions. I'm looking for at least one voice actor that can do a greek accent and one voice actor that can speak Iranian or Arabian. Regards Ice Light
  14. Salute! I am looking for someone to create a script with a few things I need for my server. I am making a new map for arma and that's eating up a heck of a lot of time. There are things I need for my up coming server to be done before the map is complete. So I can find tune and correct things as they go. Some of it isn't terribly complex, some it may be. I am willing to pay up to 100USD for working scripts. What it may include: End mission scripts with three alternate conditions (Configurable values) Depreciating loot tables (IE each time a player loots an object the number of respawn for that loot area goes down)(Configurable values) Non map dependent Will be using resources from all maps but can't be dependent to a particular map. IE these scripts can be applied to any map. Contact me via email, pm here, or join the new facebook group that I just-just created. We'll talk about the needs there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1516031461802249/ mr.hansen.ww.s@gmail.com PS I pay with Paypal, nothing else.