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  1. I'm realllly trying to find a way to have different markers for different loot probabilities. Nothing I seem to do can change where the loot will spawn. mkr and mkr2. Any hits on where I need to change the lootint to recognize a second marker? Or rather, separate trigger calling a second loot script that only spawns items in mkr2 (maker 2)? Edit: I got that to work...funny...setting the trigger to _null = mkr2 finally worked..... some reason.... unknown BUT NOW the scripts don't stop running after I leave the spawn area.
  2. I have player persistence working (with a mod from Ravage), but I need something for trucks and helis and containers (like tents). Anyone use inidbi2 for that? Or have an examples?
  3. Salute! I am looking for someone to create a script with a few things I need for my server. I am making a new map for arma and that's eating up a heck of a lot of time. There are things I need for my up coming server to be done before the map is complete. So I can find tune and correct things as they go. Some of it isn't terribly complex, some it may be. I am willing to pay up to 100USD for working scripts. What it may include: End mission scripts with three alternate conditions (Configurable values) Depreciating loot tables (IE each time a player loots an object the number of respawn for that loot area goes down)(Configurable values) Non map dependent Will be using resources from all maps but can't be dependent to a particular map. IE these scripts can be applied to any map. Contact me via email, pm here, or join the new facebook group that I just-just created. We'll talk about the needs there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1516031461802249/ mr.hansen.ww.s@gmail.com PS I pay with Paypal, nothing else.
  4. So I created a model based on the tutorial arma 3 man class, and got the model in game and all, and I was really wanted to work on camera positioning for First/Third Person. However, no matter what I look at in the model, the camera is stuck on the ground. I can move the model, without animation since I haven't done it yet, but both 1st/3rd camera is stuck on the ground. It would be a great help to point me in the right direction to finally get this project to move forward. It's really the biggest thing from getting me to want to work on animations if I can't properly view in the machine. IE, the machine stands about 18m tall.
  5. I am having trouble finding exactly what I need to change the height and location of the camera view of a man unit I am working on. I'm stumped because in Oxygen2 I've moved everything I can find around and there is no change.
  6. Two questions, 1.) Would I be able to bind a script for jumping to what backpack the unit has attached? Backpack A allows jump X, while Backpack B allows jump C, while BackPack C doesn't allow jumping. 2.) So I have a thing where I want to use Man class for mechs, instead of the tanks. I want to see if I can script it that when you embark it changes the class of the object from tank, mountable, to man, and when you get out, it will change from man class to tank?
  7. Ok, fair enough, so custom man units share one line of code when it comes to stats like velocity? Where would I observe that line of code? I've looked through the pbo's of the samples BI supplied, and still having a troubled time finding where I want to start. I wanted to test some things before I went further into the project. Mainly I want to create a code that controls jumping (using boost) and ejects a warning (a text that will display for the player) when falling below X alt at X speed that will be replaced with the automatic controlled thrust from the engine to reduce impact. Basically would look like moon walking for the test unit I want to create.
  8. So could I created a hybrid class? How does the game engine recognize differences in classes? And Unit speed is still something I am looking for, I was thinking about tying it to a custom class. Do classes define type, or just unit names? IE Man - Air - Vech vs. USMC medic, Civilian. ect ect
  9. Been searching for the script that controls movement. I swear I saw a debug mode for in game play. It'd help finding what resources are being used at what time.
  10. Thank you! Big boost of knowledge. Would it be theoretically possible to mimic thrust, using the same parameters as "w" forward. Example: "q" key = 0(+1) * 30^2 by the positive or negative z axis? Whichever is up for arma. Then have an movement checker: if false then it descends 1/30 terminal velocity per second?
  11. Thanks again your help is spot on. I'll update the progress as it emerges from my desk. I will do bi weekly reports at the least. ---------- Post added at 23:53 ---------- Previous post was at 22:24 ---------- Another question...crap I forgot what I was going to ask... oh right! What is the component that controls thrust? IE from like a fighter jet (vs. heli)? Assuming I construct all the LODs correctly, a script would have to define each? Or could I do the same as with the sample unit and rename some of the configs? Final question: The machine has several parts to it as listed: Head > Camera > RadarAnt UpperBody>L/R ARM>L/RLowerARM>L/R hands BackPack> Engine>L/R Nozzels LowerBody(hip)>L/R Upper Leg>L/R lower leg>L/R foot If I have them in separate sections (groupings) I could animate each section rather than having the model morph/bending? For animation I can make each
  12. Thanks for the quick replies, definitely gave me a lot of idea's so far! I am going to do a model from scratch, I will attempt a man class. As mentioned a heli hybrid was one of the other ways I was thinking. Ok, so for the Oxy2, I've imported my model and messing around I'll report in on my findings. I am wondering, and why I was trying to convert a premade sample, is the minimum requirements regarding the ability to put the model in game. Disbarring all the ambition for what I want to have done with it. SO that means like contact points, camera points, hit points, LODs, and whichever is left. What are the MUST have points? Also, I lost my texture for my model some time ago, would I be able to texture directly from Oxy2? And this is for ARMA II, if I had monies...I'd get ARMA III and work on it from there...but that too would require my brother to have a computer that can handle it...as one of my major reasons for making this mod is for him.
  13. A lot to go through here. I'll go in order for which my brain received. - Bleeding, as I see it, can be altered to "Sparks and arching connections" as part of the effects. If I could change the color and particle shape, making a new one, then I don't see an issue for it. - Weapon Optics: I am not too concern about being the weapon hosting the target system. I was looking to doing a 'missile' type locking. As long as I can turn auto aim systems on and off while zeroing/zooming then I am perfectly fine with it. -Weigh. Now I was looking through tuts about mass and such. So based on my limited experience with this engine, if I were to change the center of mass and weigh the 18 foot tall mecha to be heavier than that of a 'small' car would that work as to the effect of who could push who? As for stepping on cars and all that I believe I could add a collision point that if an object is touched by this point it will act as a bullet hitting it? - Camera's for internal view. The cockpit is in the chest and it's a completely closed cockpit. I was interested in seeing if I could have camera points positioned in three locations and have the image projected onto the screens within the model itself. Like when you're looking through the target camera's of the Apache. That's how I was looking to do it. That, and having the ability to open the hatch and you can look through it. In the TV series they open the hatch from time to time for what I believe is a sense of fresh air and what not. - Damage while moving too fast? That is a very interesting cause and effect. When I read your statements. Wear and tear is something that is a routine burden for a crew and pilot. Insta-death though from running...yeah. So when it comes to that time to observe that, I would need more instruction. I did note from time to time that walking into trucks would cause injury, even tents. Movement is important in my mind. And I agree that the mecha wouldn't need as many animations. Kneel, Walk, Run, Forward Flight, Backwards flight, L/R flight, defense (shield moved forward, and eventually some melee options. Blender.... urg I could never get that program to operation the way I want it to. I've used 3dmax before, but now I have neither. I'm curious about the effects of center of mass, mass, center pins? I ask, because at some point I'll want to start working on the "flying ability" which is nothing more than a jump with thrusters and a control fall afterwards. Well, at least, with the MS-05B and other types. Which would lead to the other issue of reducing the fall impact. I believe that a 10% blow fall should be worked to keep the mech from 'dyin' if I were to persist on using a man class. This means only 90% of the thrust power will go into the vertical lift, and unalterable 10% thrust at X height for X velocity. The main thing I want to project is two things gameplay, and appearance of intensity. A lot of mecha games I've played fell into two main pitfalls, clunky-slow limited mobility and or so impervious to physics it was just too easy. I want every fight, for every pilot (player), to feel like they are truly pushing their ability. And for some it becomes as a default to their nature, everyone has a craft they hone in. They put personality into their object. This is why I say movement is even greater importance than the rest of the project.
  14. Gundam Mod: Starting off small. Because, for whatever reasons this forum has been broken and there is a image verification over the title portion o f this posting guide. Right, Of course this has been chatting about before, but no real "good" conversations about particulars regarding the how. I have very specific requests for help regarding this project. I have a MS-05B model created for the Alpha mod of what I am calling Federation Vs. Zeon: Earth Conflict. Or FVZEC for the 'mod' name. I want a SP story line and a MP for LAN and RP servers and whichever. My first concerns is getting the MS-05B up to spec. This is exactly how I see it to work out. Many talk about using a tank as a base for 'mech' machines and I believe for the purpose of what I am trying to do it might fall short. I was thinking, originally, using a base of a human script and just scaling it to the MS-05B. The way the mech moves, handles weapons, and targets. Upon that, I wondered how I would get them to fly. One of my bigger questions is how I can create the Backpack slot to being the "flight pack" (attachable component with rocket motors that can repel the mech into the sky). The issue of weight comes to mind as I wanna keep this on the realistic side as well. Project's Goals and Scheduled plans for the mod. Release for testing FVZEC V0.0.0.1 Set for October (grant I get some help). Phase One: My first goal is to convert a human solider player into the framework and body of the MS-05B (which is 18 feet tall) - Finish the Model/with textures and prime it for ARMA II - Animations (re scaling preset animations if possible) - Weapon Handling (picking up and dropping weapons) - Controls - Damage (I do want to change how the damage is received and how it effects the mech) Phase Two: -Flight packs (Standard model, and ParaDrop Edition which will have a parachute that opens when dropped from high attitudes) -Recharging/discharging power supplies for flight and operation time (Two types, one is for flight the other is for everything else. Mobile Suits use reactors to power them.) -Embarking and Disembarking (Human to machine) -Targeting Systems for 120mm machinegun (Primary Test Weapon) (Auto locking System, the weapon's muzzle will be forced to follow the target based on which is activated Inferred or Laser) -Zeroing For 120mm MachineGun -Thruster Animations, dust animations, sounds, and other effects - Able to fire weapons while running (using the laser or inferred targeting as guidance) Phase Three: - Maintenance and compartment upgrading - Balancing - Cockpit mode (3d Cockpit that uses a 3 monitor scheme (early designs) - Hud GUI customized - IFF for safe guards against friendly fire. So my (first) question is, how successful would it be to re-scale a regular solider's data plus animations? That is where I would like to begin, the rest of it should this work