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  1. Thanks for the ideas guys! Talking with CUP now!
  2. So I have actually determined that CUP Units is breaking sectors, not sure why, but it causes Blufor to win a sector every time. I have submitted a ticket with CUP, but its odd that this mod alone breaks sectors.
  3. Just tested as me being opfor, same result. Bluefor even wins if the numbers are not even (more opfor than blue)
  4. How come if I have only 1 bluefor and 1 opfor AI in a sector the sector is always captured by bluefor? Its almost as if the game favors bluefor when it comes to sectors. If there are = numbers bluefor always captures the sector, just sometimes really slowly. Anyone know whats going on here?
  5. I think I got it working, gotta do a dedicated test soon
  6. Does this look right? "ar_things_key_chain" in items player && {cursorObject == testdoor1};
  7. I have a ton of doors on my map that I want to be locked unless someone has a specific item. A mod I am using adds several types of keys so that's the class name you see in the script. Is there any way for this to work on dedicated, and only allow people with the key to open the door? Or will this work already how it is? Ty all! If its easier it could just work if people are in the trigger area, but I was hoping there was a better way. https://gyazo.com/cc495d1624a7229995c6abd0a9ba6b10
  8. I am a VERY novice scripter and I normally wouldn't ask for help but I cant figure out how to pull a variable name from an array in this instance (the classnames are from a mod I have on) scrap = ["ar_scrap_airfilter","ar_scrap_old_cartridges","ar_things_weapon_parts_low","ar_things_weapon_parts_med","ar_things_weapon_parts_high","ar_scrap_electronic","ar_scrap_can_empty","ar_scrap_scrapmetal","ar_scrap_rustymetal","ar_scrap_rustycomponent","ar_scrap_gasmask","ar_scrap_rubbertube","ar_things_boards","ar_things_bottle_plastic_empty”,ar_things_rope_old","ar_things_hook","ar_things_bottle_glass_empty","ar_scrap_assaultrifle","ar_scrap_submachinegub","ar_scrap_pistol","ar_scrap_rifle","ar_garbage_tatteredpaper","ar_clothes_bundle_small","ar_clothes_diverpack","ar_clothes_oldrubberboots","ar_clothes_olduniform","ar_clothes_oldleatherbag","ar_containers_machineparts","ToolKit"]; private _box1 = ["scraplo", "scraplo_1", "scraplo_2", "scraplo_3"]; [SelectRandom _box1] addItemCargo [select Random scrap,1]; or instead could I do it using thisList in a trigger area? Still causes same issue though
  9. How are you going to tell him what he needs and does not. This mod is awesome, don't use it if you hate CBA.
  10. How can this be used to put lights into a mission?
  11. Any news on adding back the move in back feature for aircraft like the C-130?!
  12. In this Operator Drewski video at 14 seconds you can see people boarding a C-130 and then jumping out of it well standing well it is moving. How in the world did he do this?! Video - https://youtu.be/Pb6g0CIkVIo
  13. I dont think thats the case, it would a server with donations like every other Arma 3 server. I would sell our own, custom, reskinned uniforms, that would have the gang name on them. No gameplay advantage, our own original stuff... However I will look into this as I dont wanna piss off GW.
  14. Sorry, didnt get any notifications about this. Basically trying to remove the animation entirely. Creating a MP scenario and some of the things take place high in the ski (above 100m) and sometimes when getting out of vics or running down stairs people will get thrown into the animation.