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  1. chneemann

    co10 Escape

    Hey NeoArmageddon, we've played this missions an two evenings on Altis and Statis and we had a lot of fun. Because played only with 2 and 3 players we didn't make it. But we will try it again :-) Do you planning an Tanoa version?
  2. Hi, I want to use a script many times in one mission. That's not a problem, but in this script I create a marker. And markernames seems to be public names even when I add an "_" before. That's why I had the idea to create a random name for the marker. something like _randomnumber = round(random 50); Markername+%_randomnumber = createMarker ["Markername+%_randomnumber", position AAF_HQ]; sleep 10; Markername+%_randomnumber setmarkerpos (getpos leader _grp1) But of Course >Markername+%_randomnumber< will not work. Any idea?
  3. chneemann


    Hi rsoftokz, I just played your mission for 2 hours. Because I normally don't use community addons I only installed CBA and Ravage. I started in the dark and had to cheat a a bit with the Gamma to see anything. I walked north (I found a compass later) and collected everything I found. Finally I arrived at Charkia and visited nearly every house. I'm now well equiped with a 9mm gun with 9 magazines. I have a tent, a compas, a binocular, many lights, a knive, 2 other pistols, a medipack, some water, matches and some other stuff. But nothing happened until now. I'm alone (now it's day, because I slept 2hours) and there is nothig living. No other survivors and no terrorists. At the moment it's just running arround and collecting (without any other person) useless stuff. And that's boring... What must I do for some action?
  4. Everything works now! - awesome! :-) Thank you very much for your help :-)
  5. Hi JShock, sorry for my late answer, but I was ill. I just work on a little testmission. But with your syntax my end-trigger doesn't work anymore. I used taskCompleted obj1 && taskCompleted obj2; I think this will change with the new syntax?
  6. Ok thank you. I'll try this out. When I was active here,it was another forum platform
  7. Hi JShock, thanks for your code lines :-) But my briefing is a sqf file and your code is php. Is that compatible? :eek: there are many functions in ArmA3 :eek: thanks for your link
  8. Wow, a lot of new answers. After all the years this forum is still great! :-) @Jshock The obj2 is part of the briefing.sqf //Objective 2 obj2 = player createSimpleTask["Secret documents"]; obj2 setSimpleTaskDescription["Secure the secret documents of our planned operations.", "Find the secret documents", "Find the secret documents"]; obj2 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "Mbase"); @barbolani & Schatten I hope the enablesimulation is not the reason of the problem, because I don't want the documents lying on the ground. @Imperator_Pete I can't follow you at the moment :-/ @CommanderX As written in my first post I tried nearly the same... But it only worked for the player who take the documents. It seems this is only local for one player... But your version is minimal different. So I'll try this out too. But I think Jshock get the point... :-/ Do you have some details about the FHQ Tasktracker? As you maybe noticed I'm not very firm with the new ArmA3 functions :-/ All my knowledge belongs to OFP to ArmA1 were I was really active in this community. But since 2010 I'm not this active any more. But I still like the game very much :-)
  9. It's a default object with init Parameters Sorry for the German ingame language. But everything should be on a similar place in english ;-)
  10. Well unfortunately that didn't work out. :-/ I also tried ["obj2","SUCCEEDED","BIS_fnc_taskSetState",true,false,false] call BIS_fnc_MP; and ["obj2","SUCCEEDED","BIS_fnc_taskSetState",true,true] call BIS_fnc_MP; but it result in absolutely nothing. Even the player who activates the addaction didn't get the check mark anymore. Maybe my scripting skills are a bit rusty ;-)
  11. Wow, that was quick :-) I'll try this. But it may take some time get my test players together.
  12. Hi there, I have a problem with an "addaction" script which should be used as end mission parameter. I'm currently building a little MP Coop mission where you have to fulfill two tasks, one of them is to find secret documents. I placed a "Land_File_research_F" with the name "AkteTS" at the map and gave it an init string: this enableSimulation false; this addaction ["Take secret documents", "collect.sqf"]; Then I created a collect.sqf file: deletevehicle AkteTS; obj2 setTaskState "SUCCEEDED"; hint "Documents secured!"; I would like to use this object as mission target. So the end trigger had the condition "taskCompleted obj1 && taskCompleted obj2;" But only the person who found the documents will get a check mark to the "object2 task". So at the end of the mission only the one who found the document will get a debriefing. The other players still continue playing the mission. I also tested other versions like Target2=true; publicvariable "Target2", but without success. I tested it on a dedicated gameserver.
  13. chneemann

    Rate the first episode!

    I just finished the first part of the campaign. Very nice work! I rated it with a 9, because I like campaigns where you loose at the beginning and fight back later on until you win. Now I'm very curious about the 2nd part :-) But I've one question. I was surprised reading my nickname in the outtakes. Don't really know why because it's been a some time since I was very active in this community. But thanks ;-) http://www.chneemann.de/Material/Bilder/Sonstiges/ArmA3_ST.jpg (120 kB)
  14. chneemann

    co08_coa_FreeShapur by Chneemann

    I wanted to build a mission where the action starts directly. Normally you have as much time as you like. It could take many minutes until every teammate have chosen the right weapon out of 20 ammo boxes. Here you are in the middle just from the beginning. It's important that you get the ammo box at the plane to get some anti-tank-launchers. Than it's not that hard to get the airport. We managed that with 2 Players. Regards, Florian
  15. chneemann

    co08_coa_FreeShapur by Chneemann

    Are there some problems with the mission or everything fine?