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  1. some Changes in overview New PBO's: ASC_M14.pbo ASC_M14_cfg.pbo ASC_MP7.pbo ASC_MP7_cfg.pbo ASC_SVD.pbo ASC_SVD_cfg.pbo ASC_VSS.pbo ASC_VSS_cfg.pbo ASC_Weapons_Core.pbo ACOG TA-01 + TA-31 added ACOG Reflexvisier added Cobra Reflexvisier added PSO-1 Visier added NSPU Nightvision Visier added GosHawk TWS Visier added Silencer class ASC_Item_SD_545mm changed to ASC_Item_SD_545mm_PBS1 Silencer class ASC_Item_SD_545mm_PBS4 added Silencer class ASC_Item_SD_545mm_PBS5 added ASC_M14A1.pbo M14A1 all Classnames from ASC_M14 changed to ASC_M14A1. M14A1 ACOG TA-01 and TA-31 Version added ASC_M4A1.pbo M4A1 ACOG TA-01 and TA-31 Version added M4A1 ACOG Reflex Visier added ASC_M16A4.pbo M16A4 ACOG TA-01 and TA-31 Version added ASC_M240.pbo M240 ACOG TA-01 and TA-31 Version added ASC_M249.pbo M249 ACOG TA-01 and TA-31 Version added ASC_M107.pbo M107 ACOG TA-01 and TA-31 Version added
  2. i'll be back in 1 or 2 weeks, wait for changes, in 4 weeks there will be come some updates regreetz Marco
  3. @iicecube install ASC: Folder Name = ASC not @ASC install CBA copy UserConfig Folder in ArmA2 Rootfolder if you want the units should have the ASC-Weapons and ammoboxes are have ASC-Weapons at start the game, copy the *.pbos from replacement-folder into ASC/Addons folder keyfolder only needed for Server regreetz Marco
  4. Hi MacScotti, Zoom for ironsights will be re enabled witk the next version regreetz Marco
  5. @tyrantkyng i think this says all regreetz Marco
  6. @MacScotti Foregrip error with ACE-Mod will be fixed in the upcoming version. ACE M203 ammo will be added regreetz Marco
  7. @ stk2008 its still on work, i add the TA-01 and TA-31 Acog, VSS and SVD rework some Models and config entrys. New version will coming out soon in the new version will be added: MP7 SVD VSS AK-74 AKS-74 AK-107 AK-108 regreetz Marco
  8. i work hard on Upgrades and Updates regreetz Marco
  9. Client and Server need the mod
  10. I will add the TA-01 NSN and TA-31 ACOG in the next version from WP regreetz Marco
  11. @ray243 not this time, first we will build some East-Weapons, AK-74, AK108 ... regreetz Marco
  12. @MacScotti Thx for this demo video, it's exelent Marco
  13. sry Myke, we will see what is possible, what not Marco
  14. just copy the Userconfig folder from the 7zip file into the root of your ArmA2 folder