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  1. I wonder if you can help me, I have .paa file that works perfectly fine in arma 2. However when I use it in arma 3 as RscActiveText same as I do in arma 2, it doesn't show the image. I am trying to use this image as a button which is why I use RscActiveText. It would appear that arma 3 does not support RGBA or at least in my case this is what is happening? If i convert Png-24bit to .paa it works however this format does not save background transparency . When I load a small .jpg it also works. since my image is not square i tried your suggestion i made sure the image had a squared background that is transparent but even then it wont show. I am kind of out of ideas and googled my way here. EDIT: The image appears to be there, but vastly washed can barely be seen.
  2. I have a weird issue trying to display RscActiveText which is .paa image (58kb) I know for a fact it worked fine on arma 2 servers before, and I am able to view the image in TexView 2 just fine. however in the gui it is transparent will not show at all. but if i try another file normal .jpg (16KB) it works just fine. so I know its not the my script or configuration file. When i convert the .paa to .jpg as a test it becomes 56kb in size, and I can view it in windows just fine. However using that crashes my arma application all together. Any ideas why this would be an issue? I thought Arma handled .paa better and if it is size thing why would it work perfectly fine on arma 2 not in arma 3? is there something i should change in your defines.hpp file for RscActiveText? soolie here is what that image looks like, this is what i mean by its transparent, click here . It is on top of class controlsBackground which is also .paa but that works fine.
  3. no worried, I spoke to you on discord, and was able to get everything working.
  4. Also your instructions point 4, says : Drag and drop the **extDB** folder from **External Files** to **@ExtDB3** and choose to replace everything But there are no extDB folder included in your download?
  5. lol i just went to check it out and there isnt a single player across all servers?
  6. Can you use different maps for this mod?
  7. The link to torndeco extDB3 instructions does not take us to instructions. Anyway you can package this with the settings into your mod so we follow the rest of the instructions. I bet without the instruction it will be tricky for a lot of people.
  8. Greatman

    Arma 3 Science Fiction Map

    Just wanted to report that since the arma 3 update I noticed the map crashing from time to time. it just crashed after 5 mins of flying around the map (mp server not editor), I havent tested it in editor yet. anyone getting this issue?
  9. Greatman


    @haleks I have suggestion to add to your already growing wish list :-) Chance of infection from zombie interaction; similar effect to that when players are exposed to radiation (radiation zones), different disease types contracted have to be researched by drawing blood from dead zombies & infected player then researched using specialized medical tool to craft medicine needed to treat infections or diseases. Depending on the disease, different diseases have different cure rates. Some of the items needed to create the solution rarer than others; while some of the other items can be harvest from specific tree leaves available in the open world. Consuming or applying the wrong solution could worsen condition or lead to death. Probably requires some work to achieve this maybe some preparation first but I wanted to share to see if it is of interest..
  10. Thanks torndeco, I am especially good at SQL, I have used it extensively, but I am very new to SQF , I have no idea where to begin with it! or even if I should :D
  11. Greatman


    Good idea, but while the game is still co-op and non persistent world its pointless to build bases; I dont think it would immediate value to the game. On the other hand If it was open world multiplayer game with persistent bases and vehicles then I would say YES!
  12. Greatman

    Arma 3 Science Fiction Map

    In case any one else is wondering too, I had a chat with Variable and he was busy updating his other maps, he plans to work on this in the near future this map is very much still in progress :-)
  13. Greatman


    Just use exile with it, it should do what you need. you will have to use exile loot though.
  14. Greatman


    I can confirm it does work with exile with no problems, like you said. I would love to add Ravage loot in instead but it does not work with exile, are you calling AI and zombies modules from mission.sqm or do you call it as a function in init file?
  15. Is there good place to start learning this for total noobs? I have a mod in mind that I would like to make persistent, player, tents, vehicles etc ..