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  1. This would simply have solved the problem four days ago also, I am not a developer! so now that I know the uniforms are there I can go check them out in Virtual Arsenal Thank you!
  2. I explained as much as I could, if I didn't explain well. you would have not provided me with the code to resolve this, disableRandomization that is. so you clearly understood what I was talking about enough to test it before replying. I cant help a typo in my response (second or third reply) just like the comment in one of the post to try BIS disableRandomziation was a miss quote above, which clearly did not work. I am not a community owner nor working on a mod, I understand it took you long to create stuff and that is the way arma is, but also from my point of view I am simply doing this for free in my personal time, I tested it out and reported it hopefully to help and without credit. I did not get pissy with you but over the whole thing, and mostly the pissy comments about trolling and some other users that are clearly donkeys when it comes to trying or testing something before typing. Any how my intention was to report this as I thought initially the randomization thing was a bug since you never implemented this with other classes. This thing got out of hand and I have not seen your reply about the class names I will go and take a look perhaps I missed it because of all the other spammers and trollers comments.
  3. typo! Not trolling It should ready disableRandomization. Read the above and try yourself. I will ask the third or fourth time, if you don't know just say so but WHAT IS THE UNIFORM CLASS NAME FOR Contractor 2 ??
  4. I figure since, It is clearly hard to explain it to you in words! CLEARLY!! and you seem just want me to test it out for you without testing it yourself first, Here is instructions and screen shots for you: 1. Load Chernarus_Isles in Editor (not that map should matter) 2. Go to Independent then select ION PMC 3. Hover over any of the men you get a picture preview of what the class should look like in this case I used Contractor 2, click here 4. Click preview and when you are in the game you can see how the uniform changes, click here, if you go back to editor and try again maybe I get lucky second time (yes, your code is still in the init field of the unit), click here. yet another random uniform!
  5. I just tried this in editor: this setVariable ["CUP_enableRandomization", false]; and it still randomizing the clothing, Can you instead tell me what the Uniform class for the blue jeans and strippy shirt (CUP_I_PMC_Contractor2) is?
  6. I just tried : this setVariable ["CUP_enableRandomization", false]; still same issue. still randomizing it, What is the uniform class name used when you hover over Contractor 2?
  7. Still happening even when I disable by adding this to the player initialization : this setVariable ["BIS_enableRandomization", false]; By the way this is only happening with the ION PMC units, not seeing this behavior with other units
  8. Not sure if anyone reported this issue with units, but most of the ION PMC units show different uniforms to that when you spawn them in editor, Contractor 2 as example. when you make the unit playable the uniform changes too. What is the classname for the strip blue and blue jeans uniform of the ION PMC?