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    So I managed to fix it by replacing in pre_init.sqf line: [[], "\ravage\code\rvgLoot\loot_scan.sqf"] remoteExec ["execVM", 0, true]; with: if !(hasinterface) then { [[], "\ravage\code\rvgLoot\loot_scan.sqf"] remoteExec ["execVM", -2, true]; }; if (hasinterface) then { [[], "\ravage\code\rvgLoot\loot_scan.sqf"] remoteExec ["execVM", 0, true]; }; I'm no expert in scripting but as I understand it, now it executes function loot_scan.sqf on everyone if in SP or Hosted MP and on client-side if running dedicated server or headless client. I'm not sure it won't cause any more trouble but for now it's working.
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    No problem. Thanks for the help anyway.
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    So I did as you asked and after launching the mission on the server the server fps went down to 0. Also i didn't have any option to interact with npc.
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    Everything is up to date. Arma and CBA are updated by steam. Ravage files were downloaded from link in the first post of this topic.
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    Hello everyone. Recently I tried to setup a dedicated server on my laptop to play with my friend. The server includes mods including Ravage and every time I host it server fps goes down straigt to 0. I played a little with mission editor, and found out that every time i host a mission including Ravage loot system server fps is 0, without it everything works fine. Every other aspect of Ravage works just not the loot system. I wonder is it something the loot system or it just require really powerfull PC to host it? System specs: OS: Win10x64 Cpu: i7-4700MQ Ram: 16Gb 1600MHz Disk: Plextor PX-128M6Pro SSD Btw my friend tried to create dedicated server on his PC, which is far more superior than my laptop (unfortunatly I don't have specs right now) with the same results.