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  1. lumnuon

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    awesome work 👍 A small bug I noticed: the engines and the railings on the outer stairwell of the bridge are lacking collision. Could someone double check and try to reproduce? The see-through doors issue is also something I can still reproduce (although not all dorrs seem to be affected strangely enough).
  2. Considering all that I would probably drop the runway idea. The vanilla Destroyer ship has a helipad that works. Not sure if that requires any specific config entries since I am only familiar with terrain configs but that would seem like a workable route which wouldn´t mess with planes at all.
  3. I mean... just naval jets trying to land on it and failing is still better than jets and cargo planes trying to land on it and failing... Would it at least allow the F-35 to land properly or would that one also try to land in conventional flight and therefore fly off the deck?
  4. As far as I can tell larger airplanes that wouldn´t have enough space on the runway of the USS Freedom reject a landing there. If that assumption is correct and planes can be made to behave similarily on the LHD I don´t see any obvious downsides.
  5. When shooting the ship with handguns you also get the dirt debris. Not really a bug but it would be a fairly simple improvement that doesn´t require much work to change it to a metal impact.
  6. Can´t reproduce the second issue, for what it´s worth. The lower well deck door control panel on the inside works perfectly fine for me.
  7. Noticed that the geometry around the inside of the doors in the hangar is not closed properly. I can make a screenshot if necessary. Edit: You are also missing keys for sever owners as fas as I can tell.
  8. lumnuon

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Would maybe make sense to seperate the SLR from the metric FALs since there are some significant differences between the two in form and function. Additionally metric FALs have seen service around the Globe with many different armies and militias while L1A1s are a bit more confined (similar to how you guys have two SCARs in RHSUSAF and RHSSAF now). I obviously understand if that is not possible because of additional modelling/texturing you might have to do. Really just a thought that came to my mind.
  9. Pufu can scream this from the rooftops. I share the enthusiasm for fresh water features but it´s very hard to pull off in Arma. Here are some examples to illustrate the issue perhaps better than can be explained in words (to people that have never opened Terrain Builder) There are few areas where using sea level water to create rivers is feasible without significantly altering the overall terrain topography. To give a few examples, river deltas into the sea are reasonably easy to do since they are obviously still very close to water level and generally have slight elevation changes over long distances (Here / Korean DMZ river delta). Similarily, rivers in flatlands can also be somewhat faithfully be recreated without looking completely out of place (Here / North Germany flatlands) as long as you have enough space (a few dozen to hundreds of meters to either side) in the terrain to make it appear as if you have a somewhat smooth riverbank. As you might notice, the things described here only work on very flat terrains. Now keep in mind that most players are understandibly not very fond of terrains that are very flat for kilometers since they restrict or completely deny certain playstyles and can be perceived as boring as a consequence. So where do you run into bigger issues? Terrains that have even a moderate degree of topographic variation (Here / Korean DMZ further inland) which causes rivers that should have nice, gradual riverbanks to evolve into canyons. Sometimes that can be hidden by embracing the canyons (it´s a feature, not a bug!), but that is basically impossible in terrains with more than moderate topograhic variation since you would end up with absolutely ridiculous cliffs. GM´s new river and pond objects might be a remedy for this to some degree, but I wouldn´t expect to get great results with rivers that lose a decent amount of elevation over a certain distance either. Bottom line: Rivers in Arma create a lot of additional work, still behave like oceans since you can´t seperate them in the terrain config and generally create wider reaching problems for the terrain topography overall.
  10. lumnuon

    Cargo Ship Project (Static)

    Awesome work 👍
  11. lumnuon

    Senkaku Islands

    Release of Version 1.3 Added: -Minor details like historical wrecks and a few more cliffs Changed: -Ambient sounds and animals -New satmap preview picture Fixed: -Edited the satellite image of Kuba Jima to better blend with the detail textures Note: I will release a 2035 version of the map with several recreations of artificial islands China has built in the South and East China Sea. Said map will be seperate from the existing map but will be packaged within the same mod.
  12. lumnuon

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    With more and more "old" mid to late-cold war equipment finding it´s way into RHS it will go along great with Global Mobilization and complement it.
  13. lumnuon

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Great to see that the virtual garage solution was applicable :) I dare say that it´s looking... splendid.
  14. lumnuon

    Senkaku Islands

    The terrain is only "based on" fromz´ terrain in so far as that my terrain was inspired by it. I didn´t use any of Fromz´ files so sadly it probably won´t be as easy as just renaming the terrain entry in the mission. Having said that there should be absolutely no interference between my terrain and Fromz Diaoyu Islands. You should be able to import your old mission by changing the terrain entry and then you will probably have to adjust object placement.