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  1. is there any way to apply a vocal effect to a voice, for example, pressing key X, and you talk over TS and others hear your voice but with the "speaker" radio effect applied to it? if so, how would one go about doing it?
  2. dezkit

    PLP Containers

    Some of these objects crash your game if your running 64bit.
  3. Maybe there is a DLL that can get this done?
  4. So I'm trying to add 10 to 100000000. Yes, that's 100 million. However, every time I add 10, it shows: 100000008 when I convert it to a string using BIS_fnc_numberText. Is there any way to receive a higher precision value in arma3? Edit: Just need to do accurate mathematics up to 99,999,999.99, if that's possible.
  5. Are you guys planning on adding the sling load camera as a sensor? It's the one where you press control + right click inside a Helicopter.
  6. Would be nice if there was a sensor added for the Slingload camera i.e. when you press control right click when in a helicopter
  7. Is there a way to loop drySound? For example holding down mouse button while a weapon is empty will keep playing the sound. Bonus if you can stop the sound midway through if you let go off the mouse button
  8. dezkit

    Convert EDEN sqm to sqf?

    It places the objects nicely but does not convert over the init field and stuff.
  9. How do I convert EDEN sqm to sqf? I want to retain the init field and stuff like Enable Simulation and Damage in Object: Special States.
  10. dezkit

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Since we see now water reflections, will there be a possibility in the future for reflections off every other surfaces?
  11. Is it possible to have everything regarding the Handgun identical (Animations, Holster, etc.) but the Handgun can be placed under the Launcher slot? If so how do I achieve this? Changing cfgWeapons >> Type from 2 to 4 breaks the gun, even though you can put it in the Launcher slot.
  12. I apologize. I can't find a video on youtube that shows it, but I will upload one later today to give an example. Thank you. That honestly looks very clever, using time and such. I will try this out.
  13. That mod has a simple system for sirens. Just a useraction for different sounds. I am asking for a script where 1 input gives different outputs depending on how and when you use it.
  14. In GTA 5 police/service vehicles you have 1 button that throws out multiple sounds. If you hold down X, you get sound #1, once you let go of button X, the sound stops, otherwise it loops. If you press once the same button down X, you get sound #2, which loops. However when you hold down X while sound #2 is looping, sound #2 stops, and plays sound #3. Maybe this can be done solely using CfgWeapons, where button X is left click? Would this be possible to recreate in arma 3 using scripting? Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks