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  1. 7 -- hell no just make them respawn... realistically your only going to have 30-40 people as most people these days are going with cheap servers so thats taking players out of other rolls and could be getting stuck into the action and fighting in towns 8 -- CSAR personally tried this back in the day of 3.0 and when my community put together a unofficial 4.0 we found for the fast pace of the missions and the number of players you have its hard to get CSAR when your fighting off in a town for an hour before you clear it out for CSAR to land.
  2. mackenzieexd

    Wrong signature for file

    thats the thing, the server has the .bikey in the keys folder, everything i do on my local host im then uploading to the server so everything should work and match up. the key cant be faulty because its only throwing this error for one pbo
  3. So ive pbo'd some addons and signed them with keys now its throwing an error saying Wrong signature for file, any ideas?
  4. mackenzieexd

    Arma server

    if your wanting to host arma 3 I'd always recommend windows cause arma 3 will emulate it lowering performance!
  5. mackenzieexd

    Euro 2016

  6. mackenzieexd

    Talon's TFAR Radio Backpack Additions

    niceee :P dude if you could check your pm's that would be ace!
  7. mackenzieexd


    thanks dude, works like a treat!
  8. mackenzieexd

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    i want to add this classname "H75th_Camelbak_Mule_RngrGrn" with the functionality to be opened as a long range radio preferably the 'tf_rt1523g_big' Anyone know how its done? -_-
  9. a little script for everyone still using PO3, we found it a bitch to only allow people logged in as admin to access the features like skipping missions and what not so heres a some edits to make it so you can add UID's to a list and allow trusted members to access these admin features! fn_isAdministrator.sqf private["_return"]; // old scripts checking if player was logged in as admin //_return = if(serverCommandAvailable "#kick" || !isMultiplayer) then { true }else{ false }; //new script checking if uid is on AdminUIDList _return = if ( ((getPlayerUID player) in AdminUIDList) ) then { true } else { false }; _return; first lines of init.sqf //other random BS ["INIT",format["Executing %1 init.sqf",missionName],true] call PO3_fnc_log; AdminUIDList = [ "_SP_PLAYER_"/* Editor Debugging */, "1111111111111111111"/* [TAG] Example 1*/, "2222222222222222"/* [TAG] Example 2 */ ];
  10. Its cool Roy thanks for the update dude! don't rush :P
  11. why not just use the arma 3 one? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080