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  1. this is useful, thanks!
  2. After that last session, yes. I had to reimplement a logistics process for some of the operation types that require the movement of objects on trucks. Now that it is working, the final check is some MP tests to ensure this version is stable and an update will be published. There are some small dependencies like addActions and event handler framework. I wrote them in the current form so I can go back and build stand-alone versions easily. And thank you for the support. Building so it is SP+MP compatible, scalable, variable and stable takes time so I appreciate everyone's patience and support as we go. Cheers,
  3. Did another session (quiet one) going through the Logistics scripts for the trucks to support some of the operation types that require transport of shipping containers and supplies
  4. Dev session covering off how to port Patrol Ops 4 to other maps and set up some custom config for your communities
  5. Dev session live on youtube going through the design and configuation of the HVT Dealer task
  6. definitely is. You can use "forest" to identify concealed areas with tree cover and we could create locations in the metadata to identify viable locations outlined as described.
  7. Setting up new operation types and multistage operations in PO4. For those interested, I created a playlist of the dev streams from the twitch feed. Plan is I'm trying to complete at least one per week to make sure progress is still going and to allow others realtime input into the ideas.
  8. Here is how to create new tasks in the MPSF framework, either for Patrol Ops or your TAC mission Patrol Ops 4 - Twitch Dev Session #3 - Task Config
  9. Another dev session about map config and fixing the task positions
  10. Thanks mate, I will take you up on that when the time comes. Combat was an interesting game mode but never really played it much other than the launch. PO/MPSF would definitely be a good tool to create something more. Thanks mate, a lot of effort went into PO and at the time I tried hard to make it as universal as possible for that exact reason. I'm glad to see it still holds up. Cheers!
  11. I’ll update the beta once more as I update the position functions for the operations. Then it’s released. I aim to do more of these sessions as 1. It’s motivating me to keep going and 2. I hope people can use the info. once PO4 is out, I may do this on demand if people want to learn how to use the framework to develop TAC missions for their community.
  12. Patrol Ops 4 - Twitch Dev Session #1
  13. Just for fun, testing streaming the development on twitch
  14. Interesting, thanks for running those, I'll tweak the equations to build a calculation based on distance. I've tested with the cruise missile which is simulated to be launched from 71km away with flight time based on 880km/hr to impact. Much more interesting dynamic waiting a couple of mins with anticipation.
  15. If anyone can point me to it, I'll adopt the calculations, just don;t have the time to go fishing myself 🙂