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  1. Lol thanks for the support. I can assure you I'm making progress with the release build. RL as always has thrown curveballs which is eating up my time but I'm still committed to getting this done, properly.
  2. LOL Thanks mate, I hear you but RL has to come first 😉
  3. I appreciate the patience.
  4. Yes this is still very active. I took a break over christmas to be with family and now putting together the final build ready for release.
  5. Primary design is community play so MP is the focus but with the recruitment feature, it can be played as single player just not through the single player menu.
  6. PO3 you just copy into missions folder (from memory) For PO4, the quickest method is to host a local lan game in MP.
  7. Not yet. Some are doing tests of the new mission setup and if the feedback is bug free, I'll release the update.
  8. Yes, documentation for that is being developed here: http://arma.roy86.com.au/index.php/CfgMissionSides
  9. RHS I have plans to map OPFOR sides for but not Project Opfor. Takistan is planned, Zargabad is not likely but I made PO so that communities can adapt to their own needs.
  10. sorry about my asking again . when y relase new version  patrol operations 4 or  have it beta with rhs  for testing?

  11. Nice! Cheers OTarius, good moral booster.
  12. For you, i will ;)
  13. This is related to the casual stance they are set in when randomly walking around. Changed to aware behaviour in next update to fix this.
  14. Framework is already being packaged as a standalone. Mod version already being rolled out through steam workshop and scripted version is following. You'll notice drastic changes to the file structure in the next PO4 update related to that. Started building my own back in 2005. Used to have a small business doing it before selling up and working with a commercial operator.
  15. Once I've finished the squad mod integration it will be ready to go. Right now it is working, just not happy with the UI design