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  1. Tonic, we've updated the localisation file with a more complete translation in Russian. You can find it in our repository over at GitHub: stringtable.xml. Thank you for all your work on VAS!
  2. Tourorist

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    Another quick fix for being prone-stuck is to repair or attempt to repair (can cancel right away) any nearby vehicle, assuming you have a Repair Tool on you. It also gets you back up, but otherwise you are still marked as incapacitated on map. As far as I've noticed, you can actually die in this "zombie" mode (as it's called on local servers), albeit getting back to the prone-stuck position and not respawning regularly. However, detonating yourself with a satchel or an explosive charge does indeed kill you for good. About the Alpha 16. The randomized loot spawned around towns upon their capture is -- if a vehicle -- sometimes spawned inside structures, which makes it explode right away and kill anyone in the vicinity. That's not very rewarding if you die like that after spending half an hour searching for the last AI in town :p. Development bugs aside, great job on the mission so far. It makes for an interesting change of pace from Domination-type games. Keep it up!