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  1. Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Trying to get this to work on a dedicated server. Loaded VCOM Mod (from steam) on dedicated server via the -serverMod= parameter. The .hpp file is \userconfig\VCOM_AI\AISettingsV2.hpp Load up and placed two AI group of opposing side and gave each group a move way point toward the other group; no waypoints created. Not sure what I could be doing wrong.
  2. GRAD Trenches

    The guys over here at the 29th ID are really liking this addon. Some, maybe a little too much Picture courtesy of 2Lt. Nelson [29th ID].
  3. Super Miller Land

    Magnificent. Simply delightful fun. Well done.
  4. Civilian Presence Module

    Seems to only work in SP. Testing in MP doesn't work.
  5. I am not sure how I missed this but it just made my month.
  6. The 29th Infantry Division is happy to continue to support DTAS with our 24/7 US server dedicated to this fatastic game mode from galzohar. 29th Infantry Division [DTAS Server] Keep up the great work galzohar!
  7. Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion

    When entering the Zeus interface the following script error spams the client .rpt. Not a small amount of spam either; caused the client .rpt to reach well over 2 MB in size. link to .rpt file 1:09:20 Error in expression <= _pos distance curatorcamera; if (_dis < _fadeEnd) then { _coef = linearconvers> 1:09:20 Error position: << _fadeEnd) then { _coef = linearconvers> 1:09:20 Error <: Type code, expected Number,Not a Number
  8. Frontline

    Some really fun game-play here. Mod is coming along nicely. Here's recent game-play video courtesy of the Zim and the 29th ID. https://youtu.be/e1ffpB-NQII
  9. Has anyone figured this out?
  10. The new unit system replaces squad.xml?

    Will there be an option to import an existing Squad XML?
  11. Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Server status does not appear to be connecting to servers. I checked many units which have servers defined but all say: Could not reach server:
  12. Changing into a bird upon relog?

    Having this issue as well. With respawnOnStart = 0; On loading the mission an error in the onPlayerRespawn.sqf is shown referencing the local variable assigned to _this select 0. The error states that _this select 0 doesn't exist. Tried with respawnOnStart = -1. No error but same result; seagull. I've tried using only Eden editor multiplayer settings, only description.ext settings and a couple of combinations of the two.
  13. It turns out there was a spelling mistake. The mod functions perfectly.
  14. Another crash log - https://www.dropbox.com/s/bh8dwyvjg0yyz0j/ArmaReport_Log_20160319T145142_HILL.zip?dl=0
  15. Open one mission in 3d editor. Copy placed objects. Open different mission. Ctrl+V Crash Crash log 1 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1k3esjarzl107k/ArmaReport_Log_20160318T211531_HILL.zip?dl=0 Crash log 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8r1z4le6knun5qd/ArmaReport_Log_20160318T212434_HILL.zip?dl=0