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  1. aarnoman

    Patrol Ops 3.1 ported for CUP maps

    Is this still happening? Would love access to the ported patrol ops mission files if possible, looking to run it with my small group of friends.
  2. aarnoman


    Hey again Gemini, it's really nice seeing you interact with the community so much, and updating the mission at an impressive rate! Are you open to suggestions regarding the mission? I have a few I can think off, but am aware that unsolicited suggestions may be unwelcome. Either way thank you for your hard work, this is by far the most impressive Arma 3 mission I've come across, and will be used in my community for a long time to come.
  3. aarnoman


    Hey Gemini, so I've gotten Arma III Apex and can now run the non-FATA map versions of your scenario! I've done some more testing in regards to the mod comparability (enhanced movement and earplugs) and I can confirm it works on all versions of the scenario EXCEPT the FATA version. Don't know what's different about that particular scenario in comparison to the other 4, but it prevents the use of the Enhanced movement/earplug/other mods. I suspect that it may be due to something removing the user actions in that particular scenario? Thanks again for your hard work.
  4. aarnoman


    Hmm odd, it works in all other missions using the identical modset that we have tried. On an other note, I've noticed that the FATA version of the mission runs normal, but the Lythium version throws an error that mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item1/Entities/Item0/Entities/Item2/Entities/Item145/type: Vehicle class Land_PicnicTable_01_F no longer exists. It seems to do this for all other versions of the mission apart from the FATA terrain one. Is it dependent on any Apex content perchance? As for the key remapping, haven't tried that. However, I have noticed that for the earplug mod the context option (usually part of scroll menu) does not appear in the FATA version of the mission either.
  5. aarnoman


    Is there any way to allow user actions in this mission? I seem to be unable to use the enhanced movement mod actions/earplug mod when running this mission. On another note, truly one of the best missions I've played in Arma. Fantastic work!