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  1. It is with great pleasure I announce my newest work, some new backpacks that also function as TFAR radios! They are tied to the blufor side, with blufor encryption, and currently come in 3 colors (green, coyote, and winter). They are modeled off of the RT-1523G ASIP, the main backpack radio. They work exactly the same as the usual RT-1523G, but they are contained in a kitbag and consequently have more space! Thanks for checking it out, Talon Pictures: --------------------------------------- REQUIRES TASK FORCE RADIO Download: https://goo.gl/cRujIa All credit for the original TFAR mod goes to the Task Force Arrowhead Radio team over at http://radio.task-force.ru/en/ If you like what you see, feel free to message me and I can see about releasing more content!
  2. Hey all, I'm making a custom IR pointer and I was wondering what the mempoint needs to be name/if I need to even define one. Thanks
  3. With the newest version, my group can't get the crosshair disabling to work. It returns WeaponCursor = 0; but the crosshair still shows up. All of the other difficulty settings are broken for us as well, for example even if we disable group markers they still show up. We've deleted the TADST folder and updated to the latest version, and are still having the same issues.
  4. Tablesalt

    Randomly generated roadside IEDs

    I can't seem to get this script to work on All in Arma Takistan, any ideas why? I've seen this script before and I really like it, and i copied the Init.sqf and Description.ext configs exactly into my mission (minus the authorname and multiplayer variable configs) so I haven't an idea why this isn't working. never mind. After 6 hours of working and finally deciding to make a post, the issue resolved itself AFTER I made a post about it.
  5. Tablesalt

    Airfield Logistics

    Awesome man! Glad to see it finally found the light of day XD
  6. Wow man, looking good. Glad to see people working on more great scripts for our baby!
  7. Tablesalt

    aircraft Carrier Vs Physics

    Which carrier is this? If it's the LHD, I haven't an idea as it looks to be pretty stable, but with the Nimitz this is a known problem and we're working hard to fix it.
  8. Tablesalt

    A-10C for Arma 3

    corpsmanup780, asking for updates is discouraged on this forum.
  9. Thanks so much! FFIS works but it's a bit wonky at times
  10. Sorry to see you're not continuing work on any more mods, but what you have looks good
  11. Tablesalt

    spawning and respawning help!!!!

    Just as info for me to help you, does your character go higher up in the water when you change the elevation or does it stay at the bottom?