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    Scorch052's Scripts

    For the UAV missile script, i want it to be only able to be used by a certain slot in-game, i can attach the call strike to a unit but others can still use the strike when withing 10 meters of the unit, so i was wondering if anyone knew how to make the script only work for the unit it is attached to or how to decrease the radius at which the call strike option can be clicked
  2. deadlykenny

    USS Nimitz

    I love this mod, too bad its a mod and not actually in the game though, otherwise i could use it for a public server
  3. deadlykenny

    Carrier Domination West AI (LHD As Base :) )

    Hey, I'm making a Chernarus domination and its meant to have an aircraft carrier spawn in to be a kind of FOB, but something in the domination's files/scripts is blocking the carrier from actually spawning (note:The carrier is spawned via function), If you know what is making my carrier not spawn please tell me its delaying my whole project.