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  1. mossstone


    Information In another month, it will have been about a year since I started making Jprops. However, making a mod requires a lot of things. Recently, I am almost out of funds for my mods. So, if there is anyone who would like to support my work, I would love for you to join my patreon! patreon opened today. Depending on the amount of support, I can give you access to the pre-release version of JProps! All the money you support will be used for mod development only. thank you Become a Patreon
  2. mossstone


    Hi, It's been a long time since I last updated this forum. I've been posting my progress on Twitter, but I apologize for not posting it on forum. Now the mod is slowly but surely getting closer to release. I've found a few bugs (especially with the breaking glass) and am working on fixing them, as well as polishing some assets I've made in the past. Update Added: +Jizo statue +Convex mirrors (with variants) +Traffic Light Polished: »Fixed material and texture for concrete walls WIP: House (partly destroyed, ruin) Information: Small progress is tweeted on Twitter, so please look up #Jprops if you are interested.
  3. mossstone


    Update Added: + Concrete wall angle variants ( ±5°, ±30°, ±45°, ±60°) Sorry, this mod aims to make “modern” japanese-style props so I don't make a building in WW2.
  4. mossstone


    Update Added: + Sign (fire hydrant) +Sign (pole, convenience store) And now I polishing the lighting of convenience store. Thanks, I wasn't confident if my work could properly recreate the atmosphere of Japan. So your comment inspire me more than you think!
  5. mossstone


    It's been a while. I apologize for not being able to contact you for a long time. Updates: - The roadmap has been released! Future plans will be listed in this. - The model of the convenience store has been completed! Now I'm working on the door animation and lighting. Information: Small progress is tweeted on Twitter, so please look up #Jprops if you are interested.
  6. mossstone


    Update Added: Public telephone box and now applying animation of doors
  7. mossstone


    I'm creating a house, and accessories Accessory models are almost completed, the exterior of the house models are completed and the interior is currently being worked on. Sorry I haven't been able to update you on the progress for a while!
  8. mossstone


    Weekly Update: Added: +The utility pole with PAS(Pole mounted Air insulated Switch) + Concrete walls(and rubble) I'll let that walls breakable, but now walls still alive when they have destroyed. If you know how to fix this issues, please tell me.
  9. mossstone


    Weekly Update: Added: Utility Poles and wires Now I'm making the new one. The housing complex is wip, but it will may be back to square one.
  10. mossstone


    Weekly update: Added +Greenhouse (large) +Greenhouse (large, destroyed) The issues about textures of housing complex is wip. It will take so long time.
  11. mossstone


    Ping! I would make an update every week or two weeks, but please note my busyness may unable to post. Today's update is ...nothing(´・ω・`) I'm struggling to apply multi-material texture correctly. Now I'm making greenhouses. Implementation of housing complex may be delayed, please bear with me.
  12. mossstone


    Thanks! There are some terrains of Japan in Steam Workshop: Iwagi, Niijima, and more. But they use buildings of Altis or Tanoa and it makes them less Japanese. This mod exists for terrains like them. In addition, I'm planning to make a terrain map themed on Ogasawara(Bonin) Islands.
  13. (Mod Logo) This mod aims to add modern Japanese-style architectures and props. It will help to make terrains that themed Japan. But it's based on realistic Japan, so there is no building like Gama Hospital in Hitman. There is much to do, and I haven't made 3d models before, so it may take a long time until it is released, please look forward until it's done. I'll do my best. If you have anything you would like to see added to this mod, please contact me! [All of the content is subject to change without notice.] I'm Japanese and not good at using English, so I'm sorry if my English isn't correct. Thank you for watching! Contents ▼Buildings Housing Complex(団地) Apartments Some houses Construction site Convenience store Commercial buildings Bridge Shrine Temple Factory Train station And more… ▼Props Vending machine Utility poles(and varieties!) Road marking traffic light patterned walls, fences sign Tombstone Lamp And more too...