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  1. MrPolka

    ArmaRig for Blender

    There used to be a video around explaining how to change wepaon proxy for the rig? Is that video still around, I can't seem to be able to find it 😞 Edit: Found it!
  2. MrPolka

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Ah, no worries. Just thought it'd be nice for aesthetics 😛
  3. MrPolka

    Tier 1 Weapons

    I'm wondering if you guys eventually have in plans to make the PEQ's and such accessories also available in black?
  4. MrPolka

    ArmaRig for Blender

    Figured it out!
  5. MrPolka

    ArmaRig for Blender

    Is there a way to be able to smoothly move the fingers without turning them into abominations? 😂
  6. MrPolka

    ArmaRig for Blender

    My efforts to duplicate the dummy have failed, the other dummy cannot be modified in any way. Probably doing something wrong, is there a proper way to do it?
  7. MrPolka

    ArmaRig for Blender

    Would there be a way to insert a 2nd dummy character potentially? It would make making animations with 2 characters interacting so much easier! I do remember seeing a thread or a post with something similar in the past, but I don't seem able to find it again.
  8. As the title implies, I am looking for people to design some custom clothing. Particularly, few sets of female clothing, as the workshop is lacking in that regard. You will be paid if we reach an agreement. Write me a message here or add me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065698710/
  9. Do I paste it into the object's ini and then modify the variables with what I want it to be replaced with? Edit I figured it out. I just luckily found a thread that worked. Not sure how I didn't see it before. Holder = createvehicle [ "weaponholdersimulated",[5375.729,10136.985,0.761],[], 0, "can_Collide"]; Holder addweaponcargo ["CUP_arifle_HK_M27",1]; change the coordinates to what you need to spawn it at. I placed a box and an empty ground marker on top of it. Made them both into simple objects. I took copied the ground markers cords and inputted them into the code. It worked. When the things aren't map objects, the weapon will spawn on the ground. But hey it works lol
  10. Hello! EDEN editor doesn't load all the objects for me, some are missing and it just so happens it's those I desperately need. I thought if it could be possible to place an object of any kind and then via script change what that object will be replaced with upon the mission start? That would be the weapons I cannot find in the EDEN, but otherwise have in the arsenal. Thanks!