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  1. lappihuan

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    the campaign is way out of scope for my current arma motivation, but i have many fixes for the terrain and structures + some small goodies kindly donated from @kiory i need to find time and motivation to wrap it all up and release it tho. but i'm also waiting on @CUP to release @Uro's snow weather integration.
  2. sadly thats BI in a nutshell: - programmers are scared to touch anim code - animators are scared to touch anim network - artists and gameplay designers are scared to request animations and anim features due to the above
  3. lappihuan

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    NAC Agents get under crossfire while investigating strange activities at the sebjan mine
  4. setObjectTexture is not synced in MP, but setObjectTextureGlobel would be
  5. lappihuan

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    appreciate the headsup, while we wait for further changes and a better documentation, it would be extremly helpfull to push the diag_lightNewLoad command into the public diag.exe this way community creators could more effective fiddle with the lighting in realtime.
  6. just flip the faces after mirroring, i think the shortcut in OB is "W"
  7. @Private Evans in this post you can see some of our vegetation/environment assets the terrain will not be dependant on cup or any other asset library
  8. @mondkalbactually is working on something like that (unrelated to this project) so you can see it is technically possible, but extremly time consuming https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/DarkRadiantGrizzlybear keep in mind that he probably made it easier for himself as it looks like he limits movement speed to 1 and maybe also some stances
  9. This would mean creating a whole movement set for each of these diffrent styles of weapon carrying. Walking-Front ...-Left ...-Right ...-Back ...-Diagonal (Front-Left) ... Sprinting-Front ...-Left ... Same for all Stances ... I guess you get the idea. BI has one movementset which is already a huge pile of work.
  10. @Tom_48_97 ☠ any reason why we can use the arma3_x64.exe for TB buldozer but not for OB buldozer?
  11. lappihuan

    Laws of War DLC Mines

    @five_seven5-7 _mine setDamage 1;
  12. lappihuan

    Laws of War DLC Mines

    I would love to see more sqf commands interacting with mines as currently there are almost none right now: "see also" https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createMine stuff i would like to see: - disableMine - enableMine - unrevealMine - MineTriggered EH - MineExploded EH - MineEnabled EH - MineDisabled EH
  13. lappihuan

    Enhanced Visuals

    does this also consider how track ir and 3D scopes work together? basically that you can turn your head while in scope.
  14. lappihuan

    "Move to grid 000000"

    could this be the issue? Fixed: AI drivers would move to the corner of the VR terrain on their own from here
  15. i guess he means the monetization rules: https://www.bistudio.com/monetization