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  1. Formula Arma

    Its done when its done. Currently I dont have time to finish the sounds.
  2. Please upload the F1 cars, there are literally no other F1 mods on the workshop right now, so please be a kind soul.

  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    What kind of question is that?
  4. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Horizon Islands fisherman spots something strange in the mangrove near his fishing grounds.
  5. Hilfe ! (Deutsch)

  6. Refined Vehicles

    I disabled the mods on Steam and removed the downloadlinks. I will not update this further, so please don't use this anymore. It's outdated, it's broken, it breaks other stuff. Mods, if you can, please lock this thread. Thanks
  7. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    We always try to avoid that with rerouting classnames to keep as much backwards compatibility as possible. And if its not possile, we'll make sure to inform people.
  8. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Serbian Armed Forces Serbian Air Force Horizon Islands Defence Force Chernarussian Air Force Chernarussian Army Chernarussian Paratroopers Chernarussian National Guard ChDKZ Yeah... sure... Okay, we would then have: Dutch Army US Army Brazilian Army Russian Army Serbian Army Australian Army Spanish Army Finnish Army UK Army Polish Army Czech Army Bundeswehr and I probably forgot a couple of people..... So no, thanks. We work on stuff we want. I for one have absolutely 0 interest working on Bundeswehr stuff.
  9. Photogrammetry

    Ah, remembered the name. It's a Breuckmann Smartscan 3D-HE.
  10. Photogrammetry

    Same here, also Game Design Degree (with currently a course in propper photogrammetry), but try to get Agisoft. It will improve the workflow massively even when its very expensive. You can use that toolkit, but have you ever scanned before or read tutorials about it? There are some things you have to keep in mind. Regarding the color, use dark grey with the mattest surface you can create or paint. To quote Trump: Scanners have a massive advantage over photogrammetry. Just yesterday I worked with a professional scanner (forgot the name, can check on tuestday, but its a stereoscopic for €80,000), and the detail they can produce is staggering. They can create Vertices with a resolution up to 0,01mm. We used this for mesh creation and then photogrammetry of the same piece (in this case the lower skull of a horse) to get the textures, and then bake both down to a "lowpoly"-ish mesh with ultra sharp textures. I know you said "up to 15k" - but this was more against the statement "photogrammetry is better".... :P The gist is: Paint your object matte dark grey, get a lighting setup as you can see in my second picture. Take the pictures with a very small aperture (big number), preferably f/16 or f/22 and a very slow shutter speed while having the camera on a tripod. Learn Agisoft. Check the forum on how to take pictures. If above terms of photografy are bohemian villages - Please check those out before you start doing this. It's way more complicated than it first sounds in order to get decent results. I can show of some my latest stuff in a bit.
  11. Photogrammetry

    What is the object you want to turn into a 3D model? Don't use Recap Photo, it's not suited for production. Agisoft or Capturing Reality.
  12. For $13 I'll start downloading pictures and then awaiting the payment.