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  1. Hey everyone! Today is the 72nd anniversary of what Dwight D. Eisenhower called "The Great Crusade". In the early hours of the morning on June 6, 1944 thousands of young allied personnel were heading straight towards the coast of the Normandy region in France. Men from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Free French, Free Polish, Free Belgians, and many more allies who joined the fight against Nazi Germany. Storming the beaches codenamed Omaha, Utah, Juno, Sword, and Gold while thousands more jumped from planes and silently fell towards the earth with fire erupting around them. These men started the final thrust that liberated many European countries who were terrorized by the Nazis and played a major part in toppling Germany. Today, let's please remember the pain and sacrifice these men went through. They were called upon and answered the call to do their part to end one of the bloodiest regimes known to modern history. PS: Now don't worry guys! There will be a content update VERY soon. The team are working very hard to show some quality finished content.
  2. I remember seeing that on deviantart, it looked good! Especially your Reising!
  3. Kilroy95

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    Thats from James D Julia Auction house, they sell some of the finest firearms out there. I promise it isn't a toy. That metal bar is how pump shotguns work, it connects the pump to the bolt. Here is a ad from Ithaca during WWII which shows that shotgun. http://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2015/5/18/the-ithaca-model-37-in-us-military-service/ Here is a article from the NRA about it.
  4. Kilroy95

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    Yeah, that's the version that saw some use in Vietnam and sold a lot in the civilian market. This is the one used in WWII.
  5. Kilroy95

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Dont forget about Westwall Germany 1945 https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/187768-wip-westwall-germany-1945/
  6. Kilroy95

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    I thought he took them as well. BUT. After searching around, it turns out he made them for Iron Front. So they are front Iron Front. But since he made them, no harm there at all. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/161011-iron-front-as-mod-in-arma-3/ That is a link to the original Iron Front A3 mod release post. If you scroll down a bit you will see this "Thanks to LODU brand new US units!"
  7. Oh yeah! Nothing like your standard issue GI sock with some grease and explosives :D
  8. I am really excited for this! Hell, I've even subscribed to this post to be up-to-date haha. Mr. Gurdy, I have some WWII rifles and some militaria, if you could use any of it for sounds, animations, or reference pictures I'll be glad to help!
  9. Kilroy95

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Thats correct, CS stands for Confined Space and if I'm correct, has a compartment filled with salt water in the rear that, when fired, dissipates the backblast allowing you to fire inside of buildings and in cover without injury to yourself or others near you.
  10. Hey man, looks like that Marine forgot his M1 Carbine bayonet mount! haha