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  1. All Arma3 WW2 Mods Compilation List Last updated: November 12th, 2022 Current number of mods in this list: 428 Hello WW2 Fans! This compilation list was created from my frustration of steam Workshop's lack of function to better sort items in collections, this sorted list is my Arma3 WW2 Steams Workshop Collection seen here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1508144524 that compiles all the WW2 items (not missions) into one place! The collection on the Steam Workshop page has all the items in one place however they are not separated or sorted based on type or subject, my list here does this for you! Video Overview Animations & Static Poses Backpacks, Helmets, Gameplay, Infantry Weapons, Objects, Planes, Ships, Statics, & Tanks Compatibility Mods Compositions Factions & Units Insignias & Loadouts Major Conversion Mods Map Markers Outfits & Uniforms Singleplayer / Multiplayer Campaigns Retexture packs, & Texture packs Scripts Sound, Radio, & Voice Sound Mods Terrains (Maps) Credits I hope that my list here the community would recognize the creators for their work, and give credit where due, as new content adds more enjoyment and replayability to the game. ========== Note: This thread will be updated as new content is added to the Arma 3 Steam Workshop WW2 Collections.
  2. Hello there! Forgotten Fronts: 40-45 is a ww2 modification for Arma 3 mainly focussed on adding the forgotten factions of WW2. We're a team of various modders from across the globe with alot of interest and knowledge on WW2. (denazified for BI formums, In game will have historic symbols) (m40 uniform) (m36 Uniform) (Dutch Soldier holding carbine) (French Uniform in Progress) In Progress: Dutch Army - [NL] French Army - [FR] Dutch Resistance - [NBS] Wehrmacht and Waffen SS - [DE] American Army - [US] Civillian faction [CIV] Various map assets Ockenburgh Airfield Terrain Planned: Luchtstrijdkrachten faction - [LSK] KNIL faction - [KNIL] Korps Mariniers faction - [KM] Russian Army - [USSR] We eventually hope to tackle all of the above in a well functioning Arma mod for all to enjoy! Any help, tips and comments are very much welcome we're a relatively new bunch of chaps when it comes to Arma modding.. slowly piecing togheter this immense project. The Team: Justin (Importer, config coder, texture artist) Motta (Importer, modeler) Simcardo (Importer, Config coder, Modeler) Rikugun (Modeler, Texture artist) ItsJustCat (Texture Artist) Lakarak (Importer, modeler) Zhivets (Reference Aid) Lennard (Terrain Objects) GP-5 (Terrain Team) Jenkins (Terrain Team) (Discord: https://discord.gg/uaBfN7s) Other (Ex)Members: Ivan [7Pz.Div] (Spanish Project) Loki (Spanish Project) WelshStalker (Spanish Project) Xeno (Ex- Team member) PtrcK (Ex- Team member) Schwienny (Ex- Team member) Special Thanks To: Waxbutter (Assets, Information and overall support) (CSA38)Petrtlach (Assets, Information and many learning oppertunities) Scott Delbressine (3D Scan Developement) BraveSirCharge and Northern Fronts (Assets and enduring Support) Dutcheeseblend & Northern Fronts (Fokker Dxxi) Landrik (Historical Advising) Tomolyons (Amazing Music) Felix (Enduring support) Basher (Enduring support) Adami (Enduring Support) Rismarck (Assets and support) You (For taking the time to read this) Hope you all like the idea. There's more to come soon FF DEV has released on Steam workshop! Check it out here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1878095865
  3. Already familiar with Iron Front LITE, jump directly to what's new below. Want to contribute, go straight to how to participate. Preface This project has the agreement of all involved parties: AWAR (developers of Iron Front) X1Software (managing director) Bohemia Interactive (engine licensor) DeepSilver (publisher) Logo by Lennard Trailer by EvroMalarkey Trailer by Metalvenom Promo by J g0re MP mode "Blitzkrieg" - Official teaser by Kenwort "Omaha" D-Day - Short Film by IIN8II . # What is Iron Front It is a tactical shooter video game set in World War II Eastern Front built by AWAR - a group of former OFP and Arma modders. It was released mid 2012 as a standalone game using the Real Virtuality 3 engine also powering Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. The highlights: Five outstanding terrains of various sizes A large variety of very high quality and historically accurate units, weapons and vehicles A German and Russian singleplayer campaign across eight missions in an authentic setting Advanced gameplay features like the high level tank simulation, gun towing and artillery system or the realistic mine system Great gameplay with its low tech world war 2 setting Detailed content overview: 5 factions Germans: Wehrmacht, Panzerwaffe, Luftwaffe, Sturmtroopers, Tank Sturmtroopers Soviets: Red Army (RKKA), Tank troops of USSR, USSR Airforce Polish troops: Home Army Americans: US Army, US Tank Troops, US Airforce 32 weapons 9 rilfes 10 machineguns 2 sniper rifles 3 rocket launchers 8 pistols 53 vehicles 3 cars 21 trucks 3 wheeled APCs 10 tanks 5 planes 1 boat 10 static weapons 5 terrains Ivachev (128 x 128) Panovo (512 x 512) France (1024 x 1024) Baranow (1024 x 1024) Staszow (2048 x 2048) Recommended videos to give you some more insights about Iron Front: Weapons and infantry by Sibiluss Armor and tanks by Sibiluss Exclusive gameplay preview by SideStrafe Multiplayer gameplay by SideStrafe Exclusive units, settings and maps preview by fusionpoo Exclusive unexpected visit, air scenario preview by fusionpoo Exclusive tank armor preview by fusionpoo Our check out our Iron Front: Liberation 1944 - Youtube video channel. . # What is Iron Front in Arma Our development team has ported the assets to Arma 3 to be used in the latest RV engine. This most recent version supports many of the new technologies and features of Arma 3 and is continued to be made more complete. . Thanks to: tierprot all infantry units support the A3 clothing system. Shvetz weapons support the new A3 muzzle flashes, weapon effects and other new features. Fabio Chavez terrains shine in the new A3 lighting. tierprot all cars and most trucks support PhysX tech. Shvetz all tanks support PhysX tech. Lennard weapon resting and bipods deployment, Winter and Desert reskins, improved existing textures, as well as several new models. Megagoth1702 new sounds with latest Engine tech. Red Phoenix PhysX assistance, contributions and sharing templates. El Tyranos upgraded tanks, planes, infantry hitboxes and many other various assets to A3 standard. El Tyranos additional variants based on existing models. El Tyranos contributions from Lennard, reyhard and Joarius integrated. El Tyranos ACE compatibility. J g0re promotion creation and twitter presence. Dmorok testing as QA lead, our YouTube channel with many small info videos and doing steam community management. Reyhard bolting system and civilians. Joarius civilian and various reskins. Adanteh rifle grenade system. mikero and his tools suite - without him this whole project would not have been possible! In addition this version allows you to: Mod Iron Front itself Extend it with your own mods Combine it with community made mods Play in the most recent Real Virtuality engine In an alive and vivid gaming and modding community # Media Gallery Images by Fabio Chavez and Lennard. . More: Top rated videos on steam Top rated artwork on steam Top rated screenshots on steam Most views on youtube Most relevant on youtube # What is the LITE version Free version with lower quality textures and sounds. SP missions and campaigns are not available. # Why is it called Preview version This version is WIP until we deliver the FULL version. # More Known issues: Check out our issue tracker. Recommended content, class lists and more: Visit our wiki. Servers: Search via battlemetrics. Joining the team: Learn more here. # How to participate Try it, play it, enjoy it Tell your friends if you like it Share your screenshots and videos Tell streamers to try it or stream playing it yourself Give feedback/report issues Join our discord server for assistance, discussions or just to have a chat Create new missions or new content yourself! Join our discord server and we will have a chat!
  4. 23. Panzer-Division "Eiffelturm" Who are we? We are a professional Arma 3 realism unit portraying the 23rd Panzer Division, Panzergrenadier-Regiment.128 and their combat actions throughout the second world war. We also portray other Wehrmacht units such as the 79. Infanterie-Division during our Stalingrad and Kuban campaign. With our current manpower, we operate at a company level with over 70 members, hoping to expand to over 80 in the near future. With unit leadership and other members having years of experience in Wehrmacht realism, we aim to deliver the most professional, accurate and realistic portrayal of a Wehrmacht company in the second world war. What we offer? We take pride in our historical accuracy, and aim to offer the most authentic realism experience to someone who wishes to join our ranks. As well as realistic combat, we structure and operate our group as Wehrmacht units would have been historically. This encompasses ranks, tactics, tactical commands, radio procedures, uniforms, medals, weaponry, and most importantly camaraderie. With years of friendship between members of the unit and our diverse, international collection of individuals, you will be welcomed into a stable, active and friendly community to bond with. With a team of dedicated unit developers and permission from mod creators, we are the most customized and specialized ArmA 3 WW2 unit created with development in all areas of the gameplay experience. This includes completely custom maps, vehicles, uniforms and even artillery pieces for all theatres and time periods as well as special uniforms for individuals who have earned a combination of awards. Primary Language: English & German German is utilized to increase the immersion and historical authenticity of the events. - During trainings and operations, primary communication is done with English. (85-90% of communication) - Tactical movements and commands are given in German. (10-15% of communication) Combat billets Entry level combat billets is where all speculative members of the unit begin their time with the 23. Panzer-Division: - Mechanized Infanterie - High Demand Graduate level combat billets (You may progress to their different paths within the Kompanie when you graduate Rekrut Schule and reach Panzergrenadier): Specialized Gruppe Roles (MG-Gunner, MG-Assistant, Assistant stretcher bearer, Grenadier, Rifleman) - Tornisterfunktrupp (Funker - Radioman) - Kompanie & Zugtrupp's (Melder - Messenger) Sanitätstrupp (Sanitäter - Medic) - Panzer Crewman - (Gunner, Radioman, Driver) All billets are subject to availability within the Kompanie and those who are best fit for the role. Requirements to Join Age 18+: Accept if met current Criteria. 16-17-: Accept if met any of the following: - Friends with a current standing member of the unit. - Previous experience in a realism/mil-sim/reenactment unit. - Show above average levels of maturity for their age. - Show an interest in developing their current understanding and learning more about the Wehrmacht and what we do as a whole. Technical Must have a legal copy of Arma 3. Must have a working microphone. Must have or be able to have Teamspeak 3 VoIP program installed. Must be able to use Push to talk on Teamspeak 3 while in game. Must be willing to download mods off of Arma3Sync and utilize ACRE2 Schedule Attendance to main Sunday events and Saturday trainings is 100% mandatory. If real life bars you from attending you are able to write in a Leave of Absence to inform that Unit that you cannot attend: - Kompanie Operations, PvP's, & Trainings: Sunday, 2:00PM EST (19:00 GMT) - 1. Zug und Panzerzug (1st Platoon 4th Platoon(Tanks)) Training: Saturday, 2:00PM EST (19:00 GMT) - Aufklärungstrupp (Reconnaissance Troop) Training: Thursday, 6:30PM EST (11:30 GMT) Contact & Media Join our Discord below and fill out an application if this sounds interesting to you. If you're still thinking about it how about taking a look at our YouTube channel. Discord: http://discord.gg/YvMJQ57 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PaleJudge Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/23PanzerDivision-public
  5. "Go for Broke!" 100th Battalion, 442nd Regiment Who are we? We're a new semi-realistic unit based on the most-decorated combat unit in the US Army during WW2, the 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team (or Infantry Regiment). We aim to offer fun & realistic WW2 operations on Sundays, taking place throughout all fronts from Europe to the Pacific while also having one full campaign as the 442nd Regimental Combat Team! For now we follow a platoon-sized organization and we have plans to expand, we're also currently looking for passionate members who are willing to fill our ranks as; Grenadiers, medics, machine-gunners and of course as a Zeus for example. - We are not a "yes-sir, no-sir" unit. - We do also encourage new players to come and join in the fun, and we would be happy to have them in our ranks! Why join the 442nd? Our main goal as the 442nd, is to portray the 442nd as accurately as we can within the limits ARMA 3 can do, we'd like to say we are some-what unique by portraying a Japanese-majority American unit as far as we know it hasn't been done before. We're structured as an American combat unit dated around '44-'45, utilizing the tactics, uniforms & formations that were in use by the US Army. As mentioned before we aim to offer one full accurate campaign as the 442nd in the future alongside other side-operations as different units fighting in Europe, Africa or in the Pacific, in fronts such as the Sino-Japanese War. So, if you'd like to be part of a growing unit with a unique background as the 442nd with a varied operation plan, we encourage you to give us chance as your ARMA 3 unit! Our Schedule We run our operations every Sunday at 18:00 +0 UTC/GMT ICELANDIC TIME or 1PM EST, and they're all not mandatory but we do encourage people to attend and posting reasons for absence in LOA. Available Roles We follow a US Army infantry orgs dating back to '44-'45, allowing us to offer: Weapons Specialists, such as Mortarmen, Anti-Tank soldiers or LMG specialists. Infantry Squad Specialists, such as Automatic Riflemen or Grenadiers. Medical Platoon, for those medical enthusiasts. Command, for those who have interest in leadership positions. Technical, for members who want to help in roles such as recruitment. Zeus, for those who have an interest on making missions or directing battles. - Just a few examples, we do plan to branch out more as we grow. A few requirements to join Required age to join is 16+, any lower may be overlooked if the applicant shows levels of maturity. We require our members to have Teamspeak 3 and TFAR. We require our members to have a legal copy of ARMA 3. Our Contact, Media and Mod-pack Our Discord - https://discord.gg/suk3VDaEaS Unit Gallery (Before our unit became the 442nd) - https://imgur.com/a/y5045xd Our mod-pack - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1873336611&savesuccess=1
  6. ABOUT [RATS.ins] jujurat presents Orglandes, a 4km terrain that seeks to provide a playable, atmospheric, and engaging take on French countryside in WW2. Orglandes is a small town that was fought around during the allied assault on the way to Cherbourg. This terrain attempts to recreate Orglandes, and the areas around it in the approximate time period using references from old satellite images from the 1950s, and of course some fictional liberties taken to make the map playable for Arma. FEATURES 4km terrain that recreates northernish french countryside. Extensive bocage/foliage detail. Mostly accurate building placement (authentic as it can get with limited assets). Rolling hills, farms, and wheat fields. Footpaths that maneuver around the map and allow the player to explore multiple areas. Livonia lighting and foliage. (With some configuration edits to work well for this map too!) Fighting positions and ruins that accurately depict the events that unfolded in the areas around Orglandes. PLANNED FEATURES More trenches, defensive positions, etc. Custom soundscapes. Further detail on lackluster areas. Continued support and improvement based on community feedback. NOTES While I have released this map publically, it is still under development. Unlike most 'under development' maps on the workshop/release state, this one is very much playable and works fine without any issue. However, there are small (mostly cosmetic) issues that are going to be addressed and fixed with time. You may experience some trees on roads, roads not being aligned perfectly.. etc, all of which can be solved in your mission file, simply use the hide terrain objects module if you encounter any issues of this nature. CREDITS jujurat - Made the terrain. vuo - Help with some object placement when I ran out of ideas. scwheineyy - Helped me figure things out when I first started the map on 6/19/20. mo - """Historical""" advisor and general help. ADDITIONAL CREDITS simcardo - Being an inspiration for continuing to provide cool content for Arma. Ice - BIG HELP in the Arma Community Discord (particularly in the terrain channels). EO - Skies inspiration. All of the testers and people who previewed the map and helped find issues with it. Anyone who helped me in the Arma terrain chat that I'm forgetting. STATS FOR NERDS Terrain Size: 4096m Grid Size: 1024x1024 Cell Size: 4m TERRAIN IMAGES FULL IMGUR ALBUM: https://imgur.com/a/EzaI6PQ DOWNLOAD Current mirror: Steam Workshop. I don't intend on uploading it to Armaholic, but if someone would like to do so, that's fine. Just use all of the information posted here. 🙂 EDIT: Armaholic mirror available, however it is not maintained by me. Armaholic version may not always be up to do with newest versions. https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=36273
  7. Website: http://www.missionrepository.com/ The website is a compilation site of all the Missions & Files for: Iron Front: Liberation 1944 in one place. Site hosts missions and Files for: Iron Front: Liberation 1944 standalone game Iron front in Arma2OA also known as IFA2 Iron front in Arma3 also known as IFA3 Lite More information about the site can be found on the site's About page
  8. well, i'm trying to create a ww2 scenery with parachute jump. And for that I'm using the IFA3_LIB mod. The C-47s from there have the normal sitting position and also the standing up position which is when you are about to jump. I wanted to make the player not have to worry about clicking anything when jumping, so I got this script so that the jump could be done alone: Now an important detail, this script works perfectly when the plane's crew is seated (in game they appear as: crew) But before the jump takes place/the above script runs, I put in another script that makes the entire crew that was seated to stand up, and therefore be in the standing up position. In this case, when the plane reaches the trigger with the jump script, everyone standing inside the plane is still inside the plane... :l I believe maybe that's why: since when they are standing they are apparently no longer considered "crew". But I don't know, I don't know much about scripts, I was wondering if there is another variety to use in forEach other than "crew" that works for this case... An example of all units jumping out of the plane except the pilot would work but I don't know how to do it. Challenge launched! xD Thanks in advance guys!
  9. TheQueenMalkova

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I had a look in the face of war mod but there are only summer uniforms. Is there any mods that include the coat and other winter uniforms of the Japanese Army?
  10. Vincent Richard

    Project France WW2

    France WW2 is a project that aims to integrate into Arma 3 French vehicles dating from the Second World War (during the Battle of France in 1940). We have almost all the 3D models made of the land vehicles from that time with the uniforms as well. We just need the integration to be done, that's why we are looking for people who know how to develop / integrate vehicles on Arma 3. In a second time, we are looking for 3D artists and historical advisors to bring their knowledge. If you are interested or you want more information, contact me in PM. France WW2 est un projet qui a pour but d'intégrer dans Arma 3 des véhicules français datant de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale (durant la Bataille de France en 1940). Nous avons quasiment tous les modèles 3D fait des véhicules terrestres datant de l'époque avec les uniformes en plus. Il nous manque juste l'intégration à faire, c'est pour cela que nous recherchons des personnes s'y connaissant en Developpement / Intégration de véhicules sur Arma 3. Dans un second temps, nous recherchons des artistes 3D et des Conseillers historique pour apporter leurs connaissances. Si vous êtes intéressé ou que vous désirez plus d'informations, contactez moi en MP.
  11. Hello! We are The Arma Bois and we are a small(~15 active players) Semi-milsim and a bit more casual community mostly consisting of friends. We have both experienced players and newbies so anyone is welcome to join! We are based in the EU and we play missions each Sunday at 16:00 CEST. Those are zeused by me and they are set anywhere from WW2 till present. We also have an antistasi server up 24/7 and we plan to run smaller missions during the week outside of our main ones. There is no training per se, but we need you to know the basics of Ace. Mission organization: We do not have designated people for squads/squad roles, because the mission types vary and we like to keep it casual. You can slot yourself in whichever squad you want with whoever you like as long as the slot is not taken. We do have groups of Czechs and Germans who sometimes tend to play together with their native tongue, however English is the primary language everyone needs to know for communication with other squads and their players. We do not have an attendance so it is ok if you miss out on a mission every now and then. Mods we use: Due to the variety of missions I create, there is a lot of mods required for different factions. You can expect the usual RHS and CUP stuff with WW2 mods such as IFA3 and more. We use ACE for realisms sake and ACRE2 for proxy chat, radios etc. Due to ACRE, you will need to have Team Speak installed. Join us on our discord: https://discord.gg/qxvSHvBjAb or contact me directly by a PM if you want to ask me about something: DelT#5427
  12. General Equipment and Accessories (GEAR) includes several items such as uniforms and equipments aimed at accurately depicting the US military in WW2, such as field jackets, web gear, and a wide array of helmets. everything comes in several variations enough to make each person in a squad looks different to one another, while keeping things historical accurate at the same time. Units uses IFA3 weapons, early USMC ones uses M1903s from FoW FIles: This pack has been configured to be rather modular so that you can remove certain files if you wish to not play with certain things. Core Files (do not remove): - simc_uaf_44.pbo: most of the assets are here - simc_uaf_44_preview.pbo: bunch of icons and editor preview Other files: - simc_uaf_44_divisie.pbo: file for all the numbered units and helmets - simc_uaf_44_cfg.pbo: US Army equipments - simc_mc_44.pbo: USMC/USN equipments - simc_mc_44_cfg.pbo: USMC units (requires FoW) - simc_uaf_44_floaties.pbo: US Aircraft Retextures - simc_uaf_44_panzers.pbo: US Panzers Retextures - simc_uaf_44_ifa3_replats.pbo: Replaces IFA3 US Army Assets - simc_headfuck.pbo: Heads Current full list of included items: Classnames (thanks to mc_woland for the list) Credits: - IFA3 team for everything; weapons for units, rank and unit patches; - FoW team for M1903A1 - Bohemia Interactive for the arma sample models (and the game itself), made my jeep cap out of one of those beanies - Ethridge for m1 helmet shell, liner strap, and CC2 HBT textures - Lennard: Gloves model - motta: teaching me how to measure in blender, giving me accurate sizes for E-Tools, made 87th ID patch and stencil, providing 3D scanned boots and m1 helmet models. - Justin N. for basically teaching me how to sculpt nice normal maps, all the newly sculpted uniforms wont happen if it wasnt for his instructies. he also bought tannenbaum's models which is the base for several of the gear models. - Шоиветс for references and death threats - Schwienyy: UV-mapping the haversack, photorealistic scrim, advices and ideas, testings, and additional screenshots - Bigstone for advices and ideas, helmet band model, patch textures, and testing; Actually bigstone deserves more credits for dropping me all those ideas, w/o him this mod probably wont be this big, which actually, its not even that big now but it still could be much smaller - Frenchy56: structured collar 1937 khaki and wool uniforms, advices and threats, testings, additional screenshots - Jaki for advices and ideas, testing, some textures, and additional screenshots. - Courtland: Garrison cap model - Asmoro: Wool Trousers sculpt - Unitatoe: 39IR helmet stencil - Jujurat: Polaroids and M1 eyeshields - Olmo Potums: M1974 Goggles (part of the CVC helmet model ) - did i miss someone? Download (Requires FoW and IFA3): Steam Workshop Or Armaholic Alternate Version (Requires only IFA3): Steam Workshop Or Armaholic Full Changelog: By the way, If anyone wants to somewhat help me out even more, (which will help me in a rather significant way) one can donate to me via paypal; send it to my paypal email adress arkan_ebi@hotmail.com Or alternatively, you can support me on Patreon -------------------------------more pics:
  13. Hi folks, we came to the conclusion it will be a WW2 scenery. Since we noticed that there are a few WW2 mods out there already, we want to use them for our campaign, what will be the heart of FRONTLINE. But we also need a lot of new models for now. Specially german Tanks, british fighters (air) are required. So if somebody of you is interessted to join on that project, we would love to work together with you. What is FRONTLINE: FRONTLINE will be in the first hand a campaign about the WW2. It will include every important and well known battle of WW2 and also the not known fights against the nazi regime. But ok whats new on it? I will tell you: On one hand we have the regular fights everybody knows from other mods already, but we also want to include the resistance or civil life missions into the campaign. The campaign it self should cover all of the WW2 scenarios with ALL of the incidents. It will be a whole story of WW2 ingame. Since there are not enough models out there for planes, tanks and soldiers, we want to ask here to join our group to create the most realitsic and enthusiatsic WW2 feeling ever. Including concentrations camps, playing a german soldiers in the campaign, try to survive as a civilist, just everything that happened. A real diary of war. The whole campaign will be playable as a 4 players COOP campaign. With all the scary shit and brutal shit happened on WW2 without excuses. PLANNED CAMPAIGN CONTENT: FRONTLINE will be seperated in Seasons: - SEASON 01 (1939 - early 1940) 6 Episodes: Episode 01: TIME: 3rd September 1939 PLACES: Poland - Weichselbridge Dirschau, Polish Army Outpost, Somewhere on the fields PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Polish Army Episode 02: TIME: 4th September 1939 PLACES: England, Germany - Wilhelmshaven PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: British Pilots Episode 03: TIME: 8th September 1939 PLACES: Poland - 20km south of Modlin PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Polish Army Episode 04: TIME: 13th October 1939 PLACES: Poland - Warsaw, Warsaw Underground PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Resistance Episode 05: TIME: 7th January 1940 PLACES: Germany - Concentration Camp Dachau PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Civils Episode 06: TIME: 14th March 1940 PLACES: Poland - Krakow PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: German SS Multiplayer-Part: Several Gamemodes on the known places used in the Campaign and some extra designed Eden maps for MP such like Danzig. more Infos later on that... DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2375757963&searchtext= - SEASON 02 (1940 - December 1941) 7 Episodes: Episode 01: TIME: 9th April - 9th May 1940 PLACES: Norway PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Germany - Paratroopers/Navy Episode 02: TIME: 10th May - 2nd July 1940 PLACES: France PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Germany - Infantry/Tanks Episode 03: TIME: 3rd July - 12th October 1940 PLACES: Britain PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Great Britain - Airforce Episode 04: TIME: 13th October - 27th October 1940 PLACES: France PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: French Resistance - Infantry Episode 05: TIME: 28th October - 1st February 1941 PLACES: Greece PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Italy - Infantry/Commando Episode 06: TIME: 2nd February - 21th June 1941 PLACES: Africa PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Great Britain - Infantry/Airforce/Tanks Episode 07: TIME: 22th June - 6th December 1941 PLACES: Russia/Finland PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Germany/Finland - Infantry/Airforce - Season 03 (1941 - 1942) - Season 04 (1943 - May 1944) - Season 05 (June 1944 - End 1944) - Season 06 (1945 - end of war) STANDALONE DLCs: FRONTLINE - COLD IRON: current Version: 1.0 FRONTLINE - COLD IRON will get the player into Stalingrad 1943. As a russian well known sniper "Vassili Saizew" you will try to recapture the city step by step. COLD IRON is a semi-open-world scenario with included survival elements. You will need to eat, drink and warm up during the cold outside. FRONTLINE - COLD IRON is an open end project, so there is still room to add content in that scenerio later on. For now we have around 15 missions to complete in the gameworld. There are multiple ways to complete a mission and how to get there. Your actions are limited by the gameworld itself, thats why we will call it a semi-open-world. The gameworld itself is highly detailed, probably the best looking gameworld of ARMA3 so far. What makes COLD IRON really special is the atmosphere, in every corner or window can be a german sniper, you always need to be careful while moving through Stalingrad. The Stalingrad-gameworld is a fictional one, since we decided to let the gameworld designer some freedom for designing a gameworld. COLD IRON can be played as a singleplayer mission which will cause a lot of savings or as multiplayer for 4 people in COOP. COLD IRON is hard to play due the realism and survival additions. Its recommended to use a proper PC tu run FRONTLINE COLD IRON. SP-Version 1.0 DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2486768764 MP-Version 1.1 DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2508490220 WEBSITE: www.frontline-game.com FRONTLINE SOUNDTRACK: FRONTLINE will come with a unique, 100% new made soundtrack, specially for this campaign. We are working with different music programs and musicians together to create a unique soundtrack for FRONTLINE. The initial soundtrack of FRONTLINE will be available later on Soundcloud and on our Youtube-Channel of BPOF Black Panthers On Fight. PLANNED ADDONS: British: - Blenheim Bomber - Crusader Tank French: - Renault FT Tank WHAT WE NEED HELP WITH: So for now we are just searching for more people here to support us. We got some support from museums already for history stuff, this one needs to be perfect. If you are interessted give me a message here in the forums. Searching for: -Modellers, -Graphical artists -guys who well know the WW2 history -Soundartists -Voiceactors (urgent) for Polish, German, English and French Regards MaturE
  14. About [RATS.ins] jujurat presents Heilstein, a 2km terrain that seeks to provide a playable, atmospheric, and engaging take on German countryside in WW2. Heilstein is an area that is south of Simmerath, and was briefly occupied and fought in during the end of the Allied invasion of WW2. It is also south of the Hurtgen Forest. This terrain attempts to recreate Heilstein, and the areas around it in the approximate time period using geographical data, and of course some fictional liberties taken to make the map playable for Arma. Features 2km terrain that recreates winter German countryside in WW2. Serves as a winter alternative to my upcoming Hurtgen terrain. Extensive forest/atmosphere detail. Rolling hills, farms, villages, forests, and valleys. Custom lighting configuration. Ambient crows. Fighting positions and and trenches, as well as small terrain detail for fighting maneuvers. Breath fog; courtesy of haleks. Working snowflake precipitation, courtesy of CUP. Snow objects on the ground around forests to simulate build-up. Planned Features Continued support and improvement based on community feedback. Notes The breath fog script should be running clientside. You can remove it or disable it in the event of sudden performance drops or mod conflictions by simply dragging out the 'test' pbo from the addon's directory. It was created by Haleks, thank you very much! Stats for Nerds 2km Cell Size 2 Credits and Thanks For providing great information and help at times of need: Mondkalb Ice Adanteh Temppa Icebreakr EO haleks A3 Discord Terrain Channel HorribleGoat Bohemia Interactive DOWNLOAD
  15. About [RATS.ins] jujurat presents Port Lyautey, a 4km terrain that seeks to provide a playable, atmospheric, and engaging take on Port Lyautey, French Morocco during Operation Torch. Port Lyautey was one of the first territories of battle during the US' entrance to WW2. This terrain attempts to recreate that location and the areas around it in the approximate time period using real world data, and of course some fictional liberties taken to make the map playable for Arma. The terrain includes notorious locations such as the Kasba and the fated lighthouse, which held up the 9th Infantry Division during the storming of the beaches and subsequent control of the port. Battle of Port Lyautey The Battle of Port Lyautey began on 8 November 1942 for the city of Port Lyautey, today known as Kenitra, in French Morocco. The battle ended with its capture and occupation by American troops, overrunning French forces after more than two days of fierce fighting. Features Beaches that were used in US landings. Jungles and dry plains. A few villages, the castle, light house. A few trenches and defensive positions. General terrain area that is miscellaneous enough to be used for multiple purposes. Custom lighting config. Real geographical infromation such as the heightmap, gathered from QGIS with the assistance of Adanteh's Game Terrain plugin. Plans for the Future I will likely polish this a tad more in the future. Known Issues The mask is not correct in some areas. This is due to more than five materials being used in a cell. Trees/foliage on some roads. These will be fixed in due time. Foliage can be easily hidden via the Hide Terrain Objects module in 3DEN. Stats for Nerds 4km Cell Size 2 Credits and Thanks For providing great information and help at times of need: Mondkalb Ice Adanteh Temppa Icebreakr brg_africa/mbg A3 Discord Terrain Channel HorribleGoat Bohemia Interactive DOWNLOAD Current mirror: Steam Workshop. I don't intend on uploading it to Armaholic, but if someone would like to do so, that's fine. Just use all of the information posted here. 🙂
  16. We are currently preparing for the mod "ArmA II: OA", due to the fact that we are working on the mod Coming two, we can simultaneously do well on ArmA III version. Initial content should eventually be identical for ArmA II: OA and Arma III. For ArmA II remodel some models that had better quality than in ArmA.The basis for the creation of our military manuals.We are planning a series of real surfaces for playing in 1:1 scale..The idea is still the same mode. The main focus is on the year 1938, when Czechoslovakia began for World War II. The peace treaty treaty with Germany was signed only in February 1955. War for Czechoslovakia officially started on the 17th September 1938. Players will be able to compare the Czechoslovak and German army in 1938. As accessories, playable separately addons we want to do other models of Czechoslovak foreign armies. Very happy to provide some models for easier work to other modellers, as I did before. Community among themselves to help. ---------- Post added at 21:03 ---------- Previous post was at 20:12 ---------- http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x104/petrtlach/arma32013-03-1113-36-19-79_zpsf0209b11.jpg http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x104/petrtlach/arma32013-03-1116-37-09-40_zps587642ac.jpg http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x104/petrtlach/arma32013-03-1123-13-51-13_zpsa08229a1.jpg http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x104/petrtlach/arma32013-03-1123-13-51-13_zpsa08229a1.jpg (104 kB) ---------- Post added at 21:05 ---------- Previous post was at 21:03 ----------
  17. About Us The 5th Infantry Division was a division in the Second World War which primarily focused on Mechanised Infantry Warfare i.e using halftracks and light armour. This means we use lots of vehicles with many different purposes therefore there is a high variety of roles as we expand Basic Information Our unit is currently 2nd Infantry Regiment , 1st Battalion (Mechanised) we also incorporate 5th battalion (Medical) (we have plans to open up further as we expand) Times Saturday 8:30 BST (UK time) - we open up the server early to get kit and gear sorted + plus sort any problems. Any other trainings/specialisations can be arranged with our command staff and can be done when you are free Time period and Country : WW2 / US army Players : We have about 10 - 15 active players atm but are slowly expanding, We are looking for folk to join as we are wanting to create a 2nd squad (US mechanised squad is 12 men). We have a variety of roles and troops you can join: 2nd Infantry regiment 5th Battalion Medical 7th Battalion Combat engineers Joining Requirements Age 15+ (mature) Have a working microphone Speak and understand English Be able to regularly attend our Saturday events Have a Copy of Arma 3 Our Milsim Level We are a milsim unit who try's to follow tactics of a mechanised infantry unit but we can adapt to the task at hand. We are also more casual i.e we joke around at times and play other games outside of arma 3. But when the time comes we fight hard n follow orders. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CALL ANYONE "SIR" OR "SEARGENT" as we feel this is abit much and were here to have fun. We also try to be authentic to history as we can. So you've reading this right now have a cup of tea, thanks for reading , and come check us out , your obviously interested. Hop in say high we can have a chat or answer any questions ! Links Discord : https://discord.gg/DaRTRgrFUs Teamspeak: Or add myself on steam : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079119995/
  18. Gunter Severloh


    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCosib351gO_3VcwMJWBEr_A Hello Bis community, and WW2 history fans, I would like to share my passion for compiling, and my massive compilation of WW2 documentaries and media. History of WW2Epic WW2Epic is a Utube channel dedicated to the history of WW2, it is a Massive compilation of many subjects, and Theaters of WW2 all videos based on a specific subject are sorted to playlists. - This is a nonpolitical channel. - Videos are added every 1-2 weeks mostly on the weekends, and sometimes during the week when i have the time and energy to do so. WW2Epic Currently compiles the following Subjects: Famous Battles Documentaries - Stalingrad Holocaust Documentaries Pacific - Pacific Front Theater Documentaries Italy - Italian Theater Documentaries Finland - Finnish Theater Documentaries Great Britain - English Theater Documentaries Ostfront - Eastern Front Theater Documentaries Africa - African Front Theater Documentaries DDay & Western Theater Documentaries Norway - The Norwegian Front Theater Documentaries WW2 in Color Ships & Submarines Cartoons Nazi Occult Discoveries, Relics, & Treasures Inventions People of WW2 Tank Documentaries Anthems, Marches, Music, & Songs Weapon Documentaries WW2 Tv Show - McHale's Navy - Season 1 WW2 Tv Show - McHale's Navy - Season 2 WW2 Tv Show - Twelve O'clock High WW2 Tv Show - Colditz WW2 TV Show - The Rat Patrol WW2 TV show - COMBAT! Bombers, Fighters, & Planes Short Films World War II: The Complete History Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East TANKS! Steel Tigers TANKS! Assault Guns and Tank Hunters Sturmgeschütz German War Files Documentaries Full Movies For regular weekly & Biweekly news: WW2Epic thread IF Fan Forums
  19. RELEASE THREAD Fictonal Terrain setting place in Normandy of World War 2 Data: Object count: 99.749 Map size: 4.100m x 4.100m Grid size: 4096 cells Cell size: 1 m Cities and Villages: 7 ***This Terrain is totally fictonal and don´t represent any real world location*** I´m pleased to announce that I´m now finally brought this map into public release state. I would like to thank everyone who help me out to get so far. This Terrain have been built with X-Cam, special thank to this awesome tool. ***required mods*** CUP Terrains - core IFA3 AIO Lite https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1419177473 Special Thanks to all mods used for screenshots IFA3 AIO Lite CUP ReColor POLPOX´s Artwork Supporter Faces of War ZSL Static Poses [WW2] CSA38 mod Credits Special thank to El Tyranos for helping me out with config and general modding related matters and Jeg0r_PC for Modding tools misc. End User License Agreement Changelog
  20. I don't know if this is the correct place to put it, but my friend and I did a modification of the USS Enterprise from Naval Legends so you can take off and land properly. I didn't see any other WW2 static carrer where you could take off and land without any big problem, so we wanted to add it. It's just a bunch of platforms from IFA 3, and I used some Weapons from Secret Weapons and the Enterprise from Naval Legends. Don't go anywhere but the main deck, or you'll get stuck. Don't use the anti air weapons, nor use the ladders. They're just there for AI or so it looks better. When using the arresting cable, you might find that the plane is slow. You just need to get out from the plane and get inside again, and that will be it. Mods: CBA - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=450814997 IFA - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=660460283 CUP Core - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=583496184 Naval Legends - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2012371414&searchtext=Naval+ Secret Weapons - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=756352410&searchtext=secret+weapons MAAS - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1130385734 Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2426722326&searchtext=Enterprise Thanks to Sabre for helping me with the Enterprise in his mod! 🙂 Tell me what you think!
  21. 5th Guards Cavalry Division General information: We are an international WW2 Soviet unit with 40-50 members per op and a pretty diverse role selection. Every Sunday we run custom-made Zeus-directed scenarios, missions that can be part of a campaign as well. Currently, we are just finishing our Siege Of Leningrad campaign and are currently moving onto playing as Partisans. We require some discipline on the members' part but we tolerate banter between members. We play other games together as well (these are not mandatory in any shape or form), such as Hell Let Loose, Payday 2, World of Warships, etc. We are NOT a yes sir no sir unit. Why join the 5th Guards Cavalry Division? At the time of our forming, the WW2 ArmA 3 community had little to no Soviet realism units. We felt that both the Axis and Allied communities were over-saturated with low effort units that disbanded and changed names frequently, with several larger ones maintaining the community as a whole. Soviet units are a hard thing to portray correctly, but with knowledge of both the Russian language and history, we had the right tools for the job. This came in tandem with the release of the anticipated horse mod for ArmA 3, which naturally led to us looking into being the first to apply these into the realism community. What started as a small side project during the summer quickly turned larger in scale with more people showing interest and in late 2018 we could open the doors to what is likely the most accurate WW2 Russian experience you could get in ArmA 3. Modpack: We use Arma3Sync for our mod pack. Don't be intimidated if you've never heard of it, we'll help you set it up. We use ACRE2 as well. Op Schedule/times: We do ops every Sunday at 7 pm GMT/ 2 pm EST with Training on Saturdays for recruits at 6 pm GMT/1 pm EST. We also have occasional public ops on different days and times. Attendance: Attendance is not mandatory for every single op but we require people to put in LOA's/ reasons of absence. However, you are needed to go to one training on Saturday to attend normal Sunday Ops. Playstyle: Our ops in the 5th Guards can change depending on the campaign or ops we choose to run. These can stem from PvP with other WW2 units in the 5th Guards such as the 23rd Panzer Division, The Red Devils, 7th Armored Division, and public events with the Youtuber/Streamer Bokoen1. Roles: In the 5th Guards, we allow people to have a multitude of roles and specializations from the Red Army during WW2. These include Infantry, Armor, and Artillery with additional specialized roles. Rules for Applying Do not apply unless you are over or the age of 16, or at least 1-2 months before turning. Applicants who are younger than the required age will be declined. (People younger than 16, who show remarkable levels of maturity; understanding of soviet history (subjective), including a passion for milsim units will be considered.) Contact Apply here: https://www.5gvkd.com/contact Discord: https://discord.com/invite/7uY57Ce
  22. DOWNLOAD (v0.5 beta): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2364019577 Lead your men to victory and take part in the liberation of France as an American OSS (Office of Strategic Services) operative during the legendary Operation Jedburgh. After months of training and preparation, your Jed Team made the drop into France the night of the D-Day invasion, establishing contact with local Maquis resistance in Orglandes, providing training, arranging supply drops, and serving as a vital link to SFHQ in London. Today, all that will be put to the test as we move to prepare the region for the rapidly advancing Allied 8th Army. FEATURES A story-driven SP mission based on the real Operation Jedburgh (Wikipedia link[en.wikipedia.org]), offering the immersion of a campaign in a single three-chapter scenario! Play across a huge swath of the excellent Orglandes terrain, with thousands of hand-placed set pieces, including a unique Milice station, Panzergruppe encampment, and a completely re-worked "battle-scarred" town of Orglandes! NEW! Dynamically-spawned units optimized for performance, an improvement requested by players of my previous missions, ensuring a populated battlefield that is more CPU-friendly! Detailed units with the right gear for the theater, including the American O.S.S., British and French SAS, French Maquis/F.F.I. and Communist F.T.P., Vichy Milice, and German 352nd Division, 17th SS Panzergrenadiers, 5th Fallschirmjager, and more! Mission tasks are based on the real tactics of the OSS and the Simple Sabotage Field Manual, including ambush, sabotage, and rescue, with multiple approaches to accomplishing your mission, and optional objectives for added challenges and unlockable support! AUTHOR'S NOTES I've been working on a mission based on Op Jedburgh for a while, originally set in the Crossroads: Bocage terrain, but decided to start over with a completely different narrative. This is the result, hope you enjoy what might be my last release for some time. This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. It was inspired by Robert Kohoe's account of his experience on Jed Team Frederick, as well as Operation Jedburgh: D-Day and America's First Shadow War by Colin Beavan. I referenced the War Report of the OSS, the Special Operations and Secret Intelligence Field Guides, Simple Sabotage, and other declassified documents. This is a beta release, some bugs may exist. Also, it's Arma, so there are bound to be things that will affect your playthrough. The add-on list may be long, but I assure you they are worth it! Warning: this scenario contains some imagery that is historically-accurate to the period being portrayed. By no means does the inclusion or representation of imagery from this period reflect or represent the views of the author. This is intended for entertainment purposes only, do not subscribe if you are uncomfortable with it. Curious to hear about your playthroughs! Please like and comment if you have an AAR, catch a bug, or have any constructive feedback. CREDITS The respective authors of the required addons, especially Orglandes, GEIST, and USGE&A for the incredible mods! Surrender script from MNK Michael Giacchino, Composer, MoH Soundtrack
  23. Group: United Task Force (UNITAF) Branch: Flexible Schedule / Attendance - MILSIM just without the Yes Sir no Sir. Availability: Join on operations as often or as little as you like, including reserve roles if you want to join but aren't sure you'll make it. Language: English Time Zone: Central Europe (but we have plenty of people from the Americas and Pacific and wouldn't say no to more) Our Arma-integrated Website: United task force Discord: discord Operation Times: CEST/GMT/UTC - Flexible schedule (attend by choice from 1 to 20 ops a month) using our dynamic ORBAT deployment application. Operation Type: COOP (from 5-man Special Operations missions to 40-men+ beach assault we have it all) Mods: ACE / TFAR / RHS (Full list: mods) Roles available for:- Marksmen- Snipers- Leadership- Fixed Wing pilot- Rotary pilot and gunner- Tank crew- Autorifleman- Anti-tank/anti-air- Everything, seriously, any role is a potential option. Other Information: United Task Force is a one-of-a-kind session based cooperative MILSIM experience for the Arma series. A unique blend of realism, solid teamwork, just without the yes-sir-no-sir. Our Website: United task force FAQs and more information about UNITAF on the website. - 24/7 Public Server - Just search for UNITAF in the public server list. - Private session based MILSIM operations. - Numerous training sessions so you can become an expert in whatever roles you choose. - Our one-of-a-kind game integrated MILSIM website application. - Full of cool and friendly people from across the world. - Powerful and well maintained servers to reduce frame-drops and keep the game as immersive as possible. Email adress: hq@unitedtaskforce.net Website features: /- Order of Battle: Deploying on our missions looks something like this which makes it super easy to keep track of what team you're in and what your radio frequency is etc ORBAT Snapshot /- Operations Order [OPORD] are written in full for all official operations. To add immersion and let you know exactly what you should be doing on operation. OPORD Snapshot
  24. ABOUT [RATS.ins] jujurat presents Fort Bragg Training Grounds, a 1km terrain that seeks to provide a playable, atmospheric, and engaging take on North Carolina wetlands in WW2. Fort Bragg is a US Military Base that was home to the 9th Infantry Division and Carolina Maneuvers. This terrain attempts to recreate those wetlands, and the areas around it in the approximate time period using real world data, and of course some fictional liberties taken to make the map playable for Arma. Home of the 9th Infantry Division Fort Bragg is a major United States Army installation Base in Cumberland and Hoke counties, North Carolina, situated mostly in Fayetteville but also partly in the town of Spring Lake. It covers over 251 square miles (650km2) in four counties. Camp Bragg was established in 1918 as an Artillery training ground. The aim was for six Artillery Brigades to be stationed there and $6,000,000 was spent on the land and cantonment. There was an airfield on the camp used by aircraft and balloons for Artillery spotters which was named Pope Field on April 1st, 1919, in honor of First Lieutenant H. Pope, an airman who was killed while flying nearby. The work on the camp was finished on November 1st, 1919. It was named to honor the native North Carolinian, General Braxton Bragg, who commanded Confederate States Army forces in the Civil War. This terrain was created in about six hours for the purposes of training for WW2 units (my unit, the 9th Infantry Division in particular), and for any general purpose use. I have not used any IFA3 objects in the terrain in-case anyone would like to use it for miscellaneous purposes. Features Swamp/wetlands. Extensive trees and forests. Rugged roads and complex forest terrain. Custom lighting config. Plans for the Future There is nothing majorly planned for this terrain. It is intentionally small and serves as a preview of quality coming up with my Hürtgen Forest terrain, which is 4km large. Possibly a new sat map if I get around to it, but for now, I'm using the satellite version, which is responsible for some rather jarring artifacts in some places. Stats for Nerds 1km Cell Size 2 Credits and Thanks For providing great information and help at times of need: Mondkalb Ice Adanteh A3 Discord Terrain Channel Friends, Historical References: Motta (Fellow 9th Infantry Division fanatic) Vintorez This map was made for my WW2 realism unit, 9th Infantry Division; as well as the WW2 Arma 3 Community. Thanks. DOWNLOAD Current mirror: Steam Workshop. I don't intend on uploading it to Armaholic, but if someone would like to do so, that's fine. Just use all of the information posted here. 🙂 Terrain images included on Steam Workshop page.
  25. RELEASE THREAD This mod provides you with various poses for your Arma 3 artworks. All featured poses are static and not intended for gameplay. FEATURES 550+ static animations INSTRUCTIONS POSE LIST DOWNLOAD https://www.dropbox.com/s/u6svfmujtgpzd3s/%40Rismarck's Pose Pack.7z?dl=0 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940225861 NO MODS REQUIRED But I highly recommended to use POLPOX's Artwork Supporter. (makes it much more convenient to use) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1341387001 CREDITS KokaKolaA3 for helping me to set up the config files Macser, ArmaRig for Blender ArmaRig for Blender Alwarren, Arma Toolbox for Blender Arma Toolbox for Blender SPECIAL THANKS To all mods used in promo screenshots. Changelog End User License Agreement formerly Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack