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  1. 23. Panzer-Division "Eiffelturm" Who are we? We are a professional Arma 3 realism unit portraying the 23rd Panzer Division, Panzergrenadier-Regiment.128 and their combat actions throughout the second world war. We also portray other Wehrmacht units such as the 79. Infanterie-Division during our Stalingrad and Kuban campaign. With our current manpower, we operate at a company level with over 70 members, hoping to expand to over 80 in the near future. With unit leadership and other members having years of experience in Wehrmacht realism, we aim to deliver the most professional, accurate and realistic portrayal of a Wehrmacht company in the second world war. What we offer? We take pride in our historical accuracy, and aim to offer the most authentic realism experience to someone who wishes to join our ranks. As well as realistic combat, we structure and operate our group as Wehrmacht units would have been historically. This encompasses ranks, tactics, tactical commands, radio procedures, uniforms, medals, weaponry, and most importantly camaraderie. With years of friendship between members of the unit and our diverse, international collection of individuals, you will be welcomed into a stable, active and friendly community to bond with. With a team of dedicated unit developers and permission from mod creators, we are the most customized and specialized ArmA 3 WW2 unit created with development in all areas of the gameplay experience. This includes completely custom maps, vehicles, uniforms and even artillery pieces for all theatres and time periods as well as special uniforms for individuals who have earned a combination of awards. Primary Language: English & German German is utilized to increase the immersion and historical authenticity of the events. - During trainings and operations, primary communication is done with English. (85-90% of communication) - Tactical movements and commands are given in German. (10-15% of communication) Combat billets Entry level combat billets is where all speculative members of the unit begin their time with the 23. Panzer-Division: - Mechanized Infanterie - High Demand Graduate level combat billets (You may progress to their different paths within the Kompanie when you graduate Rekrut Schule and reach Panzergrenadier): Specialized Gruppe Roles (MG-Gunner, MG-Assistant, Assistant stretcher bearer, Grenadier, Rifleman) - Tornisterfunktrupp (Funker - Radioman) - Kompanie & Zugtrupp's (Melder - Messenger) Sanitätstrupp (Sanitäter - Medic) - Panzer Crewman - (Gunner, Radioman, Driver) All billets are subject to availability within the Kompanie and those who are best fit for the role. Requirements to Join Age 18+: Accept if met current Criteria. 16-17-: Accept if met any of the following: - Friends with a current standing member of the unit. - Previous experience in a realism/mil-sim/reenactment unit. - Show above average levels of maturity for their age. - Show an interest in developing their current understanding and learning more about the Wehrmacht and what we do as a whole. Technical Must have a legal copy of Arma 3. Must have a working microphone. Must have or be able to have Teamspeak 3 VoIP program installed. Must be able to use Push to talk on Teamspeak 3 while in game. Must be willing to download mods off of Arma3Sync and utilize ACRE2 Schedule Attendance to main Sunday events and Saturday trainings is 100% mandatory. If real life bars you from attending you are able to write in a Leave of Absence to inform that Unit that you cannot attend: - Kompanie Operations, PvP's, & Trainings: Sunday, 2:00PM EST (19:00 GMT) - 1. Zug und Panzerzug (1st Platoon 4th Platoon(Tanks)) Training: Saturday, 2:00PM EST (19:00 GMT) - Aufklärungstrupp (Reconnaissance Troop) Training: Thursday, 6:30PM EST (11:30 GMT) Contact & Media Join our Discord below and fill out an application if this sounds interesting to you. If you're still thinking about it how about taking a look at our YouTube channel. Discord: http://discord.gg/YvMJQ57 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PaleJudge Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/23PanzerDivision-public
  2. virtuelle Panzerbrigade 21 (virtual tank brigade 21) Our unit was founded in September 2013. Since then we try to combine milsim and fun in our unit. Therefore we usually meet on Saturday at 19:00 CET (7:00 PM). Our unit is characterized by experience and knowledge, which comes from active and former soldiers. We try to use the knowledge we have gained as much as we can in Arma and work out meaningful trainings. However, we are aware that Arma is still a game and all members want to have fun. The real unit that we depict in Arma has different battalions that we try to depict ourselves. This gives us a wide range of possibilities. Whether as infantry, mechanized or with tanks, we offer everything and even have fun with it. We are interested in friendships with international communities. More Informations: Klick YouTube-Channel: Klick Facebook: Klick ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Die vPzBrig21 ist eine deutschsprachige MilSim-Community, die seit 2013 eine authentische Nachbildung eines Teilbereiches der Bundeswehr darstellt, dabei aber die Vielfältigkeit im Spiel nicht vernachlässigt. Hierfür treffen wir uns im Schwerpunkt Samstags ab 19:00Uhr. Um dies zu erreichen verwenden wir u.a. eine Vielzahl an Mods wie ACE3, ACRE2 und den BWMod. Abwechslung wird in dieser Community groß geschrieben. So stellen wir in den Missionen nicht nur Teile der Bundeswehr, sondern auch anderer Nationen und Zeiten dar. Hierbei haben die Missionsbauer sehr viel Freiraum, um ihre Missionen zu gestalten. Wir bieten an, als Gastspieler bei unseren Missionen teilzunehmen. Hierfür reicht ein Gespräch auf dem Teamspeak. Zudem sind wir an Einladungen zu Events interessiert und freuen uns über jede neue Freundschaft zu anderen Communities. Wenn du mehr über uns wissen möchtest, oder einfach nur mal reinschnuppern, dann besuche uns doch einfach mal auf unserem TeamSpeak3-Server. TS3: ts.vpzbrig21.de Weitere Infos findest du unter: Klick YouTube-Kanal: Klick Facebook: Klick Voraussetzungen für Bewerber Bei uns kann grundsätzlich jeder mitmachen, der folgende Voraussetzungen erfüllt. Vollendetes 16. Lebensjahr Funktionierendes Headset und Mikrofon Interesse an der Bundeswehr Zeit um an Aktivitäten der Brigade teilzunehmen Teamfähig Solltest du alle Punkte abdecken, steht deiner Bewerbung nichts im Wege. Dabei kannst du dich bei der virtuellen Panzerbrigade über 3 Wege bewerben. Über unser Forum unter: Klick Per E-Mail an: s1@vpzbrig21.de Oder am einfachsten per TeamSpeak ts.vpzbrig21.de Der schnellste Weg ist dabei meist direkt per TeamSpeak, da wir jeden Bewerber zu einem Gespräch einladen. Sobald du auf den TeamSpeak bist, wende dich an einen Kameraden mit der S1 Gruppe oder an den zu dem Zeitpunkt ranghöchsten Kameraden auf dem TeamSpeak. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Videos:
  3. Honey Badger Gaming, a 1990s USMC unit with a focus on community. We aim to be not just an Arma unit, but a community, with members frequently playing other games outside of operations. Semi-serious milsim. We use period accurate tactics and equipment, but we don't do yes sir no sir or virtual PT. We run our ops Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays at 8pm EST. To join, simply join the Discord server linked below. You'll need to fill out a google form with a few questions, then training comes after your first op to make sure you enjoy the unit. Unit Trailer: [Open] Discord: https://discord.gg/fRmtGB4AE3
  4. Style: Realism Milsim, but we also focus on being a fun environment for our players. Main Language: English Timezone: BST/CEST/EST Operation Times: Thursdays @ 19:45 BST / 20:45 CEST / 14:45 EST Operation Types: Airborne Operations, Humanitarian Efforts, COIN Operations, Security/Stabilisation Operations, Combined Arms Conventional Warfare Mods: ACE, ACRE2, PedagneMod, KAT Medical, CBA. Core Modpack included, credits to the original mods creators. Overview The Paratroopers Brigade "Folgore" is an ArmA 3 Realism Milsim Unit established in 2022 which takes pride in recreating the only Airborne unit in the Italian Army. Our objective is to show other players that you can also have fun playing as something different from the usual US or UK units. What we offer to our players is: A place where you can meet and play A place where we take pride in hearing our playerbase The use of a Butterfly Effect system within our operations: actions have consequences Lengthy operations: our deployments range from 3 to 5 months, where we try to immerse our players in the backstory of the campaign. A multitude of roles, ranging from Infantry to Dragoons, from Pilots to Medics A joint community, being partenered with 2 other Milsim units: 10th Mountain Division and III Marine Expeditionary Force Oh and lots of memes. While we are a Realism Milsim Unit, we also focus on making our server a fun place Available Roles: Squad Leaders & Team Leaders Machine Gunner Grenadier AT Qualified Rifleman Combat Medic Marksman Helicopter Pilot Requirements: Be 18+ years old Own an original copy of ArmA 3 (No DLC required) You must have a decent understanding of the English language and be able to speak and understand English. You are allowed to multiclan, as long as the times do not collide. To be ACTIVE DUTY, you must be able to: Join AT LEAST 1 training operation within our 1 month exercise. Join AT LEAST 1 operation (per month) within our 3 month deployment. In case you are not able to fullfill this section listed here, you can still apply as RESERVE DUTY. Do you have what it takes? JOIN TODAY! Where to join/contact us: TeamSpeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/H78VeqkNep Twitter: https://twitter.com/FolgoreMilsim Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ITj1KJmMrVTU6IgWMBlGQ
  5. Hi All, please see the details below. What we are looking for: We are looking for two open minded team members, with healthy egos with: One who wants to join us on our Australian/New Zealand Friday evening event which is hosted at 2100 AEST AND One who wants to join us on our American Saturday (CST) which is hosted at 2000 CST Who we are: We are a tight knit group of former seasoned realism unit members (20 years cumulative) and casual Arma Players (easily 5000+ hours cumulative) that have been running for a little while now, we pride ourselves in running a group that is very casual outside of ArmA 3, but fairly serious within ArmA 3. We have modeled ourselves around the CAG/ACE/Delta Force/1stSFOD, and in honesty is a result of liking their mission set & equipment, which also plays well into ArmA. We do not use ranks, but rather use titles to designate member obligations/accountability, i.e Team Leaders responsible for getting their team on to events, HQ members responsible for coordinating Team Leads and mission makers, but never at the cost of the life blood, which is the general member base. We are a zero bull/toxicity group, that encourages new and senior members to mix and collaborate with one another, we do not want to run a gossip group, and we also promote a zero obligation policy for general members, meaning even if you join, and while we would like to see you at all events that your team is assigned to, we do not hold against you if you cannot make it, and even if you need time away for an extended period of time, we support that as long as you communicate with us. We offer two event days on alternating fornights, this is because we have a mix of Australian's and American's within the group, one event is Aus based time hosted on Friday evenings AEST, and the other event is US based Saturday evenings CST, both events are broken into teams of 4 members, with tag alongs typically rounding it to about 6 - 8 members per event, even if you are part of the Friday team you are welcome to the Saturday event (and vice versa). We have taken reasonable strides to research and understand what we can about the CAG, and not making the error that many groups do which is confusing the CAG (or whatever name it goes by at the time) with SF/ODA, which is also a pet hate of ours in general. Of course we will never get it perfect but we are confident in our offerings around the space, for how we wish to run it in ArmA. How to join and what happens next: There is no formal training pipeline, but we do have a variety tactics and procedures that we have developed, and teach to the new guys, we function more off assumed knowledge, and the success or failure of a group member is down to their ego and their ability to learn and improve. But to get through the door you, all you have to do is... 1) Express interest ArmA 3 units page: https://units.arma3.com/unit/cag6 2) Join our Discord (our primary platform outside of ArmA 3, we use Teamspeak 3 on event days but not as a place to hangout): https://discord.gg/HuvEPrxBpv 3) Download our mods (we do use a few, primarily ACE, ACRE, RHS, a variety of SOF Equipment mods, and Quality of life mods that makes you feel a little more operator): Our ArmA 3 Modlist HTML is stored on our Discord, so once you are on there you will be provided access to it 4) Get on and get intergrated with the guys and play: Simple enough once you are processed, introduce yourself and come join us, you will also need to download teamspeak 3, as we use ACRE, but teamspeak details will be provided once you are processed, and any of our members can help out. Summary: So as a general member what are your commitments? - Ideally show up to your team events as much as possible (only two a month), but know it's okay if life comes first at times. - Be willing to play in ArmA 3 in a serious and almost milsim way in terms of tactics and equipment (but without all the admin and outside of event day training headaches). - Be willing to be part of a very casual group outside of ArmA 3, thick skin required, and a good (if not warped) sense of humour. - Be willing to download our mods, get on our Discord, and join Teamspeak 3 on event days. Beyond that... If this place sounds like a place for you come and reach out, while we are only looking for two members at this time, we will never say no to more (within reason), and it doesn't matter if you are new to ArmA or a veteran we will teach you our ropes, but be warned even though we are casual group outside of ArmA, we do expect each member to get with the standard in ArmA, and to abide by our standard, we are forever growing, and refining our processes too, so having an open mind is important. And don't forget. At the front however, we pride ourselves in the way we play ArmA, and the fact most of our members make friends for life (for as corny as that reads), but we do not believe in white anting, and rather collaboration and support, if this sounds like a place for you, come join our Discord and we will take it from there. Thanks. CAG TF6 HQ
  6. Well... I'm creating a mission using ACRE2 but I didn't let the characters have any radio at the beginning. So I edited their equipment and none of them have any radio. But when I test, everybody has an AN/PRC-343 in inventory. They automatically start with it. Is there a way to disable this automatic appearance of radio in the inventory? Tks in advance guys!
  7. 5th Guards Cavalry Division General information: We are an international WW2 Soviet unit with 40-50 members per op and a pretty diverse role selection. Every Sunday we run custom-made Zeus-directed scenarios, missions that can be part of a campaign as well. Currently, we are just finishing our Siege Of Leningrad campaign and are currently moving onto playing as Partisans. We require some discipline on the members' part but we tolerate banter between members. We play other games together as well (these are not mandatory in any shape or form), such as Hell Let Loose, Payday 2, World of Warships, etc. We are NOT a yes sir no sir unit. Why join the 5th Guards Cavalry Division? At the time of our forming, the WW2 ArmA 3 community had little to no Soviet realism units. We felt that both the Axis and Allied communities were over-saturated with low effort units that disbanded and changed names frequently, with several larger ones maintaining the community as a whole. Soviet units are a hard thing to portray correctly, but with knowledge of both the Russian language and history, we had the right tools for the job. This came in tandem with the release of the anticipated horse mod for ArmA 3, which naturally led to us looking into being the first to apply these into the realism community. What started as a small side project during the summer quickly turned larger in scale with more people showing interest and in late 2018 we could open the doors to what is likely the most accurate WW2 Russian experience you could get in ArmA 3. Modpack: We use Arma3Sync for our mod pack. Don't be intimidated if you've never heard of it, we'll help you set it up. We use ACRE2 as well. Op Schedule/times: We do ops every Sunday at 7 pm GMT/ 2 pm EST with Training on Saturdays for recruits at 6 pm GMT/1 pm EST. We also have occasional public ops on different days and times. Attendance: Attendance is not mandatory for every single op but we require people to put in LOA's/ reasons of absence. However, you are needed to go to one training on Saturday to attend normal Sunday Ops. Playstyle: Our ops in the 5th Guards can change depending on the campaign or ops we choose to run. These can stem from PvP with other WW2 units in the 5th Guards such as the 23rd Panzer Division, The Red Devils, 7th Armored Division, and public events with the Youtuber/Streamer Bokoen1. Roles: In the 5th Guards, we allow people to have a multitude of roles and specializations from the Red Army during WW2. These include Infantry, Armor, and Artillery with additional specialized roles. Rules for Applying Do not apply unless you are over or the age of 16, or at least 1-2 months before turning. Applicants who are younger than the required age will be declined. (People younger than 16, who show remarkable levels of maturity; understanding of soviet history (subjective), including a passion for milsim units will be considered.) Contact Apply here: https://www.5gvkd.com/contact Discord: https://discord.com/invite/7uY57Ce
  8. Welcome to The Graveyard Shift! About us: We are a casual ARMA 3 community made up of some friendly people from around the UK and Europe. Our group originates from the days of ARMA 2 and have close friendships at our core, but are looking to expand our community. We are not a mil-sim group, so there are no ranks, forced roles, or entry requirements. We aim to have a regular session every Tuesday and Saturday but often play throughout the week. Discord: Join us on our discord server: The Graveyard Shift https://discord.gg/WCe7VGg ARMA 3 Unit: Our ARMA 3 unit profile can be found at: https://units.arma3.com/unit/graveyardshift Steam Group: You can find our steam group here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/The_Graveyard_Shift Game Server: We have our own dedicated server, hosted in the UK, running a moderate selection of cherry-picked mods such as ACE, ACRE & RHS, etc. Search for [TheGraveyardShift] in the server browser. or direct connect with the IP address; See discord for full mods lists.
  9. The Revenant Group is looking for players who want to be part of a specialised unit focused on countering various asymmetrical and unconventional threats in a wide theatre of combat environments. We strive to create an authentic combat experience to the greatest extent that the game will allow and we welcome players that are new to the game or just new to mil-sim/tactical sim. Operations and training are held throughout the week and weekends, typically starting at 2045 GMT, with a focus on tactical realism. Our Steam Group and Discord page will update with the dates and times of these operations and training days, but feel free to use the training server for solo or group training whenever you would like. We do not discriminate against nationality, race, gender, or religion. Rules and Regulations: 18+ Age Requirement No Customs & Courtesies (saluting, calling the room to attention, terms of address) No required training sessions or set training pipeline (training is tailored to each player) Uniform & Equipment Standards Cooperative PvE Missions Server Settings: No 3rd Person No enhanced map data No dynamic cross-hair No NVGs while looking down sights Stamina Enabled Integral Mods: ACE3 Advanced Medical System ACE3 Advanced Ballistics System Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE2) Workshop Mods Positions Available: Assaulter Grenadier Autorifleman Breacher Medic Pilot (rotary/fixed) Co-Pilot WSO Aerial Gunner Zeus Additional Certifications: JTAC SERE Designated Marksman Breacher MWD Handler Pararescue You can read up on the process for joining REVGRU here. For more information on The Revenant Group, visit our page. Please comment, PM, join our Discord or add me on Steam if you have any questions.
  10. Who We Are: This unit started as a merge between an American and a British unit all the way back in ArmA, yes the first ArmA. We didn’t start out as a parachute regiment back then, but as the 23rd mountain division. It became apparent however, that we wanted a different way. And we came into the world as 3PARA. Ever since then, we have kept to our high standard, and will always do. That said, we aren’t a hardcore (yes sir, no sir) unit, but we do get serious when we put our game faces on. We do this to honour the actual parachute regiment, from which we have been allowed to use the name. Of course we have both people who are a bit more serious, and some who are a bit more casual. We are humans, not robots after all. Our unit Is made up of people mainly from Europe, but we still have a few Americans who enjoy gaming with us. Many of our members are also former or current military, which provides a great deal of tactical know-how, as well as NATO standard procedures/tactics. Right now 3Para-GU consist of the following active units: HQ. A 5 team there runs the unit, zeus, forum, teamspeak, gameservers ect. 1Section Rifle section. FSG Fire Support Group. AAC Army Air Corps Our Schedule: Our sessions are ran on Thursdays and Sundays at 1900 UK time (GMT / GMT +1 season dependent). Typically our Thursdays focus on ACOY ore ITC traning. Our Sunday events are dedicated to cooperative and joint operations. Our Community: As a unit, we rely on aggressive, but well-coordinated tactics, which we practice while we use them, under the concept of “train as you fight”. And all of our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are made with ArmA being in game, but still being as close to realism as we can. Our teamspeak is alway open and there is almost all the time sombody there, playing arma ore a other game. How To Join: If you're interested in joining drop by oure forum http://www.3para-gu.com/forum/index.php?board=2.0 and fill out the form, drop on TS so we can get to know you. Step 1: Fill out an application form on forum Step 2: Drop on ts so we can get to know you. Step 3: Do ITC traning part 1-4 Step 4: If successful part 1-4 its time for part5 Step 5: After part5 it time to transfer in to the active sections Community Contact Details: Teamspeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/Hudawd
  11. Hi guys Some help please. My Arma 3 and Teamspeak freeze when I use ACRE2. All connects good and after about 5-10 minutes in game, all just freeze up. I uninstalled ACRE2 everywhere and subscribe to it again two times, but it did not work. I used it all the time until 2 days ago when this happened. Any ideas? Thank you in advance CandyMan
  12. I can't find radio of ACRE2 in arsenal after update v2.5.0.968. I'm using my own addon with xla_fixed_arsenal. Plz help me. This is my addon's script code. #include "..\SG_arsenal_list.sqf" params ["_player"]; ["arsenalLoadingScreen", "장비 설정창 불러오는 중"] call BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen; ["Preload", true] spawn xla_fnc_arsenal; waitUntil {!isNull player}; [_player, true, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualBackpackCargo; [_player, true, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualItemCargo; [_player, _SG_whitelistRadio, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualItemCargo; [_player, true, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualMagazineCargo; [_player, true, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualWeaponCargo; [_player, _SG_blacklistBackpack, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualBackpackBlacklist; [_player, _SG_blacklistItem, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualItemBlacklist; [_player, _SG_blacklistMagazine, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualMagazineBlacklist; [_player, _SG_blacklistWeapon, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualWeaponBlacklist; ["arsenalLoadingScreen"] call BIS_fnc_endLoadingScreen; ["Open", [false, player, player, false]] spawn xla_fnc_arsenal; closeDialog 0; Thank you for reading.
  13. Hi, all, I'm using ShadowPlay to record because it takes up the least amount of CPU while running (I've messed around with OBS Studio and while it does a good job, it causes an 8-15 FPS drop). I've figured out how to use AutoHotkey to get multiple PTT keys going for Shadowplay, and am using the following code (<Numpad /> is my ShadowPlay PTT): #NoEnv SendMode Input SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ~XButton2:: { Send, {NumpadDiv down} Return } ~XButton2 up:: { Send, {NumpadDiv up} Return } ~CapsLock:: { SetCapsLockState, on Send, {NumpadDiv down} Return } ~CapsLock up:: { SetCapsLockState, off Send, {NumpadDiv up} Return } This allows me to turn PTT through ShadowPlay with MouseButton5 (my TS3 key) and CapsLock (my ACRE radio key). Issue is, when I hold CapsLock, it acts like holding down a key while typing (https://i.gyazo.com/474f97bf68ab5ee4f7ac7d7bdbf26bbf.gif) In-game, I just hear the radio button sound 20x/sec and I can't actually effectively transmit a message. Does anyone have any idea how I can make it so that CapsLock doesn't freak out when I press it? Thanks in advance.
  14. In my group we're trying to build a small mission, in which we'll need a translator. Actually we'd like to have the role on a more permanent basis, if our initial mission pans out. So far, while playing around with ACRE2, we've yet to have any luck in assigning Babel language to a single role. We do not intend for everyone to be able to switch between Babel languages. As our mission framework is based mainly on F3 framework, we work with roles defined called via a function in an unit's init. It seems however, that the code we've composed, is either being overwritten by the ACRE 2 init, or simply is wrong. Most likely it is wrong, but right now, we're having trouble seeing exactly where we went wrong. Hopefully someone in the Arma community, can shed some light into whether or not it is possible, to actually limit the Babel language to only one role/player. Here's our code, which we've tried running both as part of a loadout script (based on roles) and as a separate script, after ACRE inits. waitUntil{[] call acre_api_fnc_isInitialized}; if (_typeOfUnit == "int") then { ["english","greek","farsi"] call acre_api_fnc_babelSetSpokenLanguages; }; int is the name of the role. Running the ["english","greek","farsi"] call acre_api_fnc_babelSetSpokenLanguages; as an exec command from the debug works fine. Which makes us even more sure, that we're missing something somewhere.
  15. About Us The 2 SG (GU) is an upcoming/in the making Arma 3 MilSim unit. We represent the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards, providing an Armoured Infantry role. Using realistic tactics used by the British Army and NATO, we aspire to create a professional and well oiled gaming unit for those who are looking for a unique Arma 3 experience. Who we are looking for We've made some considerable progess filling up our first platoon, and are now open for recruitment. We have current and former members of both the US and British Armed Forces, but we are open to anyone regardless of experience or background. Roles we are offering •Rifleman •LMG Gunner •Sharpshooter •Team Medic •Warrior Crewman We are hoping to find capable mission and mod makers, and those who seek discipline and professionalism whilst having fun and enjoying the experience Joining Regulars and Reserves The main division of the unit. What We Require: •Age of 16 or Older •Own Arma 3 •Own a Microphone •Speak and understand English •Own TeamSpeak •Can attend official operations/trainings •Commitment to the Unit •Desire to work as a team Reserves have the same initial requirements, sans attendance policy. Facilities If any part of this ad has interested you, or you would just like to help out/advise/etc., please have a look at our website and forums: Website Forums TeamSpeak: Or contact: Lt Keown Sgt Edge LSgt Wilkinson TGdsm Hanford