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  1. 5th Guards Cavalry Division General information: We are an international WW2 Soviet unit with 40-50 members per op and a pretty diverse role selection. Every Sunday we run custom-made Zeus-directed scenarios, missions that can be part of a campaign as well. Currently, we are just finishing our Siege Of Leningrad campaign and are currently moving onto playing as Partisans. We require some discipline on the members' part but we tolerate banter between members. We play other games together as well (these are not mandatory in any shape or form), such as Hell Let Loose, Payday 2, World of Warships, etc. We are NOT a yes sir no sir unit. Why join the 5th Guards Cavalry Division? At the time of our forming, the WW2 ArmA 3 community had little to no Soviet realism units. We felt that both the Axis and Allied communities were over-saturated with low effort units that disbanded and changed names frequently, with several larger ones maintaining the community as a whole. Soviet units are a hard thing to portray correctly, but with knowledge of both the Russian language and history, we had the right tools for the job. This came in tandem with the release of the anticipated horse mod for ArmA 3, which naturally led to us looking into being the first to apply these into the realism community. What started as a small side project during the summer quickly turned larger in scale with more people showing interest and in late 2018 we could open the doors to what is likely the most accurate WW2 Russian experience you could get in ArmA 3. Modpack: We use Arma3Sync for our mod pack. Don't be intimidated if you've never heard of it, we'll help you set it up. We use ACRE2 as well. Op Schedule/times: We do ops every Sunday at 7 pm GMT/ 2 pm EST with Training on Saturdays for recruits at 6 pm GMT/1 pm EST. We also have occasional public ops on different days and times. Attendance: Attendance is not mandatory for every single op but we require people to put in LOA's/ reasons of absence. However, you are needed to go to one training on Saturday to attend normal Sunday Ops. Playstyle: Our ops in the 5th Guards can change depending on the campaign or ops we choose to run. These can stem from PvP with other WW2 units in the 5th Guards such as the 23rd Panzer Division, The Red Devils, 7th Armored Division, and public events with the Youtuber/Streamer Bokoen1. Roles: In the 5th Guards, we allow people to have a multitude of roles and specializations from the Red Army during WW2. These include Infantry, Armor, and Artillery with additional specialized roles. Rules for Applying Do not apply unless you are over or the age of 16, or at least 1-2 months before turning. Applicants who are younger than the required age will be declined. (People younger than 16, who show remarkable levels of maturity; understanding of soviet history (subjective), including a passion for milsim units will be considered.) Contact Apply here: https://www.5gvkd.com/contact Discord: https://discord.com/invite/7uY57Ce