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  1. When i try to use zeus my game chrashes and close, I got this from the RPT file client's ticket has become invalid. Code: 6 I tryede the usuals things.. chekking files ect , loging out of steam.. what to do:D
  2. Hallo guys. Looking to getting in to arma3 sniping one more time 😄 I am looking ffor mods that contains : Weapons with ghillie stuff Sights with ghillie stuff Small mods with stuff so i can shoot at night Sniper sights wiht laser range finder i use ace3 so if stuff works with it perfectley if not oki 😄
  3. cant finde the changelog eighter at github ore steam?
  4. Just be aware CF_BA will kill your rpt file with errors if the map isent well made
  5. loopdk

    Standing Static Line

    Let me know if Oure unit can help test
  6. loopdk

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    It works sometimes....
  7. I got this error last night ALOT [ACRE] (sys_gsa) ERROR: Empty unique radio ID We dident change enything.... how to fix?
  8. Yo need to load a mission to se the vcomsettings
  9. I got problems with gettig it to work with a trigger... want to use Radio alpha. but as soon as mission start they drive away
  10. loopdk


    A small salut here from www.3para-gu.com as well Will you relace the code so sombody ells can work on it?
  11. How to activste snow in winter chernarus?
  12. loopdk


    Its now... I am working on my winter campain