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  1. can we get a test mission?
  2. Hey guys . I am trying to build a new range with moving targets.... I need somthing like this https://www.gruppe-w.de/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=2235&pid=27160 THe problem is i cant finde the old test mission and i dont speak German og google translate suks... And this is wery old so i was hoping for a new an smarter way... eny help?
  3. An keeping wating to a minimum ;)
  4. Enhanced Movement

    That woot be Nice. Right now Even whit men can jumb ;)
  5. Enhanced Movement

    Is there some code i can put in the init of a fence ore somthing like that so i cant jump it??
  6. 3den Enhanced

    Link is wrong mate ?
  7. Works perfect mate. tnx one more time :D
  8. Will test to night mate. Great with fast repsons!!
  9. Yep it works when i spawn in but when i respawn i dont het the fuse setting in my schgroll menu
  10. Just testet. Dont work