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  1. sabre_3para_gu

    Sangin District Helmand Province.V4

    It’s an old ARMA bug but last few time played (pre and post update) we have had the problem of enemy AI shooting and phasing through the compound walls
  2. sabre_3para_gu

    Sangin District Helmand Province.V4

    Congratulations on the release. Had a look round and very impressed, just need to get a game going on it. Minor issue, has the floating windsock at the control tower been highlighted? It’s about a metre or so from the pole
  3. sabre_3para_gu

    Sangin WIP

    Not sure if already spotted, or something weird as I only tested locally.....but the windsock on the control tower at base doesn’t appear to be connected to the pole for me? need to have a real dig around but looks pretty amazing from the 15minutes I’ve been able to spend on it
  4. Hi bud just letting you know i will send link for sangin this friday so we can get on and have a test 


  5. sabre_3para_gu

    Sangin WIP

    Looking really good. Will just need someone to work some alive magic on it and I can see late nights playing as in the old MSO/Patrol ops days
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Out of interest would it be relatively easy to upscale the GSA mast to simulate a PU12 (12m mast) that could connect to, and give vehicle racks even greater range - or would this require complete remodelling?
  7. Hi Tupolov, loved this mod back in ARMA 2, particularly the rebroadcast function Is this something your still considering rewriting for ARMA 3? I know it was your original plan but the complete rewrite in ACRE 2 probably changed that, however with the last release maybe it’s mature enough to make this possible again?
  8. sabre_3para_gu

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Hi, Any chance you would consider adding a script for deployable camnets (as in large over vehicle type for hides) for the vehicles? And possible a 9x9 style tent at the rear of the FFR landrovers (and possibly the bulldog and panther) to simulate deploying a Signals Det /HQ? There wont be any need to create models as the bonus content in Contact (DLC not required) has provided suitable models I think? So its just making suitable scripts and model placement CamoNet_wdl_big_F Nato style large vehicle cam net Land_ConnectorTent_01_NATO_open_F Small tent close enough to 9x9 to simulate in game Thanks
  9. Hi ACRE 2. Thanks for a really good mod. Does using the new Mast give noticeable TX/RX Signal improvement from the gain in height and can it be used with radios mounted in vehicle racks. also do you have rebroadcast stations on the development roadmap please?
  10. sabre_3para_gu

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Thanks for the quick reply. Keep up the good work and I’m keen to see what you guys release next
  11. sabre_3para_gu

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    On the vehicles the Optics on HMGs are set to allow more close quarters engagements as I understand it. Probabably a very silly question, but is there any way in a mission to override the current settings to allow use in a more Support role at distance? its a shame you can’t swop optics like you can on the personal weapons thanks
  12. sabre_3para_gu

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Thanks for the reply Lifetap, I thought that would be the answer, but worth asking. Keep up the good work.
  13. sabre_3para_gu

    6 x 6 Recce/Special Forces ATV

    Thanks for considering. if you do decide to then either 4 or 6 wheel would work,
  14. sabre_3para_gu

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Go the whole hog? Sweets that's take 10 minutes to peel all the wrapper off Hexi TV 58 pattern large pack, now that was an ironic name if ever there was one! L85A1 that you fire 1 round and then realise tha magazine fell off a mile away and fires the bayonet off the end?
  15. sabre_3para_gu

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Hi guys, great work on the mod, just gets better and better. Have you considered as part of your future roadmap (imagine there's more important things for now) creating some items for gameplay enhancement? Things I was thinking: Refuelable Jerry Cans Black Plasic Water Jerry Can 24hr Ration Pack boxs and items 58 pattern waterbottle and mug Mess Tins 9x9 tent for rear of Landrovers Bivi Bag Set up basha Camp Cot (was a nice model in ARP2) PU12m Mast The idea being to create more immersion in FOBs and items you'd have round a Harbour Area I know there are items out there already, but it would be nice to have some items with a British feel. Thanks for your time